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Cybroxis 11-16-2011 06:08 PM

Chatter, The Riddler
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Ok, so to start off with my idea for a new champion, I would like to say the name is intended as a pun - he will riddle by punching holes in his opponents, and you will see how.

Chatter, The Riddler

Attachment 599478

He is the product of dark experiments in the dungeons of Noxus, in a joint operation with Zaun chemical scientists. The goal was to turn him into an indestructable warrior, the likes of which could withstand wave after wave of Demacian troops, as the forefront of their destructive wrath. Unfortunately, the subject was taken by force from his family in a discreet village, unbeknownst to the experimenters - he had no love and no mercy for those he saw as the slaughterers of his family.As the procedure began, vile chemicals and bone-chilling energies hardening his skeleton, he thrashed about in painful agony. His torturers had sorely misjudged the effect of their spells, and before they could sedate him or hold him down long enough to attach a binding spell, he broke free from his restraints. His body already healing from the holes drilled into his body with scars of bone, he slew his assailants in a fit of vengeful rage. But as he saw the effect of his fitful fury, he fled through a gaping hole he'd unintentionally made in the confines of his prison.

From that moment on, his outlook on life poisoned by the trauma of his young life, he sought to use his power to better himself. Now, throughout the entire criminal cesspit of Noxus, he is known as the Riddler, owing to his manner of punishment for failure and insurrection - both of which he sees as the same. With a sickly grin and flick of his wrist, he pops out an elongated bone whip to entrap his enemies and riddle them with bleeding holes, then laughs as he slowly detracts his spiked weapon to revel in his wealth. Oddly enough, Chatter now comes to the League of Legends to, as he puts it, "seek closure." What closure it is he seeks is a mystery, but that of his enemies is a sure thing.

"Riddle me this? No? Very well, let me riddle you..." - Chatter, League of Legends

Now, please tell me if the character sounds cool - if so, then i will make a possible skill list


Hair: pure white with bony sheen, in a debonair style, slick and classy (mob boss), though intimidating
Eye color: definitely red, with white pupil and outside (edge of iris) covered with a small kind of shield of bone (like a dome with a hole)
Clothing: he has a cape hanging from his 2 spikes on his shoulders, flairing out behind him, black with a red grinning skull with white pupils and slightly tattered (fine incisioned holes, as if from his shards of bone). His pants shall also be black with red segmented spirals around each leg, though they will be slacks (classy mob boss/joker, remember? :D)
Skin color: deep-tanned white
Other: Scars over body, with sickly white (though not small) tint. I want him to have bone spikes sticking out of each joint (one way, except over back, which has a spike up on each shoulder and also one sticking straight back and very long from each shoulder). Lastly, I want him to have a bone cap over each joint as well, that molds with the spikes and two segmented bone whips trailing behind sticking out of each hand.

Here is a production made by a very talented artist, Vaylore:
Attachment 599478

Also be sure to check out my other champion concept: Vakk, Soul of the Blade

Cybroxis 11-16-2011 06:09 PM

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Attack: He hits them with his palm where a spike is grown outwards (he is melee). His crit would would be claws (like warwicks, but with fingerbones jutting out quick).

Bone studs
he has 10 starting armor and 4% attack return for phys damage. For every 600 points of damage with "revenge" (a buff, for those of you who do not see it listed further on :/), adds 5 armor and 0.8% attack return for phys damage, maxing out at 100 armor and 20% attack return. 1/2 of total benefits lost on death.


Pole Vault
CD: 12/10/8/7/6
Cost: 15% current health, 10% returned upon completion of jump
Chatter grows out a bone from his arm and uses it to vault over an area to land the same distance away and throwing bone shards down along his route, dealing (50/100/150/200/250 + 2% Chatter's max health) damage, adding "riddled" to affected units for 2 seconds. With Punchline on, adds "riddled" for 4 seconds, and deals 2 times as much damage. (Cd=10/8/7/5.5/5 sec)

CD: 12/10/9/8/7
Cost: 10% current health
Chatter throws out a bone whip from his arm within 600 range, entangling the enemy and damaging them for the duration of 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds at 50/75/100/125/150 magic damage per sec + 2% target's current health per sec (tiny spikes grow out on inside of whip, adding "riddled" effect to target for 3 seconds). If the target moves outside of 600 range, the caster will be dragged, though the spell will continue. However, if the target doesn't move outside this range after 3/2.5/2.5/2/2 secs, the target will be snared and drawn to Chatter at a rate of 150 range per sec for 2 secs. With Punchline on, adds "riddled" for 5 seconds, and deals 1.5 times as much damage.

CD: 8/7/6/5/3
Cost: 0
Riddle's bones are connected to him by magic - when he uses a damaging ability, he inserts parasite bone pieces into his enemies through his spikes, applying "riddled" for 3 secs, 1 stack per ability, up to 5 stacks total. If an enemy with "riddled" is near enough to Chatter, he can call back his parasites with the bones they've attached to (equal to 2/3.5/4/5% target's max health per), draining health instantly and slowing the enemy by 10/20/35/40% as he/she adapts to the absence of some bones. Cd: 3/3/3/3/3

PassiveIf Chatter is killed in proximity to enemies with "riddled," 1/2 of the parasite stacks will automatically recall to Chatter with their health. If a total of 300 or more health is returned to the Riddler, he will be revived with half the amount stolen. Will only activate in presence of enemies with "riddled" stacks and this passive can only trigger once every 2 minutes.

CD: 120/90/60
Cost: 0
In one bone-chilling (no pun intended) laugh as he turns the tables on his enemies after waiting for his enemies' overconfidence to make them vulnerable, the Riddler transfers his bones from inside his body into an exoskeleton, instantly fearing surrounding enemies for 2 seconds as they take in his drastically more dangerous and altered form - also, because his resources are so near to where he will target them, all abilities deal more damage. He gains 10/20/30 armor and if he activates the ability during its duration, he can cause bones in "riddled" enemies to combust (once every 3 secs), dealing damage based on the number of enemies in each aoe because of added effects of shrapnel (deals 2x damage of total damage of 'riddled' stacks and 1/4 of this damage is dealt to nearby enemies(+2% of enemies' max health health), though only giving him 20% of the health he would have gotten normally (he is only able to collect some small shrapnel)). Also, due to his bones' magical nature, they will block any attempt to lock up his muscles, granting him 20/25/30/40/50% decreased effectiveness on enemy stuns and slows, and an immunity to snares and suppresses.

Any suggestions for tweaking would be appreciated.

EDIT: Read the post by SeatoSky on page 5 and my response to find the MANY tweaks and reworking I have done to these abilities. I would like to point out, however, that I FULLY INTEND THIS AS A SERIOUS CONCEPT - it is NOT purely for fun, and just because Chinese people have an anti-fetish for bones (and not blood, of which there is a lot in this game :/) does not mean he must be looked over for the millions more playing this in NA, SA, Korea, Japan, Europe, etc! So just stop telling me "OMG KARTHUS DOESNT HAVE A BONY FACE" because SION HAS BONE HANDS - yeah that's right, get pwned!

But really, thanks for the suggestions, but I don't appreciate unproductive insults, like "I'm wasting my time because Chinese ppl don't like bones" (again, SION - BOOM, BIOTCH - STOP BEING A BONEHEAD)

Cybroxis 11-17-2011 04:08 PM

Ok look, now I'm going to give my thread 5 or more bumps, because otherwise I don't get any attention - I have to reach my hand up, so to speak. When I get some replies, I will delete many of my hilarious bumps. OK?! :D

Cybroxis 11-17-2011 04:08 PM


Cybroxis 11-17-2011 04:09 PM

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Cybroxis 11-17-2011 04:11 PM

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if you can decipher that i will give you a handshake and a cookie filled with explosive chocolate milkshakes

Cybroxis 11-17-2011 04:11 PM


Cybroxis 11-17-2011 04:12 PM

Did I hear something, or was it just the AwEsOmE B U M P T R A I N rolling in?! - CINCO BUMPOS!!!!!!

Void22 11-17-2011 06:21 PM

This concept is cool but the numbers are so OP that its redicelous.

Cybroxis 11-17-2011 06:51 PM

The huge costs to the health are meant to counterbalance the damage he deals (22% is a lot O.o)
Also, armor and magic resist helps - warmog's not bad either (with items, xin zhao can do 5000 health easy - Chatter's skills don't increase potency with weapons, but stay constant with his health :) )

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