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IS1e7cb16cb91bd26f77f93 06-11-2010 06:50 PM

About Champions and Playstyles
I'm fairly new here, and I'm a little bit confused about which champions to play. I know that there are different types, and I know some of the terms, but in the few practice games I've played, all I've been able to do is small pushes until someone ganks me.
I've been playing Tristana because of the Facebook "Riot Girl" skin thing (So that I won't have to suddenly switch playstyles, since it apparently makes her free) but I have no idea if I'm playing her right or anything.

First, the types. I know some basic stuff from lurking here, so I know that 'carry' just means a Champ that gets better late game with farming, nuke does tons of damage, tank tanks, support supports, and assassins gank, etc. But I'm not sure how you play those types in fights, pushes etc, or what type I should be playing to do my best and help my team.

What I've been doing in-game is basically supporting pushes, attacking turrets, nothing special, and avoiding champions as much as possible; frankly, I don't know how to avoid them, and 1on1 I die quickly. So I just run along a minion wave, shooting the minions, occasionally using an ability, and attacking towers. I'm not sure if that's what a carry (Trist) should be doing, or if that would be a tank? Dps?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Urobolus 06-11-2010 06:57 PM

Keep an eye on your minimap - Map Awareness goes a long way. If you can see all of your enemies, you're safe to push. If not, tread carefully.

Tristana isn't your typical 1on1 champion. Stick with your team when fighting other champions. Any 1on1 with Tristana would only be consider harassment unless you know you can blast through them and take them down (this takes experience, though).

Tristana is NOT a tank. Don't even try to build her that way.

IS1e7cb16cb91bd26f77f93 06-11-2010 07:06 PM

Well, to be more specific, I've been avoiding everything with her. I do my best to not take damage (At least from minions and turrets) and I retreat if I'm alone in a lane and a champion shows up. And I know I shouldn't be ganking or even attacking them unless it's just harass as I retreat (Buster and then Rocket Jump), so would that be how you play her (In general, barring any special builds). Should I be Jungling? I know I need to farm to get items, but is there anyway to avoid champions if they aren't visible? Should I fall back then, to avoid a potential gank?

Badpath 06-11-2010 08:27 PM

If you're going to play as a pushing Tristana, you may want to consider maxing your passive/active ability early. You'll find that between her passive increase in range as you level, and the splash damage from killing creeps, enemies will be a little wary of trying to approach you. When you're pushing and you don't see or know where enemy champions are, definitely save your jump for getting out of a trap. Remember that you CAN jump over walls if you're close enough to them, which will give you lots of distance very quickly. Other things:

Damage items and attack speed items are your friends, especially if you're going to be pushing towers and creeps. I think Black Cleaver is on her list of recommended items, as should be Malady; items that apply stacks of debuffs are especially useful on Tristana. The cooldown on Rapid Fire isn't horrendous, so as long as you have the mana, don't be afraid to use it both to push to the tower AND to take it down. The summoner spell Clairvoyance has a low cooldown (55 seconds, if I recall correctly) and can let you look into bushes without having to check them; it's a nice way to spot a gank waiting for you, and can be used late-game to figure out where missing enemies are. I've found that if you're pushing a lane and destroy their first tower, that's just the right time to book it back to yours and recall, or at least head back to the bushes at mid-way. From there, ask where you're needed, and see if you can help out any of your struggling teammates.

IS1e7cb16cb91bd26f77f93 06-11-2010 08:52 PM

Thanks for the info on items, that sounds like a useful build for that.
I still don't know anything about masteries or runes, so I just go with utility and regen if I can, since those are good early game. Thanks for the help, though.

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