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Piranha Petunia 09-28-2009 11:46 AM

List Your Generic Rune Pages
So, unless you only every play one character, you need your rune pages to be pretty generic or you risk taking a useless one for a new char.

What do your generic rune pages consist of?

Mine are not finished, and are just here as an example of what I'm looking for. I leave comments below them to let people know what I have in mind for the build.

13 Armor Pen, 29% Crit Dmg, 3% Crit Chance, .86 Health Regen/5
Quints are Armor Pen. Reds are Furor with one Crit chance, cant decide if I want them to stay crit damage or not. The rest of the stats are just speckled around. I was in the process of remaking this, and then got lazy (DAMN YOU RUNE COMBINER), and just left it alone.

6.5 Health Regen/5, 2 Health Regen/5 at 18, 175 Health at 18
I just started building this one and don't have all the runes for it yet, so if it looks incomplete, that's because it is. I don't stack MR or Armor because those to me are specialized stats. It would be a waste to stack a ton of armor and have to worry about 1 Melee and 4 casters. That's just my opinion.

5.2 Health Regen/5, 2.0 Health Regen at 18, 29 AP at 18, 5.48% Cooldowns
Another one I'm not sure of. Health regen is good for staying in the lane longer in the early game, thats why i take it. The rest is obvious, just can't decide what I should sacrifice, if anything, to get more cooldown reduction.

FuzzeWuzze 09-28-2009 01:02 PM

My most generic is probably my full mana regen + Cooldown/level blue runes.

There are very few heroes which do not benefit from more mana regen and much lower cooldowns(when stacked with the Utility mastery tree), pretty much every caster and a lot of ranged/melee even benefit from it.

Khrane 09-28-2009 01:10 PM

I've got one for crit damage everywhere except flat health in quints; Health/lvl in red and yellow, cooldown reduc in blues, and flat health quints; and AP/level in everything but flat health quints.

I use the health/CD almost exclusively, though.

Istar 09-28-2009 01:30 PM

1. For sneaky types
20 AP
5.27% cooldowns
2.2 Mana regen
4.5% move speed

2. Caster types - (still trying to work this one out, it's a bit bad)
1.7 Health regen, +6 regen at 18
15 ability power
8.3% crit chance
3.4 mana regen

3. "I want you to hurt" (stacked with a build to reduce cooldowns and buying life steal and crit gear)
47% crit dmg
6.06% Cooldown reduction.

1 I use the most, 2 I hardly use and 3 I've not tried properly.

SlyGoat 09-28-2009 02:04 PM

Crit damage:

All crit damage. For every physical DPS.

I could probably sacrifice the 15% granted by the seals and glyphs for something like regeneration, but I probably won't.


For killing neutrals from level 1. Most of my junglers can kill dragon at 4-5 with this.

Quints are +HP

Seals are HP/level

Marks are armor penetration

Glyphs are flat -cooldown.


For pretty much every non-dps non-jungler.

Glyphs and quints are -cooldown/level, marks and seals are +mana/level.

I actually find a full page of +mana/level to be a good substitute for this on some casters, particularly Ryze. With an Archangels, a full page of mana/level gives more AP than a full page of AP/level IIRC.

SG GodFlow 09-28-2009 02:09 PM

+8.3% Crit Chance; +175 HP at level 18; +9.1 Magic Penetration; +78 HP

Master Yi/Twitch/etc.:
+35% Crit Damage; +1.4% Crit Chance(new patch won't let me see all of my Furor runes); +13 Armor Penetration

+51% Crit Damage; +1.4% Crit Chance

Chai 09-28-2009 02:14 PM

Pure Crit: 20%
Pure Crit Dmg: 55% Crit Dmg
Pure Deso + Crit %: 33 Armour Deso + 6% crit?

SlyGoat 09-28-2009 02:15 PM


Originally Posted by Shido (Hozzászólás 153982)
+8.3% Crit Chance; +175 HP at level 18; +9.1 Magic Penetration; +78 HP

Master Yi/Twitch/etc.:
+35% Crit Damage; +1.4% Crit Chance(new patch won't let me see all of my Furor runes); +13 Armor Penetration

+51% Crit Damage; +1.4% Crit Chance

But those aren't generic.

Also you're insane for not using a full page of +mana/level on Ryze ;)

Istar 09-28-2009 04:45 PM

Isn't it better to use the crit marks than mana marks? .21 mana per is dire, but the extra ~8% crit is nice.

SmecssRaege 09-28-2009 07:26 PM

3 trees for 3 purposes

Tank/NonCrit DPS'ers(IE: Twitch, Warwick, Alistar, Amumu, Jax)
-~- If im intending to play jax i swap yellow/quints to dodge
20 armor penetration (desolation marks)
15mp5 @18 (clarity glyphs)
180hp @18 (vitality seals)
118hp @ 1 (fortitude quints)

Casters (IE: annie, veigar, AP kayle, morgana)
-14.82% cooldowns (ALL focus)

Critical DPS'ers (IE: gangplank, my melee evelynn build, ashe, yi, tryndamere)
-~- If im intending to play tryndamere i swap glyphs for -% cooldown/lvl *celerity*
40% crit damage (furor quint/marks)
180hp @18 (vitality seals)
15mp5 @18 (clarity glyphs)

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