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Motas 09-22-2009 07:59 PM

new items
I'm not sure what heroes should consider the trinity force.
It works well on Kassadin, but is it a waste of money? When should the heart of gold be considered? Plz help me answer these questions.

Candesce 09-22-2009 08:41 PM

Trinity Force is a lot of stats for your money, pretty much. If Sheen, Phage, and Zeal are good, the Triforce is even better - and only takes one slot. Any character that can make good use of their basic attack and a little AP and mana should consider it. As a bonus, no single component costs over 500 gold, so your money won't be burning a hole in your pocket rather than giving you an immediate combat boost.

Heart of Gold is straightforward early-game survivability. If you like gold/10, and you don't mind putting off buying your big ticket item(s), it's worth while. Currently, it doesn't even have the nerfed sell rate that g/10 items are supposed to.

Rageblade's great for any character who can make good use of both AP and damage. Ryze as a carry, Evelynn, Corki, etc... It gives a lot of bang for your buck, so long as you get use out of both stats.

Bloodrazor - makes killing the big creeps easy. Does nasty things to people who stack hp and neglect MR. If you're going to jungle, it's a great buy - if you're not, though, you can probably get more damage cheaper elsewhere, unless the other team's all tanks.

Rylai's - If you can't figure out what this is good for... Pretty much anyone who needs AP and a slow can use this.

Motas 09-22-2009 08:52 PM

Thx for that info, it really helps thx again.

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