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TempestofFaith 12-22-2011 02:35 AM

Premade ELO? In normal?
So I play with 2 other friends on Normal Summoners rift, I have heard that basically this gives the other team a ELO/Matchmaking advantage, How much? We have been playing these games for the better part of a week and while we are breaking even in wins I find that we are always placed with 2 low-win count team-mates and we end up facing teams that have 1,2,3K wins more then my entire team combined. Between us three amigos we have 600 wins total, is it just the case that we are way high-ELO each or is it more a premade-based ELO thing. I mean one of us isn't even 30th level yet? I dunno just bit extreme to stick people up against such high rated/win count players in normal, I mean do their total wins count for something with regards to ELO?

Thanks for the time, and this is half rage thread half genuine questions.

DORA THE EXPLORA 12-22-2011 08:26 AM

Basically, though i don't know the numbers, it works like this.
Under the assumption that two people premade will do better then one person soloQ, riot said:
"We'll make the ELO of the team average go up by (50) for each member!"
Because, at least in my case, when you play with people you're good with, you do about (50) ELO better. It gives soloQ's a chance to be good with Duo/TriQ's. However, since there's SO MANY PEOPLE PLAYING THIS GAME now.... usually you just go up against people your same elo and the same premade. (please note the caps were to be funny, not raging. :P)


CBlazer 12-22-2011 04:13 PM

I've noticed the same thing. My friends and I are all new to the game - the five of us have about 250 wins combined. But we like to play together and are almost always matched against players with 300+ wins each. More specifically, the trend we've noticed is typically there's one player with 600+ wins (more wins than games we've played, combined -- there's one of these in pretty much every game we play), three players with 300+ wins, and one bizarrely low player with <10 wins. I can only assume that the matchmaker believes it's balanced because 1) we're a "premade" and 2) the guy with 10 wins somehow counterbalances the four guys with 10x our wins.

To be fair, though, we win about 40% of those games, so it's not dramatically unbalanced. We get beat in lane, due to our lack of skill/levels/runes, and we recover with teamwork sometimes. But my solo queue games seem more fairly matched from the beginning, with more people around my level (~100 wins each), fewer smurfs, and fewer ringers. It's almost more fun to solo queue, sometimes.

Yippppeeekiyayy 12-22-2011 04:44 PM

I thought the game matched you against other premades? I know it does it when it's a 5 man premade at least.

IE: You Q with 2 friends and the matchmaking will make you face another trio.

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