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KaiYangGoh 12-24-2011 01:20 AM

Its nearly christmas
So what will you be doing on christmas day?

Rahgar 12-24-2011 01:21 AM


BACKSTABUUU 12-24-2011 01:21 AM

Gonna play Skyrim until I pass out after heading over to my Aunt's and ordering myself a PS2 and Persona 4.

Ehmry 12-24-2011 01:21 AM

Playing LoL

Meenpop 12-24-2011 01:21 AM

Getting kicked out.

Destaice 12-24-2011 01:22 AM

I'll open things sent to me in the mail and hang out on the computer...

forever alone

Sailor Cosmos 12-24-2011 01:26 AM

Open my gifts n ****.

lockpickEMD 12-24-2011 01:43 AM

Converting sinners with the joy of carols.

Twerking Braixen 12-24-2011 09:34 AM

Nothing unusual because I don't celebrate that blasphemy

Kryptix 12-24-2011 11:13 AM

Hanging with family.

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