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That Other Guy 11-06-2011 10:16 AM

enemy Fiddlesticks always = loss for my team
Every time I get into a game and the other team has a Fiddlesticks jungler we lose, usually badly. It's gotten to the point where I have to insist he be banned every game.

I see 2 problems with him currently:

1. His Terrify. Usually when I see him it's already too late to get away from it and it lasts for 3 seconds; if you don't have tenacity or are a squishy champion you're pretty much guaranteed to die. Other junglers most of the time require assistance from the laner to keep the target from escaping before they can be killed unless they're low health.

2. His Crowstorm. I don't have a problem with the ability itself, but the problem is that he can Crowstorm from out of sight and flash right on top of you and fear you. He shouldn't be able to cast spells during Crowstorm.

N0vaFlame 11-06-2011 10:26 AM

1. compare his terrify to rammus' taunt. Terrify has longer range. Taunt actually DOES SOMETHING other than just a no damage cc, and can force you to follow him away from your tower, as well as deal damage to yourself. also, the shorter range isn't really an issue, because rammus can get in range so easily with Q.

2. flash has a very long cooldown, and unless he uses flash you can see the "dread" debuff on yourself long before he appears.
Also, flash nerf already incoming.

its all me 11-06-2011 10:27 AM

He actually requires some skill, just saying

RadiantPyrophore 11-06-2011 10:45 AM


Originally Posted by its all me (Hozzászólás 16898312)
He actually requires some skill, just saying

Other than placement, not really, it's the same combo every time, with the silence either at the end to ward off revenge or at the beginning to pop BV.

The problem I see at the moment with Fidds is, they are in the process of nerfing everyone else's lane sustain, but they have not yet nerfed his. Atm his sustain is a bit op considering the other things he gets in his package.

Flipsy 11-06-2011 10:54 AM

Everyone that says "not really" has only played against semi-good Fiddlesticks. I'd hate to play against you as Fiddlesticks, you'd be crying at the 20 minute mark because your surrender vote failed 3/2. He's not OP. His Terrify at 3 seconds should only be 2 because good players should be getting Tenacity. On top of that, I personally see Terrify as a defensive skill more than an offensive skill because of the fact that without his fear that does no damage, he's as good as dead. His fear needs to be minimum rank 4 with his opponents having no Tenacity in order to be supah effective, so...yeah.

N0vaFlame 11-06-2011 11:10 AM

Also, he can only fear one person, and unless he's absurdly lucky, he can't silence your entire team. If a fiddle ever gets off more than 1-2 seconds of drain in a teamfight, you're doing it wrong.

NinjaGypsy Kitty 11-06-2011 11:18 AM

Its jungling isn't the fastest or most efficient, but it's a very strong ganker especially during early game due to Drain doing hefty damage and you cannot possibly retaliate against a Fiddle gank unless you have an interupt ability (stun/silence).

Then its gank evolves to a destructive and annoying CC-er with 3 seconds Fear and possible multiple Silences along with a damaging ultimate that splits the enemy teams.

Without a well co-ordinated team, Crowstorm will scatter your team, allowing enemies to pick off retreating allies one by one thus winning every team fights. This is probably the reason why Fiddlesticks is so successful in Normals and Solo Qs.

I personally very much dislike Fiddlesticks, only because it looks dirty and disgusting. But know that correct ward placements, good Clairvoyance timing and team communication is key against any champions. QSS is also a very good item against Fiddle if you dont want to rely on team mates most of the time. If you have solid CCs or knock-back abilities (Headbutt, Dragon's Rage or Condemn etc) save them for Crowstorms during team fights.

TheCajungreg 11-06-2011 11:30 AM

I treat fiddle the same way I treat any other assassin, ward bushes and the other side of walls to prevent his surprise parties, buy a QSS for his fear and its gg.

Penny Die 11-06-2011 11:49 AM

Without coordination vs. a decent jungle fiddlesticks (or even a lane fiddlesticks) your team is probably screwed, sorry. But if you can manage to piece together some form of teamwork and synergy then you should be able to handle him.

The way I see it there are basically two ways to successfully deal with Crowstorm:

Method 1 involved CC'ing him as soon as he appears (a hard CC would be best) and then retreating until it wears off, note that you should only do this in situations where your team won't be losing members while running. After retreating re-initiate the fight before crowstorm can come off cool down.

Method 2 is to CC fiddlesticks as soon as he appears with crowstorm, and then burst him down ASAP, this works especially well with burst assassins/caster like LeBlanc and Akali. You should never attempt this if your team is having troubles committing around Crowstorm, without a hard CC (silence or better) and focused burst their team will kill the people who do commit and then move on to the rest of your team.

But what if your team has trouble committing in adverse conditions, or can't escape their team even after the CC/tactical retreat move? Then your team is probably uncoordinated, and I can't help you with that (sorry). When faced with this ultimatum however, there is a better choice, you should stay and fight. Convince your team to try to CC and then focus fiddle down, crowstorm has 0 DPS if the caster is dead, after that move on to the rest of their team.

TL;DR: The best defense from crowstorm is to kill fiddle EXTREMELY QUICKLY, if you can't pull that off you should attempt to escape it, if you can't pull that off you will probably lose.

FreestyleKneepad 11-06-2011 04:28 PM

Fiddle's fear is long the same way Rammus' taunt is long- it's three seconds that feel like five because this a game where every split-second counts.

Also, wards save lives. Just saying.

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