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Scrubsicle 12-16-2011 07:43 PM

Favorite Unconventional Jungler
Now, we all know the classic junglers, such as Shaco, Trundle, Udyr, Nocturne, Amumu, etc, but with the new jungle, what champs do you guys enjoy jungling with now?

I've fallen in love with Jungle Maokai. Sure, he isn't the fastest jungler, but his initiation into ganks is hilarious when people try to Flash away and I end up rooting them anyway. Plus, he has built in camouflage, so if you see the enemy jungler in your jungle, just stand still and maybe they won't see you.

Isseidoki 12-16-2011 07:47 PM

havent really tried anybody else

Alexair17 12-17-2011 08:25 AM

Malphite, he's very durable in the jungle and he has good burst and ganking ability.

Robbe 12-17-2011 04:24 PM


Skilltestingman 12-17-2011 04:31 PM


Chocoleit 12-17-2011 04:39 PM

Ren :D

CityOfTheChi 12-17-2011 04:42 PM

Rammus still my favorite. Nothing more satisfying than flying out of brush full speed ramming people.

magik8ball 12-17-2011 06:56 PM

Soraka jungle OP

WarlordMichael 12-17-2011 08:58 PM

I was playing volibear solo top with a singed jungle, double toss and slow at level 2 gank is just OP

PtolemyScience 12-17-2011 09:07 PM


Originally Posted by bonVoyage (Hozzászólás 18619593)

**** you. Since when?

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