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Eledhan 10-31-2011 06:55 AM

[Guide] Kog the Magic Voidling
For kicks and giggles and showing how old I really am...


Kog the magic voidling eats things for me,
And chews through all tanky health, with amazing speed,
Kog the magic voidling eats things for me,
And if he fails at chewing things, he explodes himself with glee!
If you can figure out the reference, +1 interwebs!

-Patch Notes
-Pregame Options
-Skill Order
-Primary Items
-Itemization Explanations
-Strategies and Tactics


Patch Notes
Guide up to date as of this patch.


Guide updated for Season 2 mastery and item changes. Also noted how Kog fits into the current Ranged AD / Support bottom lane meta game.

Guide updated - Minor changes including updated information based on my conversations with Warrrax, who has been very helpful in this thread as well as others regarding Kog'Maw strategies.

Guide released.

This guide is on how to play Kog'Maw with an Attack Speed on-hit build for maximum DPS per gold spent for the first 30-45 minutes of the game. If you want to have the most damage late game with max items, you need to take the more traditional AD route. In addition, if your team is following the current meta of Ranged AD bot with support, you will need to run the more traditional AD Kog.

However, if your team has several physical champions and also has a means of keeping you protected, then magic damage proc items can dish out much higher DPS per gold spent until you get to extreme late game. I have had several games where I was late game with this build and completely decimated a higher farmed Caitlyn with crit and lifesteal. I have also done the same to Tryndamere...took him from 100 to 0% before he got me to 75%. Then Singed showed up while Tryn's ult was on...I got the kill with my passive...AFTER taking Singed to 30% as well.

If you do not pay attention to your team's damage structure, you might cause more harm than good. But for those of you who know what you're doing, AS on-hit Kog can be lots of fun, even if it is a bit unorthodox.
Continued in next post...

Eledhan 10-31-2011 06:56 AM

Continued from previous post...


Pregame Options
This section discusses the most viable options for AS Kog'Maw. I will list my preferences first, briefly explain them, then list some good alternatives in case you want to tweak my choices a bit, or you don't have the same runes.


I run a full page of AS runes. Now, some of you might think I'm crazy. That's okay! I think I'm crazy as well sometimes.

But before you flip out, let me explain my logic. The way this build works, he scales best with AS. MBR's proc, W's proc, and the other on-hit item procs are more effective the faster Kog attacks. So, I'm going to just post that I use AS, and I'll compare the other options below, as well as why I feel they aren't as useful as the AS runes are.

Mark Comparison
Viable Marks are Mpen, Apen, and AD.

Mpen is quite helpful, but only after I've built enough DPS items to make up for the missed AS and also the magical damage will not be very high early on. I find that the AS runes are more effective for this play style, but if you like to utilize his abilities about as much as his auto attacks, you might enjoy swapping the Mpen.

Apen and AD have no place in an AS build for Kog. None of his abilities scale enough on AD to matter, and none of them deal physical damage, making Apen marks even more useless. This is NOT true if you are building AD Kog, but since that's not the goal of this guide, I see no point in using these runes. There MIGHT be something to be said for easier last-hitting, but I think you'll find with AS runes, you will be able to CS no problem due to the very quick attack animations.

Seal Comparison
Viable Seals are Armor, Mp5 per level, Hp5, and Health per level

I find little use for Mp5 seals on Kog. I know how to manage my mana, and I rarely use it unless I want to poke at my opponent a bit. But if that's not successful, I'll just use mana to ensure last hits if I'm having an off game.

As for Armor, health, or regen seals, I find that my range keeps me out of physical harass and my starting items (boots & 3 pots) keeps my HP topped off just fine for the early game. After that, these seals become less relevant since I'll be getting some armor with Madred's, and Hp5 isn't fast enough to matter late game, and Health is going to come from Frozen Mallet.

Glyph Comparison
Viable Glyphs are MR, CDR, AP, Mpen, Mp5

Although Mpen is quite useful on Kog, I don't feel it's worth trading the AS for.

As for the Mp5, CDR, and AP...Kog doesn't benefit much from CDR, as his W is up most of the time, and his abilities don't scale enough off of AP without investing more into the stat (which the item set I use doesn't do). If you're running out of mana, try to get Blue for poking with ult, otherwise, you should just focus auto attacking.

MR runes are not a bad choice at all. The problem is, Wit's End is a great solution for any MR needs you might have early game. At the start of a game, you shouldn't have issues with casters, since they typically can't do much against you until they are level 6 or so. Therefore, you are better off using runes that will enhance your DPS and cover the MR with a mid-game item (Wit's) that you want to get anyway.

Quints Comparison
Viable Quints are AD, Apen, Mpen, AP, Hp5, and MS.

Just like the other rune categories, AD, Apen, Mpen, AP, HP, and Hp5 are either not needed early game, or scale off too bad later, making AS a better choice here.

Move Speed, however, might not be a bad idea. It's really kind of a toss up, though, since many times you'll be standing still as you just unload shot after shot on your targets due to your range. If you prefer more mobility on your ranged champs instead of DPS, then by all means, grab them!

I like to use a 21/x/x setup, linked below.


You should determine whether you want defensive or utility masteries for the other 9. I have found both to be useful.

Summoner Spells
These are preference based on your play style, but I have 2 that I swear by...

This is your most valuable means of staying alive...it also lets you close the gap at the very last second before you die so you can have a better chance of landing your passive for a kill. You can escape, chase, dodge, and position with this spell. It's just too good!

This is the perfect spell in combination with your Q for any assassins that try to jump on you. Exhaust them and watch their DPS drop significantly while you are dealing enhanced damage to them. This spell scales well all game long, and actually is better late game when you can prevent a hyper carry auto attacker from decimating your team's HP.

Alternative spells for Kog would be Cleanse, Ghost, Heal, Ignite, and Teleport.

Skill Order
I take W first, and max it ASAP. I grab a point in E at level 2 so I have a slow in case I get a chance to chase for an early kill. I put a point into Q at 4. After that, I focus on R and W first, followed by Q if I am facing a bunch of highly mobile champs who can simply avoid E. Otherwise, I go with E after R & W because the slow is quite potent at higher levels and might save you or your team, or nab that running champion with a well-placed puke!

Basically, either go...
R > W > E > Q for a stronger slow and clearing stacked minion waves faster
R > W > Q > E for higher DPS on a single target as well as more ARM & MR reduction
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Eledhan 10-31-2011 06:57 AM

Continued from previous post...


Primary Items
The following item list contains the items that you should be building when playing Kog'Maw as an on-hit auto attacker. These items are in the preferred purchase order, with only a few deviations/alternatives. The reason there are so few optimal choices is because Kog's W scales with AS so much that you are essentially making your decisions based on which AS items are best, and they have been narrowed down to 3 non-boot items...Malady, Wit's End, and Madred's Bloodrazor. Here's the ideal buying order for your core items.

Boots of Speed & 3 Health Potions
Malady / Wit's End
Berserker's Greaves / Sorcerer's Shoes
Wit's End / Malady
Madred's Bloodrazor
Frozen Mallet
Zhonya's Hourglass


Boots of Choice
I prefer Berserker's Greaves for the AS. Others prefer Sorcerer's Shoes for the Mpen. Either one will work just fine for AS Kog, but you might not hit top AS with the Sorc's Shoes. Sorc's Shoes are great if you like to utilize Mpen marks and your abilities, since all of this will stack VERY well with Malady.

Malady / Wit's End
Choosing which one of these to get first is entirely dependent on what you're facing and how you're doing in lane. If you're doing well, and not threatened by magical damage, get Malady first, since you can buy it in chunks. However, if you are taking Kog mid, he is probably better off with the MR from Wit's. Either way, though, you should be dealing plenty of damage early thru mid game with these two items.

Madred's Bloodrazor
This is the last DPS item you will get in most games. This thing sends your DPS through the roof against ALL targets. Tanks are completely screwed at this point because your AS is roughly 2.4 and you are knocking off 10% or so per attack. Some may say that it's not a full 10% since the magic damage from MBR and your W are reduced by MR, but if you add in the damage from your AD and your other item procs, you are probably making up the vast majority of any mitigated damage.

At this point, you are essentially dealing 50% of the target's total HP in 2 seconds. Now we just need to ensure they stay in range, and that you live long enough to attack for 5 seconds so you can kill them! Which brings us to...

Frozen Mallet
This item grants us a bit more DPS (50 if AS is 2.5) along with a large quantity of HP and a passive slow. This thing turns Kog into a tanky dps that simply cannot be stopped unless you commit a whole lot of resources to killing him. He slows, he damages, and he's beefy at this point in the game. Trying to stop Kog'Maw when he has gotten to this stage of the game is nearly impossible. You can't escape due to the slow. You can't get in close because he'll just exhaust and Q you...further boosting his already insane damage. And you can't burst him with a caster, because he has lots of MR and HP to mitigate any threats from burst champs.

Zhonya's Hourglass
At this point in the game, your opponents will have a hard time dealing with your DPS. Now all you need to do is mitigate the biggest threat to your livelihood late game, which is sustained physical damage from DPS and burst damage. You can do this with one single wondrous item that also enhances all of your damage sources at one time...Zhonya's!

The biggest threat to Kog's survival in team fights is getting hyper focused and exploded within a couple seconds...with Zhonya's you can literally withstand EVERYTHING the enemy team throws at you, and take zero damage. This item counters the very thing that Kog hates...someone like Nocturne ulting past your team to pound on you and kill you before your team can save you. Zhonya's will give you that extra 2 seconds you need for your team to turn and kill Nocturn and then you can all move on to acing the enemy team!

In addition, it gives Kog armor so he can withstand focus from opposing carries or physical tanky DPS like Xin, Noct, Olaf, & Lee. However, Kog should rarely have this issue, since he can kill any other champion faster than they can kill him, unless he gets blasted with chain CC.

Buying Elixirs
Grabbing elixirs is a great idea later in the game when you don't have any more item slots. I would buy Red > Green > Blue if you don't have enough to get all 3. Prior to late game, your 250 per elixir is probably better spent on the next item component since they are so cheap. Getting an Oracles on Kog is great because it discourages stealth assassins from trying to kill you since they can't get in, stealth, and get out after killing you.
Continued in next post...

Eledhan 10-31-2011 06:58 AM

Continued from previous post...


Strategies and Tactics
This section will provide some general tips for playing Kog at all stages of the game. I define early game as the time during which teams have their first row of towers still alive, and only the junglers (and maybe mid) are ganking side lanes. Mid game is essentially once one of the first row of towers goes down, and the laning champs start roaming more and there are multiple skirmishes. Late game is once teams start roaming together, pushing towers after 2 or 3 kills, taking Baron, etc.

Early Game
Hopefully you got a solo lane, or a lane with a 0 CS support champion so you can just farm away. Focus on getting your CS, because you will be able to see a much greater return on your investment than your opponents. However, if you are gutsy, you can always try to harass them out of lane as well, even furthering your gold efficiency lead by preventing them from getting as much gold as you.

Once you hit 6, you should start using your ult when you think you can get a hit on your opponent. This can tip the scales in your favor if you are good at it, even against assassins. If you can get their HP too low for them to commit to a fight, you will win your lane, since assassins typically need to melee creeps to get CS. If they run up to CS, just pop W and hit them a few times. I like to spit out E if I can get them with it, and that lets me land even more W procs.

Mid Game
At this point, you should have your Greaves and Malady. Use your AS to harass every chance you get and try to follow up with an ult as much as possible, since their MR will be reduced.

If you are running up against casters, try to get Wit's End as quickly as possible to protect yourself from their damage output. This will allow you to live through their burst long enough to shave away large portions of their HP.

Although you should still be farming, you must be cautious because if you over-extend, you will pay for it dearly. Assassins, a group of two champs, and even a spammy mage (Ryze/Cass) will wipe the floor with you. Try to stick with your team if you are further than a screen or two away from a tower, even if you're in your own jungle.

Late Game
Although you are not Mundo, you can just about go where you please! You should have your full DPS item set, and you will be quite beefy as well. The only thing that's going to hurt you is if you run into multiple enemies at once, but with your scouting from ult, you shouldn't have that problem if you are smart.

In team fights, make sure you are in the middle of your team so if an assassin decides to try to kill you, they have to live through all 5 of you blasting them to pieces. It helps if you have oracles since most assassins have some form of stealth that they can utilize to avoid the retaliation of your team.

If you get the chance to land a few shots on an enemy who wanders too close, do it. Make sure your team knows you're not necessarily initiating, though, because I have had times where I was just poking at the enemy tank, and then my team jumps on him to try to kill him, while completely ignoring the other 4 enemies who are systematically ripping them apart. Meanwhile Singed is running around laughing hysterically! And since Kog is slow, you won't be able to move up quick enough to target the squishies, and then you get accused of focusing the tank....funny how that works, huh?

Anyway, keep in mind that you have Madred's and your W, which are great at taking down Baron. Your team should be able to take Baron in 5 seconds or so if you are there. Therefore, any time you see just one enemy in bottom lane (who doesn't have Teleport), you can run straight to Baron and either force a 4v5 fight that you will win, or take a free Baron...or BOTH!!!
It has been an absolute pleasure to work on this guide. I hope that it has been helpful if you are new to playing Kog'Maw or if you have been looking for a good AS build.

Happy summoning!!!


Aemon Darkstar 10-31-2011 08:35 AM

Maybe actually write the Guide before posting next time?

Nguyensane 10-31-2011 09:03 AM

Good guide. es #1

Eledhan 10-31-2011 09:03 AM


Originally Posted by Aemon Darkstar (Hozzászólás 16616911)
Maybe actually write the Guide before posting next time?

You mad, bro?

I have done this multiple times before, and people love my guides...chill and check back later.

Warrrrax 10-31-2011 09:04 AM


Maybe actually write the Guide before posting next time?
No dummy. With 30 sec inbetween posts, it is almost guaranteed that some idiot like you will post right inbetween the guide.
Hence, best to reserve the 4 slots (takes 2 minutes) and then edit in the guide.

Eledhan 10-31-2011 11:44 AM

Guide Updated

Guide completed

Eledhan 10-31-2011 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by Warrrrax (Hozzászólás 16617900)
No dummy. With 30 sec inbetween posts, it is almost guaranteed that some idiot like you will post right inbetween the guide.
Hence, best to reserve the 4 slots (takes 2 minutes) and then edit in the guide.

Thanks War.

If you'll notice, I updated everything based on my preferred method of playing Koggy as an AS on-hit champ. This build has never lost me a game (unless my team just fed too much in the first 20 minutes for me to carry them out of it) because of the extreme cost-effectiveness of that absurdly high DPS. I'd really like your thoughts on it once you finish reading.

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