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Yousonerfed 10-10-2011 02:22 PM

Yousogreat's (a.k.a. Yousosmart's) Champion Compendium
(Please upvote the opening post for this topic. It was hit by a forum troll recently, and I don't want it to get closed again.)

This topic is purely to gather together links to my various concept topics together, for organizational purposes. This way, it acts like a hub to the concepts, so you don't need to go searching all over the forum for them.

I greatly appreciate reviews that I can get, especially if they are constructive and well-founded arguments.

For my original compendium, click here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...d.php?t=669559

Active Concepts

Rydia, the Dream Sylph
Disruptor mage. Well-suited to harassment and counter-harassment, disrupting enemy ganks and using mind-games. Powerful at range, while also fairly mobile.

Kaguya, the Lunar Princess
Magic melee-DPS carry. Powerful at reducing and bypassing enemy magic resistance, and is an adept melee DPS. Fast and synergizes strongly with AP and AS.

Plagueis, the Dragon of Desolation
Tank, disruptor. Various poison-based abilities and powerful crowd controls. Designed to be an offensive tank with good DOT effects. Uses health for costs.

Nimue, the Ebon Witch
Offensive support caster. Has large amounts of debuff capabilities and is powerful when paired with other AOE Champions. Strong at AOE damage.

Brutus, the Bloodfire Hound
Heavy fighter. Designed for frontal attacks and dealing strong AOE damage in a single direction. Powerful AD user. Uses Fury system.

Nephry, the Shattered Crusader
Punisher tank. Meant to get into the middle of enemy teams and heavily punish them for attacking her. Multiple taunts and high physical damage. Based off Nephry, the Holy Shield.

Dart, the Mutant Insect
Ranged Champion. Very fast and maneuverable, and can inflict large amounts of physical DoT effects to enemies. Difficult to chase, and strong at kiting when weak.

Macula, the Eye of the Abyss
Ranged fighter. Adept at dealing medium-ranged AOE damage and can absorb considerable punishment. Plenty of crowd controls and utility, and dangerous to trade blows with.

Ritz, the Swift Thief
Melee AD carry. Fast and strikes very rapidly with abilities. Dash makes her briefly untargetable. Ultimate creates multiple clones of herself. Remake of old Cath concept.

Xillia, Soldier from the Future (REMADE)
Ranged AD carry. Well-suited to dealing AOE damage and has useful offensive and defensive utilities. Ultimate can be very powerful in the right hands. Futuristic Champion. Remake of old Xillia concept.

Benched Concepts (not being worked on, but not scrapped)

Alice, the Doll Master (probably influenced creation of Yorick :D)
Support caster, minion summoner. Specializes in fielding her own private army and is incredibly strong at pushing. Dolls become stronger according to Alice's statistics.

Nephry, the Holy Shield (might have had slight influence on Leona ;)) (remade)
Main-line tank, minor support. Meant to reduce the damage her teammates take and punish melee DPSers by taunting/counterattacking them.

Cath, the Swift Thief (currently overshadowed by Fiora) (remade as Ritz)
Melee DPS carry. Specializes in high speed and skill-spamming. Gains more AP by having higher bonus movement speed. Uses new resource: Adrenaline.

Alia, the Desert Nomad (horse slot taken by Hecarim)
Ranged DPS carry. Very good at kiting and mobile combat. Can temporarily gain the ability to attack and move simultaneously. Skill-shot oriented.

Mikoto, the Shrine Maiden (unpopular) (undergoing a remake)
Mage/support hybrid. Uses a unique Yin-Yang mechanic. Has no ultimate, but functions somewhat similarly to Karma. Skill-shot oriented.

Yue, the Ocean Priestess (mermaid slot taken by Nami)
Support caster. Brings various healing and defensive spells, as well as a tough minion. Able to purge crowd controls off an ally with her ultimate. Remake of old Yue concept.

Scrapped Concepts (these ones just didn't make the cut, or didn't work out as planned)

Penny, the Heiress of Fortune
Support caster. Designed to bring various types of special utility. Can summon minions, improve allied income, and apply various crowd controls.

Penny, the Aristocratic Heiress (broke)
Support-fire ranged DPS. Meant to deal large amounts of AOE damage at a distance and provide support fire for her team. Summons minions and skill-shot oriented. Revamp of Penny, the Heiress of Fortune.

Yue, the Priestess of the Ocean (too many similarities to Sejuani in terms of passive) (remade)
Support caster, water-themed. Adept at supporting teammates via chill-based effects and has high utility. Synergizes well with ice-based Champions such as Anivia.

Xillia, the Hope of the Future (kit was too confusing to peers; remade)
Ranged AD carry. Strong defensive capabilities against opponents who rush in too quickly. Ultimate is a very powerful anti-initiation tool. Futuristic Champion.

Grolla, the Cursed Blade (Souls gameplay name taken by Thresh)
Melee hybrid carry. Very strong vamp and lifesteal capabilities. Utilizes a new Souls mechanic. Synergizes well with AD and AP.

Epoch, the Fatespinner (low popularity)
Tricky mage. Adept at turning opponent's abilities against them and at destabilizing enemy equilibrium. High mind-games potential.

Yuurei, the Ghost Princess (low popularity)
Tanky mage, initiator. Good at utilizing spell vamp and dealing magic damage up close, while being quite durable. Powerful crowd control effects.


I am always looking for reviews, so please check out my active concepts and post up what you think of them. Every review I can get helps me improve the designs.

Yousonerfed 10-10-2011 04:28 PM

In case you were wondering about the "original compendium":


My normal account, Yousosmart, got permanently banned from the forums for "Violating the Summoner's Code" (RiotRomulus gave me a response, but said he couldn't divulge details since it wouldn't matter anyways). While I did try to get the ban lifted or at least made temporary instead of permanent, Riot said no. :(

I resorted to making this smurf account, Yousogreat, to re-enable my ability to use the forums. However, because this is a smurf, I couldn't edit my old Yousosmart Concept posts. :(

To answer the problem, I had to remake the concept topics, as well as my compendium topic, using this smurf account. That meant polls were reset and stuff like that.

In hindsight, though, it was a decent way for me to restart the topics, as well as implement major changes to them without confusing too many people.

Yousonerfed 10-11-2011 04:30 PM

This one too. No sense letting two good post spaces go to waste. ;)

Thayen 10-11-2011 05:14 PM

I think I fought you in a match once... Do you remember me at all?

Yousonerfed 10-11-2011 05:43 PM


Originally Posted by Thayen (Hozzászólás 15723424)
I think I fought you in a match once... Do you remember me at all?

Not sure.

Thayen 10-11-2011 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by Yousogreat (Hozzászólás 15724665)
Not sure.

ah well. I'll poke through your concepts.

Yousonerfed 10-12-2011 04:57 PM

Finished remaking Mikoto's topic. I also took the liberty of correcting my "Yin-Yang" mistake; I got them backwards when thinking of light/dark. :o

wants to sleep 10-12-2011 06:37 PM

I might review another one tomorrow if I have time.

Yousonerfed 10-18-2011 08:51 PM

Finished remaking Nimue's topic, though I've given her a new title: The Ebon Witch. "Bog Witch" didn't really fit with her appearance, and I've done a lot of changes to her spell names and background info, but otherwise her skillset functions the same way. :)

Yousonerfed 10-18-2011 08:53 PM

Bump, awaiting reviews.

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