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WSB Xero 11-12-2011 12:56 AM

A conspiracy within a conspiracy?
Back in Journal of Justice 24, a secretly coded letter was sent to, and replied by Leblanc.

"Beautiful lEblanc, Where hAve you been gRowing thosE rosebushes? Just Under a few Days aGo, whilE coMpeting in matchEs with you, i learned i waNted to Try my fingeRs at it. do you raisE your plants Close to nOxus or touRnament grounDs? Surely you Can not sUspect those Rumors of bIg Old Ugly ravenS Making fIne Garden protectors, tHey likely spliT the Soon as the winds raisE there wings highEr. But i hear kaLamanda hAs some riCh soil surely you Know how to nuRture yOur plants with that. pleaSe excuse the poor propEr puncTuality tHis yoRdle typEr device hAs a problem with shifTing unexpectedly, maybe you would consider accompanying me in garnishing a new one? we could conVerse further about rAising plants and maYbe if you would be iNclined in find a new outfit. ofcourse, accEpting it only as a gift from a friendly admirer, i would suggest against snake skin though it rubs irritatingly close. ZaineDraconis

Just read all the capital letters and it says Vayne may be a threat to the black rose, the organization of Leblanc and Swain.

Now for the reply letter:
Don't ever garden uninformed, worry can quickly ensue! I think you should know a little or all you possibly can about anything you do. These tactics can save petty costs or prevent threats from ruining everything. There, in many instances, are a couple or several tricks to help factions who garden frequently, intent on consistency. Books on the subject say eliminating pests is paramount. Our gardeners focus on organization, seeds in place, but it is important we remember our roots: remain, above all else, informed.

Start at Don't and read every fourth word to get: "Don't worry I know all about these petty threats. There are several factions intent on eliminating our organization but we remain informed."

It is believed by most people that Swain sent the letter. However, this just doesn't seem like the behavior of someone that has the title of "Master Tactician". So I believe it is just a lower member of the Black Rose.

Additionally, I noticed something interesting within the letter sent to Leblanc. "Surely you do not believe those old ravens to be good garden protectors as they'll likely split as soon as the winds raise them higher".

Needless to say, the word "Ravens" refers to Swain and Beatrice, his loyal raven. The term "Split as soon as the winds raise them higher" means that the Black Rose member believes Swain will run as soon as things get too dangerous. And "Garden protectors" being an obvious reference to their organization name.

Also, while most people assumed that the coded message Leblanc wrote was for the Vayne issue, there's no reason why it couldn't of been a reply to both.

So, what do you guys think?

Jaykoboy 11-12-2011 01:05 AM

Raise them higher means 'gets them to a higher government position.'

DetectiveCactus 11-12-2011 01:07 AM

This was already discussed to death on another thread, but it's not on the first page, so go figure.

I believe that the mail was indeed what it was: a fan letter. The lore team simply liked the idea of coded message and made a witty reply. Thus, I don't think what "ZaineDraconis" wrote or implied should be considered canon. That leaves LeBlanc's reply, and it doesn't contain much -- the Black Rose is trying to take over Noxus, yadayada, nothing we didn't know about yet.

That notwithstanding, I wouldn't be surprised if either Swain or LeBlanc betrays one another after the Kalamanda incident. To quote from another champion's bio -- both of them knows the stakes of their arrangement.

Also, while you're at secret messages, there is another one hidden in the first article of Issue 28...

MYRealSlimShady 11-12-2011 01:15 AM

A conspiracy within a conspiracy... inception!

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