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Daegen 06-18-2010 06:54 AM

Daegen's guide to Shaco; Indepth Look on my Approach
Nerfed Shaco 5-6 consecutive times in a row without 1 single buff in any patch... No other champ has endured so much abuse before...

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______


-Updated Standard Build; 10-13-10
-Added Tanker Down Build; 10-13-10
-Updated Turret Destroyer Build; 10-13-10
-Fixed plenty of Errors and Broken Images; 10-13-10

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

-Guide Credentials and Feedback-

"I've got to say, this is one of the most complete and well written guide I've seen around here, very good job ...I've realized how good this guide is and it's perfect in every way, the best Shaco guide I've red."

"I also have to say that this is propably my favourite guide on leaguecraft. Good job!. The builds are viable even after shaco's nerf!!"

"I have based all of my current shaco games on this guide and i must say it is working brilliantly. I recently scored a 20/0/9 score with a completly buffed out shaco due to a sucsessful early/mid following closely to your guide...In closing, a very helpfull guide with a very sucsessful jungling method"

"I used to hate shaco but im buying it because of your guide. Awsome and very detailed guide."

"Just read your guide and I have to tell you it is solely awesome not only for beginner shacos also for mid maybe even pro shacos can learn something."

"Best guide eva! Ur rly good at this! I never thought about Counter-Jungling! Works rly well! And i didnt know that it takes all creeps to die for the buff to respawn. That works rly gr8! I screwed a lot of junglers that way! Tnx man!"

"Daegen, I want to tell you that I made an account just to post this. I went from my standard Fort pot, boots, infin edge, phantom dancer, last whisper to your guide, in terms of items. That alone made me go from mediocre Shaco to a consistently positive-going Shaco. I do a lot better now and it's all thanks to your Guide."
-Ansh Kansara

"Just used your guide for my first shaco game. Went 12-4-12. awesome guide! "

"I honestly have to say this is one of the worst guides on leaguecraft. I don't see why this has so many votes..."

"I see many things wrong with this guide...If you want to be a good shaco then go Ability power." <--- LOL !!!
-Slaughter Hound

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

My Shaco Guide that took me quite some time to create, sorry couldn't post it here, just too much information. I made this guide to help anybody interested to enjoy (in my opinion) the most entertaining champion in all of League of Legends. Enjoy newcomers and Veterans alike =]


Pathard 06-18-2010 07:57 AM

"-As of June 8, 2010, Over 750 Games played As Shaco" Holy ****! I've just been skimming through it since I'm about to leave for work.. but it looks pretty awesome so far. I'll finish it later, but great work from what I've seen!

TheHegemuffin 06-18-2010 08:26 AM

Hey, this is a great guide; I think you cover a lot of the most important points. Just a few minor details / questions, since I recently started playing my Shaco in a manner similar to this...

(1) I feel that in higher ELO play you may be undervaluing Cleanse, EVEN in a jungle build where you're taking Smite and taking Cleanse means that you won't have an offensive or chasing ability. That said, I don't usually build Frozen Mallet and I don't really get HP unless it's a Sunfire, so it may just be that my Shaco is EVEN squishier than yours. However, all the same, I feel that since Shaco is such an opportunist as it is, getting CCed in a crucial moment can very easily screw up a kill, not to mention that CC is pretty much the only danger of getting killed with Shaco if their team is good and goes out of their way to chain CC you. Cleanse just makes it all that much smoother, and with good anticipation + your Deceive and Shiv, cutting off a runner shouldn't be that hard without Ghost.

(2) If you consider the absolute BS (one way to look at it) of Stark's stacking with a clone, don't you think it's a pretty invaluable item in a DPS build, if you're planning to get Emblem anyway and since all the stats are great for him and it's best for your team early? This point is really just an honest question, since I usually rush Stark's now after Madred's Razor + Boots and save Bloodrazor for late game (since the 4% HP will make more difference then and either way I'm buying a Recurve Bow). I'd like to know your experience with it early vs. late.

(3) Frozen Mallet is the only element of this build that is truly new to me, and I'm looking forward to trying it. However, it's also kind of pricey, and I'm just wondering if you've ever tried getting an Aegis on some teams. Again, this may be more effective if you get Stark's earlier, but aurastack is not to be underestimated on a strong team with his clone out.

K, that's it. These are all really minor points and overall I really liked the guide. Looking forward to your response.

Purplz 06-18-2010 11:27 AM

Hey daegen, first of all, i'd like to say that I really enjoyed reading your guide as it's well-written and very comprehensive. However, i have a few things I'd like to ask.

1) Why not get Archaic knowledge? +15% mpen is way more useful than a 2% attack speed boost imo. The 2% speed shouldn't affect your jungling at all.

2) Why Frozen mallet? You're paying 700 gold for a slow when you have a passive/active slow and could easily get liz. If you want more defense, why not go Aegis? The aura stacks with your clone and gives you 540hp, 16dmg and a ton of MR/Armor + an aura for 1300 less gold. You could finish your stark with your spare gold for even more survival(lifesteal)/offense

3) Could you possibly make a spreadsheet with the time it takes you to level to 6 if you're full jungling. It'd be just a reference point for new junglers and would be greatly appreciated :)

Naphtal 06-18-2010 12:06 PM

can you please tell me your jungling order how exactly you do this

DirtyJenkins 06-18-2010 08:39 PM

Can you post a video of jungle shaco? I always seem to be grossly underleveled when I jungle as opposed to lane. And by grossly I mean 5 levels under the solo laners and 1 or 2 under the dual laners.

Daegen 06-18-2010 10:57 PM

Thankyou for your interest in reading my guide. I'll answer all your questions in due time. I'll also include a spreadsheet on my Jungling Process so you can have a good idea of where you are at when you're jungling as well.


Xyril 06-18-2010 11:32 PM

Its daegen! The lotion!

radica 06-19-2010 01:01 AM

I may not be a super pro with Shaco but I think aura shaco is the best route. Also, isn't maxing jitb way better for jungling? I feel that Madreds and Starks are always necessary. I usually go angel after because it just allows Shaco to be a real asset in 5v5 fights.

CTHDRL 06-19-2010 01:07 AM

Why get Frozen mallet? You already have a natural slow; that doesn't stack.

Not to mention that does not really benefit the use of your clone; as you don't really gain double of anything.

You would be much better of getting Guardian's Angel for defense; instead of health IMO.

On SR I can't see any reason to ever deviate from the following items.


There are really no more appropriate items for Shaco for any situation.

Also, +1 for not maxing Q first like a tard.

Shiv FTW.

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