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serisho 10-18-2011 07:12 AM

your vision of the perfect team.
whats your vision of a perfect team?

these are opinions, so give your opinion only.


team 1
tank: alistar
support: sona
caster: anivia
carry: caitlyn
jungler: nocturne
alistar has great cc and an AoE heal.
sona has great buffs + decent heal and amazing ultimate.
anivia has good damage, and many slows/stun.
caitlyn has great damage, and owns middle lane.
nocturne has amazing ganks

team 2
tank: nasus
support: soraka
caster: karthus
carry: vayne
jungler: warwick
nasus is an amazing tank, with decent damage.
soraka has a global heal, strong heal, and mana heal.
karthus has a global attack, great passive, and great damage.
vayne has amazing abilities, stealth, and damage (especially with silver bolts)
warwick is an amazing classic jungler. (decent with ganks, but that blood scent gives away ganks)

you dont have to have all those in one team, you can have multiple carries or casters or whatever

BigHue 10-18-2011 07:20 AM

The one that best counters the other team.

Tetryon 10-18-2011 07:38 AM

Mid: Karthus
Solo top: Gragas
Bot: Taric+Vayne
Jungler: Rammus

Haven't gotten a team like this in a while but when you do OMG does the enemy team ever crumble. Soo much power in all regards.

But yes counter pick the enemy team is always the way to go.

Lukresio 10-18-2011 11:42 AM

Tank/Jungle: Amumu
Support: Sona
AP: Kat
Ranged AD: Kog

So much synergy.

EzraTwitch 10-18-2011 03:23 PM

I don't Know if it would be the "Perfect" comp but its one I have been meaning to run.

Mordakaiser Top
Tryndamere or Gankplank Jungle
Zilean Mid
Caitlyn Yorick Bottom.

Always clone Never Die XD

Isphus 10-18-2011 03:39 PM

Solo mid: Malzahar
Solo top: Garen.
Jungle: Rammus
Bot: Janna and Jax.

Malzahar is just great at soloing mid, and his 4 second disable is almost a sure kill.
Garen has a huge lane sustain, a strong early game and a very decent dps/tankyness.
Rammus is my favorite tank. He can ever backdoor!
Jax kind of secures your late game while being a reasonable dragon soloer and backdoorer.
Janna is a great support, specially when laning with a AD or hybrid champion.

Omni Boss 10-18-2011 08:06 PM

non-retarded support player
non-retarded jungle player
non-retarded AP player
non-retarded AD player
non-retarded bruiser player

i think you see where im going with this

Yuumax 10-19-2011 12:26 AM

AoE comps with good coordination basically give you free objectives or ace the enemy team. So I dunno...


Something like that. There is no single "best comp", but that's arguably one of the strongest AOE comps right now.

LilDevilChild 10-19-2011 08:43 AM

I like to call this.... Daddy, Mommy and the 3 Siblings

Daddy = Raging Trydamere
Mommy = Supportive Mother
Oldest Child Evil Boy = Veigar
Middle Child Balance = Poppy
Young little Emo Boy = Amumu

Amumu is emo because Daddy beat him, and big brother is evil.
Mommy is the most patience, caring, loving person who glue the family together despite how broken it is
Poppy protect Emo Amumu from Father with her Ult :) while the big brother just laugh at the sight
Amumu is not actually a Mummy... his mom just bandage him up... alot :)
Amumu get beats alot since a young age... thus making him develop a thick skin :P

AP-Carry - Veigar
Tank/Jungle - Amumu
Anti-Carry/Hybrid-Carry/Semi-Tank - Poppy
AD-Carry/Jungle - Tryndamere
Support - Sona

Lane - Veigar Mid
Top Solo - Poppy
Bottom - Tryndamere Sona
Roam / Jungle - Amumu


Veigar have AoE Stun. and perhaps the best AP Burst in LoL
Amumu have AoE Stun + Bandage Toss
Poppy have Damacia Speed + Immunity(Ult) and a Wall Stun, with a nice passive and a good Q
Trydamere have fear, rage, and heal
Sona have Support(heal) support(Speed) and more support. with a disabling Ult

Amumu + Veigar = Amumu stuns and initiate and tantrum while Despair with Veigar finishing all off (note Amumu's Passive is made for AP carry's such as Veigar)
Tryn + Sona = Unkillable Tryn farm fest
Sona + Veigar + Amumu + Tryn + Poppy = AOE disable + Veigar Nuke with 2 melee in there wrecking
Amumu + Sona = Survivability
Poppy + Veigar = Team Squish Squishers

i know... im a noob

get i get thumb up for effort? :D

MexicanCandy 10-19-2011 09:17 AM

>Nasus is an amazing tank with good damage
>Nasus is an amazing tank
>Nasus is a tank
>Nasus a tank

......You're everything that's wrong with this world.

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