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NeeksNaman 12-13-2011 05:26 PM

Get Ready for the Snowdown Showdown!
Snowdown Showdown is almost upon us, summoners! Each year, the denizens of Valoran gather to celebrate the closing of the calendar year in various ways. But since the founding of the League, the nations of Valoran have celebrated Snowdown by putting aside their political differences to give thanks for the continued peace that the League of Legends provides. The League calls this event the Snowdown Showdown!

Some of your favorite champions are celebrating this joyous occasion, but you’ll see no ugly sweater when Snowmerdinger, Festive Maokai, Toy Soldier Gangplank, and Mistletoe LeBlanc join your party!

Click here to learn more about all the Snowdown Showdown content coming in the next patch!

Aeris 12-13-2011 05:27 PM

mistletoe leblanc <3

TurboBun 12-13-2011 05:28 PM

been waitin for this!

edit: so wheres the 9 tail

Eliiite 12-13-2011 05:28 PM

Is it bad that I feel more attracted to the maokai skin than the leblanc one?

Azuriae 12-13-2011 05:28 PM


EDIT: Wait, the new health quintessences. Compared to the Halloween ones, they give +2 health but are 33% costier. Geesh, Riot.

CLG DoubleIift 12-13-2011 05:29 PM

Maokai? meh skin
Leblanc <3
... dat cute yordle too

TurboBun 12-13-2011 05:29 PM

mistletoe leblanc <3

Opreich 12-13-2011 05:30 PM

Next patch?

They were available this time last year.

There was also a lot more skins.

AsEpicAsGod 12-13-2011 05:30 PM

Oh man

GGO Shino Asada 12-13-2011 05:31 PM


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