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Theophilusophical 09-27-2009 11:57 PM

[Guide] Master Yi Jungle (level 1)
Seems people want a play by play Yi Jungle guide and I haven't seen on yet. I frequently get flamed at the start of the game for even trying it but that usually doesn't last long. This was going to be a quick thoughtless guide but it's taken over an hour now so I'm removing that... it's still mostly thoughtless though so feel free to correct me :)
---------------------Summoner Abilities and Rune Pages---------------------
Summoner abilities: 31/0/9 getting imp smite, imp rally, and 1 of the buff
Runes: Dozens of variations work but I use:
Red: Desolation
Quint: Desolation
Yellow: Dodge
Blue: Mix of Furor and Resilience
---------------------Step-By-Step Master Yi Jungle Guide---------------------
1. Buy the green pot and 5 health pots then go to the lizard spawn on your side
2. ((1st Skill Point Alpha Strike))
3. 1:38 drink your green pot, alpha strike a small guy immediately drop your rally flag, start killing the lizard and smite him (twitch click it all) finish off the little guys and wait for rally to finish healing you to full (hopefully)
4. kill the caster spawn targeting the big guy with alpha strike and killing him first, drink a health pot
5. ((2nd Skill Point Wuju Style))
6. Run across the center lane straight to the golemn and wait until your smite has 10 seconds left on the cd.
7. Open with alpha on a little guy and swing at it once, then swing at the other little guy once (your lizard buff should finish them off) then target the golemn finishing him off with smite as soon as it's up. Drink a health pot if you need it (you probably will)
8. ((3rd Skill Point Alpha Strike))
9. backtrack to the giant/wolf camp adjacent to you and kill it with an alpha strike then run across the river to the casters, drink a health pot if you need it.
10. kill the caster spawn targeting the big guy with alpha strike and killing him first, pot up if you need to
11. ((4th Skill Point Wuju Style))
12. Kill the giant/wolf spawn on the side of the lane adjacent to the lizard
13. Kill the lizard spawn chugging a pot (they stack up behind each other so don't worry if your last pot isn't finished yet) and opening with alpha strike. Again target a little guy and finish both of them off with 1 additional hit then let your last lizard buff finish them (should have 2-3 seconds of that buff left) and finish the lizard off with your smite then port back to base.
14. From here every game will vastly change.... you're on your own.

15. I usually get a couple pots then an attack speed sword (and cloth armor if you're going madred's route).
16. I start over next my lizard hitting the casters with alpha
17. Then the side lane giant/wolf...
18. Then their golemn...
19. Then the giant/wolf near their golem and either come back through either lane for a quick kill or port back, or hit the serpent with my ult and wuju and Rally..
20. Buy another green elixir and build your boots.

---------------------Master Yi Gameplay (even if you're not jungling imo---------------------
Early Jungle Notes:
Keep your eyes on the lanes at all times, you can do this since you're doing a lot of auto attacking. If enemies are missing you need to be careful.... Likewise you can nab really easy kills with Alpha Strike and a few swings of wuju style with the lizard buff. Ganks starting at level 3 once you have the golemn and lizard buff are recommended if possible. DO NOT waste time ganking if it's not going to work, if it's a risk... just leave it. You win late game every time, don't risk it now.

If they have a jungle then realize who it is and be careful. Obviously Mundo/Malphite/Fiddle will start with their golemn meaning they'll be going to their 2nd side right after you kill your golemn... in this case you can peek at their casters and get lucky sometimes otherwise port back early and go back through your own jungle looking more fervently for opportunities to gank. Constantly call out where there jungle is to your team, once you're familiar with spawn rates you'll know by the empty camps you find about where he is. DO NOT attempt to kill any of their jungle heros until you're about 10-11, just not wise.... most other jungles get heal which is a huge advantage over you 1v1. They're also just plain better than you early on, you'll kill them out later.

Mid Game Notes:
Your ult is a silly fast cd, especially if you have the golemn buff. Try to save it for hero kills but at 6 you should be able to gank a lane with alpha and lizard buff for a kill or send them back to base. Ideally AFTER that you can pop wuju and your ult for a quick tower kill. More or less repeat this in all lanes. Think of towers like big dumb heroes, if you see one alone 'gank' it. Keep farming the jungle nonstop, mostly the golemn/lizard/serpent. The buffs stack behind each other so you can get 2 lizard and 2 golemn buffs, it's just irritating that when the first wears off the countdown timer is frozen so you won't know when the 2nd is going until it's gone. It's silly no real penalty for deaths in this game, it lets you farm up into their woods then virtually suicide for a tower kill and you're back up with your gold buying in no time, typically worth it. (later into the game the timer penalty negates this)

Late Game Notes:
Stay with the team, in the back. Let someone else initiate, then run in and pwn. Running around back and Alpha striking from weeds is always good too (ps, you still NEVER initiate). Once you're in the fray target the squishiest one first so you can repop your ult AND Wuju style immediately. Chase runner with ONE Alpha strike, if that's not enough leave it. I'd say 50% of my deaths are killing three then dying because I ran too far ahead of my team to kill the last two and they have stuns/snares.... You need the team, never forget it. Never.

The Baron can be had with boots/phantom/stark's/madred's, and elixir/lizard buff/rally.... earlier if you have help.
---------------------Skill Selection---------------------
Skills are easy:
Max Highlander first
Max Alpha to level 4
Max Wuju to level 5
He's got one other skill I think........
---------------------Item Selection---------------------
Items are easy:
Green Elixir (I keep one up all game... mathematically you're only behind at the 19 minute mark, before that you're on par with buying items... after 20 minutes you have the gold to spare)
Emblem of Valor and Zeal
Berserker Greaves
Stark's Fervor
**Conditional** Wit's End if they have casters
**Conditional** Madred's if they have tanks or Last Whisper/Black Cleaver
**Conditional** Infinity Edge against a balanced team
---------------------Special Enemy Summoner/Hero Notes---------------------

On game start pay extremely close attention to heroes and summoner abilities. With the exception of Fiddlesticks you can see a jungle by smite/heal/rally... Fiddle can take anything he wants. Also look for flash, don't waste your ult on those players with early ganks. Any Heals you see are possible targets but take that into account, don't overcommit under a tower only to swear when they heal.

--Heroes you have issues with--
Anyone that can stun you and kill you before it's over. Teams or pairs can do this but only a few can solo you throughout the game... be wary of them, but if thier stun/snare is on cd you can 2-3 shot them easy.

--Heroes you can kill--
Everyone else

--Heroes that make you angry--
Jax (sorry, while you should win every 1v1 match his dodge/stun combo will ensure he gets away, every time, every EVERY time, it sucks)

Don't cry if this doesn't work, here are the variables you're up against:
1. The neuts can crit you.
2. You can fail to crit them.
3. You can fail to dodge any hits.
4. You can fail to doublestrike.
5. Alpha Strike can fail at it's bonus damage.
6. A 2nd jungle hero certainly affects this, just play it safe. You CANNOT take any other jungle hero this early in the game, sorry, just play it safe.

If you're feeling lucky you can start at thier lizard and then kill that 'quadrant', then your golemn 'quadrant', then your lizard 'quadrant', then thier golemn 'quadrant' before you port back to base. I've done it in a practice game but couldn't duplicate it even when I tried tweaking my runes a bunch.... overall the step by step guide is both safe and dependable even if you're slightly unlucky, if you're lucky that's great, you can either save some pots for later or gank a lane before you port.

"Why no damage items you noob?!" Armor reduction gives you damage as does attack speed and life steal gives you burst survivability and farming endurance. Yi is the ONLY carry you SHOULD build this way, because he's the only one that has a chance to doublestrike. Eventually with most hero's the calculation quickly shows that adding 10 damage per swing is better than swinging once more every x seconds. Yi however not only has a chance to crit, but a chance to double hit and/or double hit on a crit meaning more swings is better (especially if you go madred's)! Also works nicely with the burn dot of the lizard buff which I try to keep all game.

"No life? lol" You're a one hit wonder... get in, kill 1-4 then buzz out before your ult is off or reclick it when it's refreshed to get out. You are not the tank, you don't initiate team battles with alpha strike, you dont' soak up stuns... play smart and you don't need life.

"No slow? Phage -> Mallet give you everything you need noob!" Except you don't need life or a slow. The lizard buff is enough, your movement speed is already about the fastest unless they buy swift boots (barring skills), you can't be slowed when you're killing them, and you don't chase anyways... just kill when you can. Remember you have a team, you don't need to kill them alone.

Ultimately this is a team game, you shouldn't spend gold on items that make you self sufficient (ie life/armor for tankiness or phage/mallet for slows) but instead depend on your team to be there with you. Heals, stuns, snares.... your team will surely have some and if you work together you'll win. If you play this game intending farm up items then roflcopter into thier team with an uber win you need to go back to DotA.

Thanks for reading,
~Crafty One~

Theophilusophical 09-27-2009 11:58 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here are two SS from 4 of my Yi games tonight, reasonably common scores.

You should outlevel dual lanes and be on par or barely ahead/behind solo lanes for most of the game, by mid/late game your kills and jungling should net you a level or two advantage.

You should have most of the building kills and usually most of the hero kills (but not always). It's not uncommon to have a lot of deaths too, you need to play aggressive to push your advantage and sometimes that doesn't work out. Sometimes your team mates aren't there with a stun/heal/snare when you think they are, without flash or heal it's your neck on the line... watch for you team to back and stay behind them.

Have fun :)

Brokk 09-30-2009 06:11 PM

Great guide! I have seen Yi played very similar to this and they not only did well getting kills, but also played well as a team....many Yi players forget that they are part of a team at all, especially ones that jungle.

Theophilusophical 10-01-2009 04:47 PM

OK what the hell? No way this guide is both so good it's not being flamed AND so bad it's not being complimented, so what the hell?

Deadly Paradox 10-01-2009 05:47 PM

How about it's so stupidly annoying with all of your
that no one wants to read it.

Anyhow, I disagree with your play style. I almost always get items in this order:

Meki Pendant
Health Potion x2
Philosopher's Stone
B.F. Sword
Infinity Edge
Last Whisper
Emblem of Valor
Black Cleaver
Stark's Fervor

After this it's over-- if not, you're doing it wrong.

Dyrus 10-02-2009 12:14 AM

Great guide!!!

Although in higher tier games alot of the good yii players get emblem first+greaves then just drink the dex elixer for ganking. But there's alot of different ways to play him.

h4rdcor3 10-02-2009 02:57 PM


Originally Posted by AoWHun7312 (Hozzászólás 161143)
How about it's so stupidly annoying with all of your

Meki Pendant
Health Potion x2
Philosopher's Stone
B.F. Sword
Infinity Edge
Last Whisper
Emblem of Valor
Black Cleaver
Stark's Fervor

After this it's over-- if not, you're doing it wrong.

haha, philosopher's stone. What a worthless waste of gold.

And i like the format. Very easy to read.

Deadly Paradox 10-02-2009 03:50 PM


Originally Posted by h4rdcor3 (Hozzászólás 163607)
haha, philosopher's stone. What a worthless waste of gold.

And i like the format. Very easy to read.

Why you get philosopher on yi:

Health Regeneration to Lane/Jungle
Mana Regeneration to spam Alpha Strike
Periodic extra gold flowing to your pool at 3 minutes in is nothing to laugh at.

kta 10-03-2009 07:13 AM

I'll flame a bit for you.

Not too inclined to take a jungling guide from someone who is the worst farmer on his team (in both screens)

Highborne 10-03-2009 07:21 AM


Jungling generally won't yield MORE creep kills. It yields more exp for all team members and more gold as well.

I have yet to see many junglers get top creep kills without going from jungle to carry.

Essentially there are 31 creeps that are solo-killable before level 18 and massive farming and specific champions.

So assuming a jungler is solo he can get (taking a long time) 30 creeps at the start of the game. This will yield around level 5.

Now, once he hits level 6-7 they generally start to move out and help push a lane or gank. This may give them 10 more creep kills in jungle.

If they push a lane, say the jungler gets 5 creep kills in 2 waves.

That is 45 creep kills. And level 8. By this time the other players (2 solo lanes) have gotten probably around what is it every 15 seconds creep wave is sent with 6-7 creeps. So assuming around the 10 minute mark that means the solo laners have a potential 215 or so creeps to kill. Say they get 1/3 of that...that is 72 creep kills in the same time a jungler got 45, maybe 50-60 if he laned a bit.

By level 18 anyone can 1-2 shot lanes creeps and we can assume most (unless massive ganking) heroes will maintain about the same amount of creep kills except for great pushers like Sivir or Ashe or Corki etc.

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