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Wahtoozie 12-25-2011 01:10 AM

How do I jungle?
How do I jungle? This might be the silliest question in the world, but I don't know how to jungle. I'm level 30 with almost 300 wins, and I don't understand. Even after all the videos I watched on Youtube.

When I jungle...
When do I stop jungling?
What levels do I gank at?
What should my masteries be at?
How do I counter jungle?

SuperKif 12-25-2011 03:59 AM

Before I start, please take note that I have jungled for my team more than not. I have over 700 games, the greater part of them being played as a jungler. But this isn't about me.

There are two primary goals of jungling: getting your team leveled up faster as a whole, and attempting early ganks. Knowing when to focus on which goal is what makes a jungler good or bad. For example, you are considered a bad jungler if all you do is farm out the jungle and ignore lanes. Likewise, it is also considered bad to sit in bushes for minutes on waiting for the perfect gank. Everything here is about balance.

Let me begin to answer your questions
1. When do I stop Jungling?
A. You stop your main bit of jungling when the laning phase begins to end. You will be in and out for ganks throughout this time, but your time of farming in the jungle ends with the lanes. Adapt to your team and theirs.

2. What levels do I gank at?
A. This is dependent on several things: (1) The champion you're playing, (2) the champion you will be working with to gank, (3) the champion you are seeking to kill, (4) your confidence in yourself and your team mates, and (5) the levels of everyone else. For example, ganking with a maokai with a sapling toss and a root at level two can yield great results, but WW (the classic jungler) cannot, for the life of him, have a good gank at level two. He is dependent on his ultimate, or at least the red buff. Also, the champion you are seeking to work with can greatly alter your results. Annie mid is one of my favorite partners to gank with because of the stun. Then I use my stun/slow depending on my champ, and 9 times out of 10, the gank is successful. Champions that they play have a HUGE impact on success. For example, I find a Morgana who runs flash incredibly difficult to kill early (i.e. spellshield). Confidence, more than anything, can dictate success. If you are scared to fail a gank, odds are you will. Have faith in yourself and just go with it. Finally, do everyone a favor and don't gank the mid who outlevels you by 3 and is way up on you in health. But, like in everything, there are exceptions. Just play it by ear and eventually you'll get the hang of it. If you really want good levels to gank at though, levels 1,2,4, and 6 are great times.

3. What should my masteries be at?
A. Totally depends on the champ, but if in doubt, 0/13/17 works well for most. Just make sure you get the extra experience points and improved gold gain if you plan on getting wards for you team

4. How do I counter jungle?
A. Depends on both champs involved. Common times are early at blue (if you're confident that their team isn't waiting for you) or later when they go to red. Just wait for them to get low health fighting the monster, the smite at last second and go in for the kill. Then run like crazy.

Jungling is a wonderful world in LoL and my favorite by far. I hope that I've helped you a bit here in your work to join in the fun. Remember, the best place for a jungler is on a premade that trusts you and you can trust in return. Teamwork is the name of the game for every successful jungler, and without it, you will almost always fail to succeed. Good Luck out there!


Queen Sejuani 12-25-2011 04:53 AM

As the guy above me said, it all depends on your champion

If you are ultimate dependant, don't bother ganking pre-6 it's useless and will throw you back. If you are one of those, try to get to 6 ASAP. When I play the jungle, I usually get to 4 or 5 then somebody gives or takes first blood, then they usually go back to base, in which you hold their lane and leach some of their experience while they're gone (last hit though!!) It is all coordination etc. with you and your teammates. You have to keep in mind that they WILL burn their flash/ghost/exhaust when you gank, and that is the hardest thing to beat at times. If they flash and you couldn't kill them, make sure you come back and gank them again. Even if you wasted your ultimate, your cooldown won't be as high as their flash cooldown.

When laning phase ends, e.g. when people keep team stacking mid or a tower falls, this is when you stop jungling, stay at mid for potential team fights. Sometimes the laning phase ended and nothing is happening so just go kill a camp in the mean time, (For example, if your carry gets red buff or your caster gets blue buff)

Masteries are all situational due to your champ and your runes, some people can go Offense tree and do really good (e.g. WW or Xin because of natural sustain) and some need to go Defensive tree (Rammus for example) Some have a mixture of both, and some can even go Utility tree iirc. As I said, all character/rune dependant. A small note though, armor yellow and magic resist blue runes usually make you insanely safe in the jungle so it doesn't really matter that much.

Counter jungling is also dependant on who you play, and who the enemy plays. If you are a control jungler (Udyr, Skarner) you can pretty much invade ALOT of other champions due to them being insanely strong early game. Ganking junglers (Nocturne) generally shouldn't counter jungle. Neither should Farming junglers (Nasus)

If you want, you can add me and I can show you some basic routes, how some junglers operate, what you should do as them and what you shouldn't.

Zerifane 12-26-2011 04:41 AM

Everything you should know is basically mentioned above. The only thing I would add is about ganks. You want to keep the enemy team guessing with your ganks. If you're a good jungler, and you're pulling off successful ganks, then you'll cause them to be very cautious and hang back in their lane. As a jungler, you should strike fear into the enemy and bring a sense of security to your team :)

If your having trouble finding good jungling videos, I would try watching Saint Vicious if you haven't checked him out yet. I'm not a fan of him anymore cause of his recent 'troll ban,' but he's what you can call a "professional jungler."

EDIT: Here's an awesome link for checking on the popularity and viability of each champion for each role. The lists are updated at least every path and plenty of helpful advice is always being added frequently. http://rog.clgaming.net/tier-lists/46-jungle/latest

Hope this helps a bit and best of luck to you. RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE!!!

Th3G0d0n3 02-21-2012 06:14 PM

well the top guy also did not mention if the champion your using is like nocturne or someone else who has high attack and fear you would want masteries like 21/0/9 or 9/0/21. make sure you get the exp and money boost in the utillities section. and in the atk get the smite because smite is your most important summoner spell when it comes to jungling.

if your using rammus or other tanks while jungling get these masteries. 0/21/9 or 0/9/21.

if you use the champs with atk then buy blood thirster or wriggles lantern in the beggining. or yuo can buy 2 health pots. and two wards
if you were jungling i would recommend nocturne or rammus. nocturne because hes great at ganking with his R ability witch makes the enemy champs lose sight of teamates and if you push R again and click on enemy champh rushes toword the champ and deals a large amount of dmg.then use his E ability and fear the enemy then use his Q ability.
and rammus is good at tanking for your team while rolling at the enemy when there tower gets destroyed and it knocks the enemy airborne

sátanic 02-21-2012 06:53 PM


Hyosun 02-21-2012 10:07 PM

I'm a relatively new jungler so perhaps my perspective can add to those of the seasoned junglers.

What levels do I gank at?

It's not really the level, it's the situation. If you are level 2 with Lee Sin then you can gank because you have a gap closer and a slow ( Q + E ) plus relatively high damage. Other champions like Warwick and Shyvana cannot gank effectively because they offer little cc other than the slow from red buff.

When you are ganking you have to take into account how long you can keep attacking a target, his hp, his escapability and your combined damage output. A morg will be at high hp, has a stun to stop 1 of you, and has spell shield to negate burst. Now consider trying to gank an Annie as Maokai and your mid is Leblanc. If that annie has no flash she's a goner. Make sure to communicate with your lane though. If he/she isn't in position or isn't paying attention then the gank will fail and you will have wasted time.

Back to the situation part. If any lane is getting pushed hard and the enemies are overextended then it's a good time to gank. If your ally is starting to lose his advantage in the lane then it's a good time to gank. But keep in mind that jungling =/= babysitting.

What should my masteries be at?

I go 21/9/0 with Lee Sin, Shyvana, and Shaco. The reasoning behind this is as follows:
Lee Sin is tanky enough and has sustain. More damage earlier is favorable for strong ganks.
Shyvana is also tanky and having more offense allows fast clear times in the jungle.
Shaco is meant to be played offensively, so going 21 in the offense tree makes him hit harder.

As for others it's going to change because the nature of the champion. Even though I don't play jungle Rammus I bet he will go 21 in the defense tree because he's not meant to put out damage.

How do I counter jungle?

Easiest way to start counter jungling is to be familiar with those junglers that start at blue. Without blue, these mana-intensive junglers run out of mana to clear the jungle. Amumu, Fiddlesticks, Skarner, Warwick, etc. With this knowledge you know his route. He will take either wolves > Golem or Golem > wolves. Then he'll make his way to wraiths.

There are a couple of strong early game junglers like Lee Sin or Shaco who can use this timing knowledge to kill at their red. If you go down there and see his wraiths gone, then he's moved onto red / double golems. When you do counter jungle you try to be **** about it and leave one of their minions alive. My advice ( coming from a non-experienced jungler like yourself ) is to counter jungle in those instances when you feel you have a large lead and it's not super risky because you're not pro yet. If you see an Amumu and you're Shaco or Lee you can definitely screw him over b/c he's at low hp.

But don't make the mistake I made of trying to counter jungle Udyr. You'll just look retarded.

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