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Keiji Cupcakes 12-15-2011 07:08 AM

Things not to do in dominion.
This is a lost of things not to do in dominion, basic as the title. Would like input on whatever you see.

1 - Blaming the person playing bot for losing the game for you.
- The person playing bot will never get into the top three with a good team, even if they are the best player on the team. While I love the personal score system, the person playing bot will ALWAYS be at rank 4 or 5, and only ever breach into the top three if they manage to take the enemy bot and you didn't cap windmill. This will also only last for a short time.

2 - Playing Eve or twitch solely for BD's.
- I should not have to explain this, again, while I love personal score, you cannot win Games, even if you are 500 points ahead of your second player, if you only got to first score as a Stealthy BD. This does not win games, in fact, you will most likely lose the game for your team if you pull this type of play.

3 AFK or leaving - If there is any chance at all you will have to go during a game, don't queue up. In summoner's rift, a 4v5 game is winnable because of the early game EXP gap you will accumulate because of the extra exp sponge gone. In dominion, there is absolutely no chance for this because everyone gains exp at a steady rate.

4 - Shaco and bushes
- If you have close to full hp, and ar chasing a low hp shaco, dont follow him into a bush. Actually, nbever follow ANY Shaco into a bush. you are going to die.

5 - Mid buff do's and don'ts.
- You just saw a talon, or a wukong or some other quick, heavy hitting, nimble champ take the mid buff on the enemy team. "Well golly gee mister I should go in there and take ours so it's even flurpderp". Don't do this. You have an assasin character who was just at the mid buff, and may still be nearby with a storm shield, and while you cap it, they will run in and wreck your **** like nobody's business. If you can see all of the enemy team, or those you can't see are dead, this is the perfect time to take the buff, because nobody will get one or two hits off of you while you channel storm shield.

6. If you are defending a point and several enemies are heading in (and it is impossible for you to win the fight), don't just stay and die. It's more valuable to retreat (and NOT die), let them take the tower, regroup, and take it back.

7. If multiple enemies are capping a tower from neutral, don't stand there and watch, and don't try to hit each one separately. Interrupt the cap for everyone by clicking on the tower and attempting to cap it yourself. (Then see #1 above)

8. It only takes 1 person to cap a point, not 3. As long as that 1 person can cap safely (and in a timely manner), don't stop to "help" cap. Move on to somewhere else and make yourself useful instead of trying to rack up personal score.

9 Don't ignore bot. If the enemy has 4 champs defending top, just go gank/cap bot. Dominion is a game of allocating player resources. If you don't have numbers at some point, there's some point you can go that you will.

10. If a bunch of you just wiped and the enemy capped top and 2-3 of them are still hanging around the point, don't charge it solo. Wait around your mid speed shrine for your team to catch up with you. If you run in one by one, you'll all die again - if you group up, you stand a better chance of taking back the point.

11. Press tab; be aware of when the enemy team is not dead any more. If you just won top, and you're pushing the lane towards their mid, don't hang around. Extending past the halfway point of the top-to-mid lane on the enemy's side of the map is the worst place you can be. They WILL pour out from the jungle behind you and you WILL die.

12. The jungle can be a horrible place to fight. Especially so if the enemy team has high-mobility champions or others who can take advantage of brush (Fiddle, Nunu). If you're in the advantage - if you hold top, bot, and mid - don't needlessly put that advantage at risk by running around the jungle near their mid tower. You probably won't kill enough of them to cap, but you run a strong risk of them killing enough of you to cap top.

13. You don't need to defend a 4-cap with your life. If you cap their mid or bot, and you're alone vs the 3 of them who just came from base, unless you can definitely hold it because you're playing some broken champ and they're terrible, just let it go. Better to run and let them cap, than die and leave your team a person down and unable to hold top or your own bot.

14. When deciding who caps mid at the start, think about who can contribute the most up top. If you're a melee with zero range (eg. Riven), and the rest of your team has ranged poke (Ezreal, Shaco, LB) - they can all do way more than you in the poke-fest that is the first 20 seconds of fighting over top. Cap mid, enjoy your free 100 gold, then go top to clean up the weakened enemies. (I'd even venture to say a character like wukong or panth, even jax is a good option to go top, because of the distance closers)

Originally Posted by Taenaryn View Post
Okay, so lots of these are Do's and not Don'ts. It's 3 in the morning and I'm not gonna rewrite them, ignore them if you want.

If you're squishy and fast, don't rush to Top without your team backing you up--at least, unless you know their whole team is on their mid (because you're smart and watched the map). Wait for your team to catch up or else you'll die for nothing and your team will be weaker when they get to the Windmill.

If Twitch (or another stealther) is ruining your fun, buy an Oracle's. Or better yet, a Sweeper if you're AP.

If you're bot-laning, don't go into the brush. The enemy will see you do it and brush won't help you against Anivia's ult or Sivir/Ahri/Xerath (etc) with their skillshot nukes. Hug top. The fog of war will hide you much better and there's a tasty health pack up there with two much more effective brushes too.

Playing stealthers, and you can't see them on the map? That enemy mid looks tasty? The stealther is often there waiting for you.

Pay attention to the map. Most players go straight in the direction they're headed, so even when they get into the Fog you know where they're going (but see below).

Abuse the fog. Most players don't pay attention so you can use your point's fog to ambush them. There's a line from your base to the center fog that will hide you if enemies aren't on your point. Why shout out and let them know you're back? Why tell them where you're going?

Keep abusing the fog. A smart player will be watching the map and may well see what direction you're headed. So go somewhere else. Fake them out. It costs like one second of movement to lead them in the wrong direction.

Those minions cap faster than you, help you cap faster, and can't be interrupted by anything short of CC or death. If your team is busy elsewhere and you have an AoE (Rake, Boomerang, Thunderclaws, etc) clear a wave or two to help you cap especially if you suspect a stealther is there or Shaco left his box. DON'T farm minions if two of your allies are already capping the enemy point!

The Tab button is your friend. Make love to your Tab. Frequently.

It's usually worth it to wait for your team.

Don't chase an enemy to get that kill and ignore that undefended point. Run back to cap the point. If they come back, use your newly-refreshed cooldowns to ruin their day.

Don't use Clarity on Dom. Ever. Just no.

Don't whine about someone stealing your kills. It doesn't matter who kills them as long as they're dead. It's not Farmer's Rift, you don't need the gold for your ubercarry. You don't need the points for your epeen score. You just need them dead. Sure, you had the enemy on the ropes and were about to strike a killing blow when Talon comes out unecessarily and disassembles your target. Say thank you so you can both team up on the point's defenders!

Don't feed the trolls. Negative whiners who complain more than they play aren't worth arguing with. Even if you have three AFKs, or it's your first Dom game and you utterly suck. Ignore them and learn as best you can. The game isn't lost until your Nexus health reaches Zero, and we've all seen that win with one health point remaining because you pulled it together long enough to beat them.

15 by Keiji - So, your entire team, despite this being completely retarded anyway, decides to go bot to take it back with 4 people (instead of capping the enemy mid and overextending the enemy's defenses in return for capping right next to your spawn, thereby forcing them to b and take their mid back and leaving your bottom undefended and open to retaking, which is the smart choice), since you cannot defend it properly, being turtled and whatnot, you are now losing the game due to an almost constant 4cap, since it only takes 3 to d on a turret against 4. Obviously, the person with lowest points on the team who is going top is to blame, right? No, the person going top is quite possibly the only intelligent person on your team. Think of it this way, in summoner's rift, you have a turret and three people under it, does it make sense to constantly dive that turret with four people, never actually getting a kill but weakening them until, after they kill five waves of 4 of you, they finally die? No, that's stupid on SR and it's stupid on Dom. There is a perfectly tasty two under a turret up top, 4 perfectly healthy people versus two perfectly health people, under a turret that only targets one of you, and can be debuffed is the obvious choice. By constantly sending wave after wave to retake a well turtled bottom, you are losing the game for yourself.

Originally birthday deluxe
On the topic of summoners; similar to the way in which Clarity is nearly useless and should never be picked, Revive is one of the best summoner spells in dominion and every team should have at least two. It can give you great windmill presence, allows you to instantly save your bottom turret if you're ganked, gives you a temporary durability boost, and is good for map control in general.

Obviously most players beyond 1800 know this already, but there are *tons* of players who are still convinced that picking revive makes you either an idiot or a troll. I queue with lower elo friends on an alt account (they'd get matched against players who would destroy them if they queued with my main), and we've had people rage at us through entire games just because we used revive.

Also garrison is awesome and needs to see more play.

Keiji -
16 - Chasing

I cannot believe I still see people doing this, Chasing hurst your team a HUNDRED times more than you possibly can imagine if you're actually doing it, even on an enemy with 15 hp left. In dominion, where caps > kills, you should be attempting to cap constantly, if a single enemy survives an ace, do not chase them, cap what you can. Chasing gives the enemy time to spawn up while you are -not- capping points. This is a bad idea.

17 - Treating Dominion like SR in any way shape or form.

The incentives are for team help and assists more than kills, which means if your TEAM is stronger, it helps more, it doesnt matter who gets the kill, as long as your team is more... alive than the other team. A single character who is superfed may be good in summoners rift, but the capability for the team itself is the point here.

18 - If you are on skype with teammates dont ever answer the phone during teamfights speciallly if it's someone unrelated to the current match

Keiji Cupcakes 12-15-2011 07:08 AM

Will add more after input.

Argodis 12-15-2011 07:21 AM

I agree especially with #2. Blind pick Dominion games are full of nothing but Twitch/Eve players who do nothing but backdoor but call everyone else bad for losing the game since they are in 1st.

Ardailec 12-15-2011 07:28 AM

Allow me to add something.

NEVER Go after mid buff if you just saw an assassin grab theirs. Don't do it. Just, don't. Atleast not alone. You won't find puppies and cake there.

And the old addage of chasing a Shaco into a bush still applies aswell.

Keiji Cupcakes 12-15-2011 02:48 PM

I will add those, thanks.

Necks 12-15-2011 03:01 PM


Things not to do in dominion.

1. Insta-locking Ahri, unless the game mode clearly says "Rice Farmer's Rift".

Mindllapse 12-15-2011 03:17 PM

I have never managed to get below 3rd place in score no matter how good my team is doing if I play CDR tanky AP nasus at bottom

ChaoticHypnotic 12-15-2011 03:24 PM

1. If you are defending a point and several enemies are heading in (and it is impossible for you to win the fight), don't just stay and die. It's more valuable to retreat (and NOT die), let them take the tower, regroup, and take it back.

2. If multiple enemies are capping a tower from neutral, don't stand there and watch, and don't try to hit each one separately. Interrupt the cap for everyone by clicking on the tower and attempting to cap it yourself. (Then see #1 above)

3. It only takes 1 person to cap a point, not 3. As long as that 1 person can cap safely (and in a timely manner), don't stop to "help" cap. Move on to somewhere else and make yourself useful instead of trying to rack up personal score.

Lolkoopa 12-15-2011 03:25 PM

Ugh I hate it when I see one of my squishier teammates go for the storm shield after Akali or Jax takes it. Then they immediately die ._.

Or when 3 enemies are capping a point, one of my allies get the storm shield and try to 3v1 only to die.

The storm shield buff does not make you invincible!!!

Basist 12-15-2011 03:40 PM

How about when I have a beefy champion and I'm diving the enemy defending their point, do not dive with me. Cap that point so I won't get hit. Or if you get hit, ping the enemy so when my cooldowns are on I can cap it to interrupt their cap and when you can cap again do it.

Even with 200 armor I will die because the turret did the most dmg, not the champion.

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