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BigDaddyDelish 07-08-2010 01:22 PM

Team Compilations [Variations and Strats]
Team comps are very popular after you leave noob island. Premades usually have a team comp of some kind, and they are very successful for several reasons.

It isn't just because they are friends and can talk that they are good. While it may be easier to talk on vent (or if you're like me, skype) than type everything, you can still maintain good communication with your team even if you are solo que. What makes them good is the fact that they know what they are doing with their characters, and they each know what role they play in their premade. Take Fiddlesticks and Amumu together. The Fiddlesticks knows that when Amumu ults, that is his que to go in and crowstorm. Now, while you are supposed to do that either way, they have a system planned out for what they do to win games. They form a kind of chemistry that you don't get in pub games.

I have taken the time to list out a good number of different team compilations that you can try out for yourselves, or just be aware of. I will build this guide as time goes on, but I will take input, suggestions, ideas, etc. for the guide from people who take the time to actually read this and reply as well.

Standard Compilation
This compilation is your standard, "One person for each role" kind of team. You have a tank/initiator, a ranged carry, a support, a caster, and a disabler or assassin typically. Of course, many characters fulfill more than one of these roles, so the team usually varies hugely. But this is the kind of compilation that most solo que games strive to have, as it is the easiest to work with having minimal communication.

Popular Picks: All characters can fit into this somewhere.

Heal Compilation
This is a team based on survivability and healing. Usually made up of mostly support characters, this team is heavily based on keeping everyone alive throughout the team fights. They are not very gank heavy, but are incredibly strong in team fights. Spirit Visage is VERY common on all characters in there to get the extra bonus healing from all the supporters in the group.

Popular Picks: Soraka, Kayle, Janna are the 3 main supporters found in this team comp. Nidalee is a popular pick as well, but not as common. Taric is also a very popular choice, and often takes the tanking role for this comp. Alistar can also be in here.

Counters Ignite is the best way to have a counter that you can have on almost any character. Having characters like Katarina, Gangplank, or Tristana go a long way too. Executioners Calling is worthwhile to pick up if they are indeed a heal comp and you can benefit from it, but is pretty flimsy overall for the cost, and is bad it gets to the point where it is more taking up space to where you could put a BETTER item in.

Area of Effect Compilations
Another very strong compilation, AOE teams are based around doing massive group based damage. Unlike heal comps, they love ganking people, and dominate in team fights if grouped with a good initiator. They also love to get team supporting aura items depending on who is in the team, like Starks, Aegis, and Frozen Heart.

Popular Picks: Amumu is the most common initiator, although Malphite and Alistar are also great choices. Veigar can also initiate pretty well if there isn't another caster. Fiddlesticks, Annie, Blitzcrank, Karthus, Gangplank, Pantheon, Twitch, Kog'Maw... basically, anyone with a core aoe ability is effective in aoe teams.

Counters: Team fighting is the name of the game, so you want to be very careful around their initiators. Silences go a LONG way to hindering their ability to dominate team fights, so characters like Cho, Kassadin, Soraka, etc. all can affect their ability to use their major aoe skills to dominate. As far as items go, quicksilver sash can be a great way to get yourself out of trouble after their initiator dives in, and banshees veil could save your life as well. They are very, "Everyone on the team blow your load at once." and are very vulnerable afterwards if they do not succeed in killing most of your team.

Pushing Compilations
These teams are primarily consisted of excellent pushers. Left mid to go gank? Well, heimer just killed your turret. Grouping up to defend top? Nasus just nabbed your inhib bot. These are the kinds of things that pushing based teams like to do. Towers over ganking is the name of the game for this compilation, and backdoors happen regularly. They want to win hard and fast, taking turrets within the time it takes for you to recall back to base, and teleport back.

Popular Picks: Nasus, Heimer, Sivir, Soraka, Mordekaiser, Shaco, Twisted Fate, Zilean, Twitch, or any other character with good pushing power.

[/b]Counters[/b]: Teleporters are very important. Twisted Fate, Pantheon, Shen, etc. are very important for defensive purposes, as pushing teams are almost all out offensive. Defense is vital, and if you can survive long enough, eventually you have the power to win over their push power, and be able to drive them back and eventually win. They rely on quick farming to lock you down, so you have to be ready to go at all times.

Worldwide Compilations
Nobody really seems to do it outside of premades, but it is VERY important to call Level 6 ultimates for those that have worldwide range. These teams rely on being able to strike from anywhere they are, and contribute to fights they are not in. Team fights are not their forte, but they are incredibly strong at ganking people. Someone WILL die every time Twisted Fate has his ultimate up. They require a lot of skill to get the drop on people, but a good worldwide based team will never give you the chance to have a strong enough team to win fights.

Popular Picks: Twisted Fate is a requirement for this team to work. His ultimate is too valuable for the ganks. Ashe and Ezreal are very popular picks too, and Pantheon and Shen contribute a lot to the "be anywhere anytime" ideal that worldwide teams are based on. However, not all characters HAVE to be worldwide.

Counters: Staying with the group is the name of the game. While you will be ganked harder than you ever had in your life if you travel through the jungle, they have a harder time winning team fights against teams that are good at fighting together. Solo pushes and backdoors will be punished severely, but team coordination will win the game for you.

Team Displacement Compilations
This team comp relies on completely dominating teams that use positions to their advantage. It takes a LOT of chemistry and communication between the members of this team to work, but if you get it right, this team compilation is almost unstoppable. Using characters that use unit placement to their advantage, they are very tricky when played right, and something that looks like it will be in your favor will be completely flipped over after you try to initiate.

Popular Picks: Gragas, Singed, Janna, Blitzcrank, Tristana, Fiddlesticks, Rammus, Shen. Some of them are not about flinging units far out of direction, but fear is rediculous when it comes to getting people to move out of position, and Rammus and Shen can literally drag people out of position, allowing others to use their displacement abilities to let the others on their team mop the floor with them. Shen is better at grouping everyone around him, which makes it all that much easier for others to get the team completely out of proportion. You only need about 2 or 3 displacement characters though, dps characters are needed to get the kills that are tossed to them.

Counters: Honestly, I don't know how to counter this team. Heal comps are even at a threat to a good displacement team, as only Soraka has a heal that would have wide enough range to still be able to help while blown away from her allies. A bundle of sticks is hard to break, but when a Gragas throws an exploding barrel in the middle of those sticks, and they all get separated and ****, it's hard to come back from that. Suggestions as to a viable counter is wanted.

Map Control Compilations
These teams use map vision to their best advantage. They are the bane of junglers, and are almost completely immune to ganks. You can't surprise the map control comps, they will know when you are coming, where you are coming from, and how many are going to try to pull off this gank. In turn, they will always know when you try to grab runes, making for easy steals for those who are good at it (or that have smite), or when you try to grab baron or dragon. They will always be watching. All about map awareness, they can be impossible to kill. They also rely on mindgames to lead you into traps, as most characters in a map control compilation use traps to identify where you are too. When things start getting later into the game though, they can find it hard to keep up if they do not keep one step ahead of you using their huge map awareness to their advantage.

Popular Picks Nidalee is required to make this work. Bushwacks are too cheap and too useful to neglect. Teemo is very good at map awarenes too, as mushrooms can stand there for a much longer time. Shaco is another good choice, and Twisted Fate fits in as well. Heimer has SOME map control with turrets, but does not fit very well into this. They also really like wards, to further enhance their ability to see you.

Counters: Some good counters to this are worldwide teams, as it doesn't really matter where you are because you can be anywhere you want to be. Junglers are a VERY bad idea, and will constantly get slaughtered. It can be hard to go for runes, but if you can get them quickly, they may not have time to react to you so bringing smite to finish the job quickly could potentially be beneficial. Use wards and such to your own advantage. It may cost you more money in the long run, but you will NOT win if they dragon every time it's up, and get every buff when they are up.

Stun Compilations
These compilations rely heavily on the ability to initiate, and keep the pressure on throughout the fight. They are very effective at countering teams if they get the first blow, as they can be relentless in their offense. They too require coordination and chemistry to be able to effectively keep the team from getting back on their feet themselves.

Popular Picks: Amumu, Malphite, Ashe, Morgana, Alistar, Nunu, Udyr, Kennen, Annie are probably the best picks. You need that constant hard disables coming in to ensure the other team doesn't get a chance to come at you themselves. Characters like Nunu and Morgana can use these heavy stuns to their advantage, unleashing heavy damage and in the case of Morgana, actually surviving the 4 seconds to get the aoe stun off. Udyr and Kennen are very good at constant stun locks, so they are very effective memebers too.

Counters: Mercury Treads, Quicksilver Sash, and Banshees Veil are probably your best bet. Team fight surround them stunning you, and then stunning you again just before your stun is released, or right after. Spacing yourselves can be very important too, and kiting champions are very good at avoiding these disasters as well.

And thats all I can think of for right now. Hopefully I gave you some ideas of teams that can work for you, and some other ideas on how to counter already well established teams.

Feedback? Comments? Questions? Any ideas you have to move this along would be awesome. Constructive criticism is appreciate too, but please refrain from being a butt munch.

Remember, if you have a team compilation that works well, tell me what the team is centered on, popular picks, and potential counters.

FreeBeers 07-08-2010 01:32 PM

reserving this first reply spot for when I have the time to finish reading that wall of text.

At first glance however, this looks like it'd be great for newer players to get accustomed to this gaming genre.

Zebaz 07-08-2010 01:42 PM

i would add singed to the displacement comp. he can take the tank role for that kind of team

edit: nice post. i think this could be very useful to newer premades that are having trouble coming up with people that work well together. even if its just 2 people, this is handy for quickly finding a good combo

BigDaddyDelish 07-08-2010 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by Zebaz (Hozzászólás 1878220)
i would add singed to the displacement comp. he can take the tank role for that kind of team

Good point. Added.

Also, it would be really great if people actually left some feedback, and not just look at it and leave...

Forums are for posting not lurking? I did work hard on this...

Nukeitall 07-11-2010 12:01 AM

Karthus for worldwide team. ashe wouldnt be that great since people tend to move around all frantic like when cardmaster uses his ult. also an intresting idea would be to have a teemo place odd ball shrooms around the map(ones that no one would normally hit) and everyone have teleport as well but that prolly wouldnt work. much like the worldwide team wouldnt either.

Not a huge fan of annie aoe. Should add rammus to the aoe team as well as anivia.

Pushing compilation teams will never last vs good players/teams. 1 you have to be split up to get its full effect. pushing a lane too hard leaves a large gap between them and their tower making it easy to gank them. and a group of 3 with a tower can easily defend against all 5 if they decide to group push mid 8 minutes into the game.

For the Displacement Compilations it would and is very effective vs pugs. or random 5s. it is not effective however for higher level tier play. good players will know the threat and assess the situation at hand. the squishy characters are generaly the ones displacement teams will go for, and a good team will protect that player and a good player will stay at a safe distance until it is time to strike.

Hardest team to beat imo would be a heal team consisting of (Soraka and janna/taric) along with 2 tanks amumu / rammus / allistar / shen and 1 dps/nuker. its stupid to watch team tank pushing down your middle lane 17 minutes into the game and all your harassment is being healed by soraka. they literally widdle you away. and you have no chance of initiating on them. they WILL tank your tower without fear.

Minrog 07-11-2010 12:31 AM

I just wanted to mention to OP that when you say team comp it means team composition, not compilation. The document you posted counts as a compilation of a lot of different information, but a team is composed of characters (not compiled).

I'm only about halfway through but it was sort of distracting me.

- Second Paragraph
"Take Fiddlesticks and Amumu together. The Fiddlesticks knows that when Amumu ults, that is his que to go in and crowstorm."

que -> cue

- Under Standard Comp, 4th sentence.

solo que -> solo queue

- Under Pushing Comp, one of your Bolds failed to work. The Counters section is showing the /b s instead of bolding.


The guide is missing the heal/kite/push comp. It has different ones that include components, Stun/Displacement/Heal, but I think you should probably include it specifically since it is very common. Janna/Soraka/Gragas/Heimerdinger/Ashe or something like that. Anti-initiation is the key, along with unstoppable pushing and poking.

I don't like the term "Standard" for a comp either. The "standard" comp at any given point will simply be the most common one being used. Right now it would be either the heal/kite/push one in premades or the 5 dps carry one in solo queue. I think you might want to relabel the Standard into Balanced, which is the other term I've heard used to describe it.

You might want to include the all Tank Comp, perhaps bringing up the Sunfire Cape stacking and Guardian Angels. It might be gimmicky but I do see it on occasion.

Another section for Twisted Treeline would be handy as well. The comps are more basic there, usually a couple of meaty DPS and a caster support or a tank. Other folks I'm sure would be able to fill in the most common ones.

Montylaw 08-17-2010 07:57 PM

Good post. Will try some of them.
Are there any 'this teamcomp counters this teamcomp'?

The Reaver 08-17-2010 08:00 PM

Gah, you read my mind. Was literally JUST about to post a thread like this. Will comment after reading more.

darkdeal 08-17-2010 08:58 PM

Maybe it's just me not knowing every character, but I feel like this guide is too general. I would like something like "If I pick Heimer and one of my allies picks Nunu, who should the other 3 people on our team play to maximize efficiency?" I feel like a team consisting of Nunu, Heimerdinger, Zilean, Shen, Shaco could be pretty devastating, but I don't know what kind of team composition that would fall under, nor do I really care what the label is on that team composition. I would much rather know the flaws of the given team and how to best fix it.

AdricGod 08-18-2010 10:00 AM


Originally Posted by darkdeal (Hozzászólás 2470151)
Maybe it's just me not knowing every character, but I feel like this guide is too general. I would like something like "If I pick Heimer and one of my allies picks Nunu, who should the other 3 people on our team play to maximize efficiency?" I feel like a team consisting of Nunu, Heimerdinger, Zilean, Shen, Shaco could be pretty devastating, but I don't know what kind of team composition that would fall under, nor do I really care what the label is on that team composition. I would much rather know the flaws of the given team and how to best fix it.

If you are blind picking with a pug and want to maximize efficiency I would look more at a tier list for picking champions rather than attempting to build a strategy with a pug. There may be a few tells that could push you to choosing one type of stategy over another though...

Pretty much if 2 of your teammates picks 2 of the neccessary champions for a strategy such as AoE (they pick Amumu, Fiddlesticks) I would build that strategy. Otherwise I would pick the "highest rated" champion that fills a missing role.

In your case, Nunu is AoE caster dmg and Heimer is kind've a tough champion to classify, I would say support/harassment. So you would want a tank with taunt, a physical dps carry, or a single target dps caster to round out your team.

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