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Canders 11-30-2011 06:38 AM

My thoughts on creating more active gameplay
I think creating a stronger incentive to push the lane instead of keeping the minion wave as close to your tower as possible as well as making towerdives less risky will create more active gameplay.

My suggestion for having pushing more worthwhile would be to make it harder to last hit while under the tower.
This could be achieved by boosting the attack rate of the tower while lowering the damage a little to compensate or also making the damage unpredictable. For example by setting the damage to somewhere between 90-140 damage per shot instead of a flat amount like 100 damage. This ensures that you deny your opponent more creeps by pushing the lane, but it also increases the risk of dying to a gank.

And by reducing the damage towers do to champions (especially in early levels) you will see more people going for kills despite being in range of tower attacks.

I'd love to hear riots thoughts on this.

UnjustPillow 11-30-2011 07:47 AM

I would have to disagree, it's already too easy to tower dive especially early on. I use 2 different strats for lanes that work fairly well for me. As far as pushing the lane, I keep the minion wave close to the enemy tower, with the caster minions just out of range of the tower, and I keep this consistent by killing the melee minions as fast as the ally melee minions die. This causes a static location for waves throughout early game, with the 3rd wave taking pot shots at champions and tower. This denies enemy gold early game as well as allowing tower dives when enemies refuse to teleport back to heal, while also allowing you to return to buy with plenty of time to get back and do it again!

Adversely, playing a little less aggressive I can control both brushes and let me ally feed while i take pot shots at enemies to keep them from gaining gold and xp, but ive noticed that this is not so consistent as its more dangerous to ganks from junglers or mid, and once you teleport back, they can move in.

Pushing the minions just right to the enemy tower early and even mid game can make tower diving very fun and easy.

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