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Veigar 11-07-2011 12:20 PM

I want your Dominion thoughts and impressions!
Hi guys, we've been talking internally and throwing some ideas around about how we want to tweak Dominion and I just wanted to drop by to get some of your guys' raw feedback on what you'd like to see!

Some things I'd be particularly interested in hearing about would be:

-What are your impressions of the balance on Dominion? (If you're a serious player that's gearing up for competitive Dominion, I especially want to hear from you!)

-What is your biggest pet peeve about Dominion?

-Are there any players out there who now play exclusively Dominion?

-Thoughts from players who tried Dominion and feel like it just isn't their cup of tea. Are there any particular reasons that stand out? Fixable (wink wink) reasons?

ActionButlerGO 11-07-2011 12:24 PM

Honestly, I think the balance on Dominion is pretty solid. Yes, some champs are stronger than others (Rammus, Hiemer, Poppy, to name a few), so there may be some room for alterations to the global buffs, but I stand by my assertion that champs should not be changed for Dominion. The one thing that I would like to see happen, which I have mentioned in a different thread, is a complete overhaul of the items. I think a lot of the balance issues that people have with Dominion could be fixed if we weren't using SR items anymore. This would be a lot of extra work, yes, but it's something I've been kicking around in the back of my head for a while now.

I've got no real pet peeves since the last scoring overhaul. I think points are distributed pretty fairly at this point and that the rubberbanding has been seriously toned down, both of which were definitely necessary. Like others, though, I'd love to see ranked Dominion in the near future.

As a side, note, though, something really does have to be done in terms of afk's/dc's. One person can ruin the game if they go afk or dc. I'm not sure what steps Riot could take in regards to this, but harsher punishments for afk players, at least, needs to be considered.

And, yes, I do, for all practical purposes, play Dominion exclusively. It is a goofy amount of fun, creates significantly less stress than SR, and feels so much less restricted (by its lack of a concrete meta). I still like SR, I just don't have the time for it.

EDIT: I take back my pet peeves comment. People need to see our Dominion wins alongside our SR wins in the client. As it is, in things like the friends list, you only see SR wins. If Riot is serious about Dominion, that needs to change.

EDIT 2: In terms of balance, some champs are always going to be better suited for Dominion than others. Heimer is always going to be a strong pick on Dominion no matter what happens (short of removing his turrets, in which case, he is no longer Heimer). Rammus will also always be a strong pick thanks to his speed. Jax and Akali are strong picks on Summoner's Rift and on Dominion because they are strong champs. What I am trying to say is, like Summoner's Rift, some champs just excel at Dominion. I think it's funny to see so many Summoner's Rift players complain about how they always see Jax/Akali/Rammus/Shaco/Heimer/Poppy on Dominion. Is that any different from Akali and Cait on Summoner's Rift? Never mind the fact that I see champs on Dominion that I have never seen on Summoner's Rift before (Eve/Twitch).

Do changes need to be made? Again, yes, probably. Do they need to be made immediately? Meh, it wouldn't hurt. Is Dominion nothing but games of Jax/Akali/Rammus/Shaco/Heimer/Poppy? Not even sort of. I can't remember the last time I saw Poppy in-game. There was a week and a half where Rammus was absent. Jax is only as good as the player and, contrary to popular belief, is not auto-win.

Edit 3: One last pet peeve. I am, if we are being honest, pretty disappointed with the lack of Red posts in the Dominion forums. I was thrilled to see this thread (and thrilled to see the response it has gotten), but you guys need to pay more attention to this corner of the forums. It's kind of like my comment about seeing Dominion scores beside SR scores. If you want Dominion to be taken seriously (and I sincerely hope that you do, because I love it) you need to remember that we are here and advertise to other players that we prefer Dominion to Classic mode.

jars 11-07-2011 12:27 PM

AP casters have problems on dominion and I'm pretty sure it is because AD champs got a bunch of new items to play with and casters got jack ****. The caster itemization is very lacking I find it much harder to have an item plan on dominion than I do in SR. You don't have a single mana+ap option besides RoA and AA both of which need to be charged up. melee champions don't need a single mana item either and I really feel like it's a big issue for casters.

biggest pet peeve is poppy. she is not fun to play against

I play only dominion because it takes the stress out of needing to have a good lane phase so you can go straight to dunking on people. being on the losing side of a top lane is pretty much the least fun you can have in this game

we need ranked

Zavy 11-07-2011 12:28 PM

-What are your impressions of the balance on Dominion? (If you're a serious player that's gearing up for competitive Dominion, I especially want to hear from you!)
There are some champions that seem to stand out as having an advantage due to the quick scaling, but as they say... if you can't beat them, join them. ;-) I like that the map encourages mobility and faster game play and more easily allows you to exploit (use?) line of sight and fog of war.

-What is your biggest pet peeve about Dominion?
Ugh. Backdooring. It's not that it's possible that I have the biggest issue with, it's that not enough people know how to handle it. You get a MF who's dedicated to backdooring your team, and you have people coming from all over the map to try to stop her, as opposed to just letting the one person that's closest. This leaves your points less defended, you don't push as hard, etc.

(Edit: Another pet peeve is the number of leavers in the game. I'm guilty of having to go AFK to help the G/F with one thing or another... and it's staggering how quickly the tides can turn... but I always come back. I don't disconnect, I generally try to fight after having someone as a leaver on my team... but the frequency with which leavers happen is staggering.)

-Are there any players out there who now play exclusively Dominion?
I haven't touched a TT or SR match since Dominion went live. And in fact, I've gone from level 24 to 29.5 since Dominion has been out. =D

-Thoughts from players who tried Dominion and feel like it just isn't their cup of tea.
This isn't me. =)

(As a side note, even the longest game of Dominion is generally shorter than the shortest game of SR, which I really like. I like not having to dedicate an hour to a game which allows me more freedom to get games in.)

Hobocop 11-07-2011 12:30 PM

1. Balance in Dominion seems relatively good, aside from some outliers such as Poppy and Yorick, which are probably issues with their current designs rather than anything specifically involving Dominion. They're not impossible to play against, but are disproportionately obnoxious to counterplay against compared to most of the roster. Fancy new Dominion-specific itemization for AP characters is also lacking, with Hextech Sweeper being the only notable addition.

2. Personal score is my pet peeve, as it seems to have no real purpose and still doesn't accurately reflect the most beneficial actions of players towards victory. Really grinds on the nerves when people point towards personal score as a reason why they were a credit to the team when their overall strategy speaks otherwise.

3. I pretty much exclusively play Dominion now. Between time constraints and disillusionment with SR's current meta, I just don't have the time for extensive sessions of SR.

Blackfire447 11-07-2011 12:33 PM

Love it, I play it almost exclusively now.

-I feel some champs do scale far too easily (Akali,Poppy,Jax,SION) but since you can pick them yourself, or ban them, its not a huge issues,tho needs to be addressed, and I find some champs useless (Mundo,Vlad) but overall the balance is pretty good right now.

-Pet peeve is Rammus, find his very annoying to play against, even if he doesn't BD, he just stands there and destoys anyone who is AD without losing any hp...

-Aside from ARAM, I only play dominion now.

EDIT:Also find Shaco very annoying, would add him to my pet peeve list as well...

TokinPrez 11-07-2011 12:33 PM

Hello! Glad to see a red posting here for feedback <3

I have close to 400 total Dominion games played, have been playing LoL since beta and have not gone back to Summoners Rift since Dominion beta hit.

I personally really enjoy the faster pace and greater focus on PvP that Dominion brings and I also disagree with many that Dominion lacks skill but rather it has emphasis on other key points and concepts. You will also notice many of the "haters" who talk bad about Dominion, or lack of skill or broken champs have under 20 games played many with less then 10.

1) My balance impressions is that the game mode is new and still finding itself. We went from tanky dps to assassins and now we are seeing a large influx of mage dominated teams. If says anything it is that Dominion is finding itself and that also all these champion types seem to have a place on Dominion which goes against what many thought early on.

Some champions may indeed be to much, same with SR or any game involving champions or classes and to nerf top champs and make meta changes only places another champ in their spot.

So I feel the greater question are any champions down right broken on Dominion?

Rammus is close simply because he is capable of nearly capping top turret before the other team can respond which is a major game changer, to much so and when combined with the rest of his kit you have an overall problem.

Heimerdinger is also borderline, his ability to just sit on a point and push out lanes with little effort can be a bit much.

Jax simply scales to well and to easily making him just a beast by anyone who has enough xp using him in the past.

Other top tier champs I think are fine, strong sure, ban picks yes but not broken or ruining the game.

Overall I find balance to be good and more flexible than SR, there are very few champions I feel do not contribute on Dominion and when it comes to champion types they all fit in nicely even supports which I thought at first would be horrible.

2) My biggest pet peeve would be perhaps some looking into summoner spells balance on Dominion, some are amazing some need work. Really though I am happy with things so far.

3) My girlfriend and I only play Dominion now and many of our friends on LoL mostly only play Dominion as well.

Primanocte 11-07-2011 12:39 PM


Originally Posted by VeigarTheHorrible (Hozzászólás 16943231)

-What are your impressions of the balance on Dominion? (If you're a serious player that's gearing up for competitive Dominion, I especially want to hear from you!)

Balance is awful. Some champs simply aren't even viable (Nasus, Morde) while others are so blatantly OP you really need 10+ bans to even come close to covering all the OP champs.


-What is your biggest pet peeve about Dominion?
5 or 4 capping ends up hurting you more than helping you, which is counter intuitive. The best strat (only strat) is still to cap three and sit on them. Capping more than that only stretches your team too thin and subjects you to backdooring.


-Are there any players out there who now play exclusively Dominion?
No one I know. All my friends and I avoid it like the plague.


-Thoughts from players who tried Dominion and feel like it just isn't their cup of tea. Are there any particular reasons that stand out? Fixable (wink wink) reasons?
Tried it pretty extensively. Its just poorly thought out. All champs are balanced for 5v5, and fights in Dominion are rarely 5v5. It makes fighting an exercise in frustration because you can't deny XP/Gold/Levels to that Jax or Tryndamere.

Another problem is that in some games there simply isn't enough fighting. I've won games before without scoring a single kill. That is boring.

Then you have the strategy. Its cap 3 and defend. Every game. Thats it. Strategy would be better if only one node was by each team's spawn points and 3 nodes straddled the middle of the map at the top, middle and bottom.

Honestly, its a pretty embarrassingly bad addition to the game and Riot wasted way too much time and resources on it.

Rectifier 11-07-2011 12:41 PM

You realize how balanced dominion is when you see the same champions in every match.

Such as:


Hugo Mann 11-07-2011 12:46 PM

I've been more or less exclusively playing dominion since it was released. I have a ton of fun with it!

Now that sank in, right?

Time for the bad. First off there are some champs that you NEED to first pick/first ban.

Just a few of said champs off the top of my head: Rammus, Shaco, Heimerdinger, Yorick, Jax, Poppy.

These champs either through something inherently OP in their kit (OP on dominion, not SR) or the certainty of getting built can take over and completely own a game. Now, if you're hinting at ranked dominion games soon, you're gonna have to give us 6 bans. No, really, 6 bans please.

My biggest pet peeve is how certain classes of champs are inherently stronger on dominion. AP casters feel ok I suppose but they need a nudge in the right direction. The only current roles for AP casters is to solo bot and the occasional fringe case up with the 4 top (think LeBlanc.) The problem is that the cooldowns feel REALLY unsatisfying. You're essentially a sitting duck without much recourse for X amount of time. With an AD champ you have your auto attacks to rely on, or if you're playing a tank you can just sit on the point and shift+4 all day while they weigh the pros and cons of tower diving you.

My best suggestion would be either a different CDR cap for dominion or global CDR through the map's aura.

Those things aside it really is fun. I look forward to ranked opening up on it.

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