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FeralPony 12-24-2011 10:08 PM

Twas the night before Snowdown...
Twas the night before Snowdown Showdown, and all through the land,
Not a champion was summoned, no heroes were banned.
Ionia took down their towers and packed them with care,
For none would attack on this holiday; it would be so unfair!
The ninjas dreamed of new blades and kamas under their trees,
Some hoping to buff their Lightning Rush with fresh batteries.

When out from Summoner's Rift there arose a great clatter,
The champions woke from their beds to see what was the matter!
Smoke filled the air as they found their homes aflame,
Their fellow Ionians ran outside to see who was to blame.
Their hearts filled with dread at who had come to their land,
It was none other than Swain, back from Noxus high command!
Returned with great vengeance after their last bitter defeat,
None should underestimate Swain, master of tactics and deceit;
For nobody had predicted that he made Noxus throw the fight,
To lull Ionia into lowering their defense the following fort-night;
Behind him was an army worthy of the fear they had wrought,
With him were Nasus, Katarina, Morgana, and of course Urgot!
The Ionians fought bravely, but were forced to fall back,
From the brutal harassment of the Noxus Q spam attack.
Then Warwick, Sion, and Singed burst forth from the brush,
Ready with hard CCs, seeking Ionian skulls to crush.
The ninjas retreated to their Nexus, fearing its destruction,
Silently cursing the old ward duration reduction.
Irelia and Yi joined their ninja brothers at their last tower,
As Udyr roared onto the battlefield, displaying his power;
A terrible fight ensued, but without the support of the League,
Ionia was destined to fall to the Noxian blitzkrieg.

When, what to my surprise should appear,
But a drunken Santa Gragas hurling his keg of explosive beer!
The summoners of the great League had come with champions galore,
It was time for them to end this most terrible war;
Now Bandle City! now, Demacia! now, Zaun and Bilgewater!
On Frejord! on Ruhgosk! on Kumungu and Piltover!
Heimerdinger built his turrets as Ashe launched frosty attacks,
Tryndamere beat up some minons to increase his fury to max.
Rumble took care to safely managed his heat
As Twisted Fate stacked his deck like a cheat

Soraka and Taric passed around healing spells and health pots,
While Ezreal flashed over the wall and tossed out Mystic Shots;
Nunu began to rage, making himself and his allies mad,
Unfortunately Amumu became only more sad.
Shaco and Alistair both charged, each wielding a sheen,
Even Veigar helped out; he truly wasn't that mean.
Kog-Maw barfed green death with his Madred's BloodRazor,
As Lux laid down supporting fire with her Demacian Laser.
Twitch and Evelyn unstealthed with a well-placed Hate Spike,
Then Pantheon laid the smackdown with his Heart Seeker Strike.

Skarner slowed his the Noxians with brutal crystal slashes,
Followed by Riven leaping forward with nearly unlimited dashes.
Caitlynn set up the shot for a devastating Ace in the Hole,
While Trundle strode up always ready to troll.
Maokai stepped forward shielding his friends with thick bark,
As Fizz flipped over the wall screaming “Shark!”.
Volibear donned his Warmog’s gaining more damage from health,
As Ahri blinked across the field and charmed Talon out of stealth.
Now revealed Talon jumped from the brush his blades aimed at Jax’s back,
But Jax dodged to the side and landed a devastating counter-attack.

"We need a tank!" shouted Garen as he spun into the fray.
Out of nowhere sped Rammus, while replying "Ok."
Things were not going well for Noxus: Swain was quite annoyed.
Then Kassadin, Malzahar, and Cho'Gath burst forth from the void,
They launched spells at Warwick, trying to fell the feral beast,
But Cho'Gath finished the job, landing his rupture and feast.
Swain dodged a cleaver and shouted "Mundo, this is treason",
The mad doctor laughed loudly: "Mundo goes where he pleasin'!"
Swain cursed his luck as his scheme turned from victory to defeat,
He yelled, "The day is lost, Noxus! Sound the retreat!"

The Noxus champions fled along the path Swain had planned,
But out from the trees flew a mighty grabbing robot hand;
Through teamwork the Noxians were caught and the day was saved,
But there was little left standing after the destruction Noxus had paved.
The odds that this holiday would be joyous were one in a million,
When who should appear but Old Saint Zilean!
"You all appear to need some holiday cheer. I hope you don't mind,"
And with just the wave of his hand he cast Rewind.
Everyone watched as all the damage wrought came undone.
Swain roared, "This isn't over, fools! Don't think you've won!"
Zilean bonked him on the noggin: "Be merry this Snowdown, young Swain.
"I know of your troubled past, but let this holiday ease your pain."
A single tear fell from his eye, and something opened his mean old heart.
Swain stood up. "We can still make this a merry Snowdown if we all do our part!
"We shall put the past behind us, friends! What do you say?"
The champions cheered; this was a most monumentous holiday!
Pantheon and Twisted Fate teleported, spreading the news with Shen,
Of course Cho'Gath spat out Warwick, and each apologized like gentlemen.
Poppy, Corki, and Teemo made Yordle pies and gave each champion a slice,
While Anivia and Casseopeia made beautiful sculptures from stone and ice.

Trundle brought his tribe all the way from their dank bog,
And Kayle and Morgana made amends over cups of eggnog.
Graves and Twisted Fate played some card games to resolve their dispute.
Even Viktor arrived, making a guest appearance as the League’s newest recruit.
Shyvanna and Renekton joined the festivities to decrease their fury meter,
As Brand warmed everyone up acting as an outdoor heater.
Sona laid down some beats to rouse Baron Nashor from his slumber,
While Katarina slipped the Might of Demacia her number.
Miss Fortune and Gangplank went on a decorating spree,
And Tristana used her rocket jump to place a star atop the tree.
With his work done, Old Saint Zilean floated off into the night
proclaiming "Merry Snowdown Showdown to all, and to all a good fight!"


This was a poem I wrote for last snowdown showdown at the airport and is not official lore. I made additions and updates to include a number of the new champions and wanted to share it with you guys. If you don't see your champion up above or don't think they got enough screentime add some additional lines down below. There were some amazing additions last year!

Also special thanks goes out to RiotGlitterdust who helped me a ton in the editing because I'm bad at grammers and words.

Have a happy snowdown showdown everyone!!!!!

PureWaterishere 12-24-2011 10:21 PM

snowdown SHOWDOWN, very well made actually

Endler 12-24-2011 10:26 PM

Wonderfully written, excellent read... +1+1+1+1+1!!!

F0rtr3ss 12-24-2011 10:28 PM

oh my god...

that was epic

Forest or Feed 12-24-2011 10:29 PM

This is amazing.

How long did this take????

ohdatLass 12-24-2011 10:29 PM

Meanwhile, Morde was stealing everyone's presents.

Shaella 12-24-2011 10:31 PM


FeralPony 12-24-2011 10:32 PM


Originally Posted by Lord of Trololo (Hozzászólás 18915530)
This is amazing.

How long did this take????


Not too long actually. The initial draft took about 3 hours as I recall while I was waiting in an airport being sad about Noxus losing their match vs Ionia. I spent about an extra hour tonight adding in the new champions and doing some edits.

Gurei Fullbuster 12-24-2011 10:32 PM

Merry Christmas Riot and fellow summoners! :)

Kazze 12-24-2011 10:34 PM

Amazing, FeralPony! As a Rumble lover myself, well done! :D

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