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Sqiggy 10-09-2011 12:06 PM

Annie tibbers keybinding
How do I go about changing my key binding for controlling tibbers to t + left click? Alt is really awkward

i googled it and all the post ive seen referenced a file that doesnt exist in my lol folder

The Awed One 10-09-2011 12:22 PM

There isn't a way currently, here is a thread about it in the HUD forum if you want to help me keep it bumped: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=1015696

Cherry Nodule 10-09-2011 01:07 PM

As far as the default goes, it's actually comfortable for me resting the side of my thumb on Alt with my first three fingers on the "home" keys. Not sure how well this works for people with small hands, though (my guess is they'd have to elevate their wrist a bit, like a pianist).

Sqiggy 10-09-2011 01:42 PM

My hands are actually quite large and i have to almost fold my left in half to have my thumb on alt

Panzerfaust 10-09-2011 01:48 PM

A temporary solution would be to change the internal keybindings of your keyboard, but that's a bit more in depth than most people are willing to go, especially since it would mess with typing during the game.

azrij 10-09-2011 01:52 PM

imo, t would be better and easier than alt to control tibbers. i thinks it's the "lol" way to go.. 'cause it's simple.

Slumber Jack 10-09-2011 02:27 PM

There is currently no way to change how you control Tibbers/Morde's Ghost/Shaco clone.

Panzerfaust 10-09-2011 02:33 PM


Originally Posted by azrij (Hozzászólás 15620801)
imo, t would be better and easier than alt to control tibbers. i thinks it's the "lol" way to go.. 'cause it's simple.

Not at all. All of the 'standard' keys (numbers, letters, functions) are keys that you only need to press once. The 'edge' keys are the ones that you hold to modify the output (shift + _ to smartcast, alt + _ to selfcast, alt + click to control pet...)

That isn't to say that it wouldn't be neat if you could change the key binding for controlling your pet, however I don't know how difficult it would be to do.

hohums 10-09-2011 10:45 PM

Find your input.ini file (it will be where you installed league of legends under the release folder). If it doesn't exist, you can create it by making changing a key in game. ie:

C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\release s\\deploy\DATA\CFG
(the part will change depending on game version)

Now change these to whatever you'd like under the [GameEvents] section.

evtPetMoveClick = [Alt] [Button 2]
evtPetReturn = [Alt] [Button 1]

Here are all the default keys available. Some of them may only be for internal use... but it would take be to long to go through them all. Note ; means comment, which is just helpful information that won't do anything.

; Here are all the key codes. Note they are case insensitive.
;"[Esc]", //DIK_ESCAPE 0x01
;"[1]", //DIK_1 0x02
;"[2]", //DIK_2 0x03
;"[3]", //DIK_3 0x04
;"[4]", //DIK_4 0x05
;"[5]", //DIK_5 0x06
;"[6]", //DIK_6 0x07
;"[7]", //DIK_7 0x08
;"[8]", //DIK_8 0x09
;"[9]", //DIK_9 0x0A
;"[0]", //DIK_0 0x0B
;"[-]", //DIK_MINUS 0x0C /* - on main keyboard */
;"[=]", //DIK_EQUALS 0x0D
;"[Back]", //DIK_BACK 0x0E /* backspace */
;"[Tab]", //DIK_TAB 0x0F
;"[q]", //DIK_Q 0x10
;"[w]", //DIK_W 0x11
;"[e]", //DIK_E 0x12
;"[r]", //DIK_R 0x13
;"[t]", //DIK_T 0x14
;"[y]", //DIK_Y 0x15
;"[u]", //DIK_U 0x16
;"[i]", //DIK_I 0x17
;"[o]", //DIK_O 0x18
;"[p]", //DIK_P 0x19
;"[[]", //DIK_LBRACKET 0x1A
;"[]]", //DIK_RBRACKET 0x1B
;"[Return]", //DIK_RETURN 0x1C /* Enter on main keyboard */
;"[L Ctrl]", //DIK_LCONTROL 0x1D
;"[a]", //DIK_A 0x1E
;"[s]", //DIK_S 0x1F
;"[d]", //DIK_D 0x20
;"[f]", //DIK_F 0x21
;"[g]", //DIK_G 0x22
;"[h]", //DIK_H 0x23
;"[j]", //DIK_J 0x24
;"[k]", //DIK_K 0x25
;"[l]", //DIK_L 0x26
;"[;]", //DIK_SEMICOLON 0x27
;"[']", //DIK_APOSTROPHE 0x28
;"[`]", //DIK_GRAVE 0x29 /* accent grave */
;"[L Shift]", //DIK_LSHIFT 0x2A
;"[Backslash]", //DIK_BACKSLASH 0x2B
;"[z]", //DIK_Z 0x2C
;"[x]", //DIK_X 0x2D
;"[c]", //DIK_C 0x2E
;"[v]", //DIK_V 0x2F
;"[b]", //DIK_B 0x30
;"[n]", //DIK_N 0x31
;"[m]", //DIK_M 0x32
;"[,]", //DIK_COMMA 0x33
;"[.]", //DIK_PERIOD 0x34 /* . on main keyboard */
;"[/]", //DIK_SLASH 0x35 /* / on main keyboard */
;"[R Shift]", //DIK_RSHIFT 0x36
;"[*]", //DIK_MULTIPLY 0x37 /* * on numeric keypad */
;"[L Alt]", //DIK_LMENU 0x38 /* left Alt */
;"[Space]", //DIK_SPACE 0x39
;"[CapsLock]", //DIK_CAPITAL 0x3A
;"[F1]", //DIK_F1 0x3B
;"[F2]", //DIK_F2 0x3C
;"[F3]", //DIK_F3 0x3D
;"[F4]", //DIK_F4 0x3E
;"[F5]", //DIK_F5 0x3F
;"[F6]", //DIK_F6 0x40
;"[F7]", //DIK_F7 0x41
;"[F8]", //DIK_F8 0x42
;"[F9]", //DIK_F9 0x43
;"[F10]", //DIK_F10 0x44
;"[NumLock]", //DIK_NUMLOCK 0x45
;"[ScrollLock]", //DIK_SCROLL 0x46 /* Scroll Lock */
;"[Num7]", //DIK_NUMPAD7 0x47
;"[Num8]", //DIK_NUMPAD8 0x48
;"[Num9]", //DIK_NUMPAD9 0x49
;"[Num-]", //DIK_SUBTRACT 0x4A /* - on numeric keypad */
;"[Num4]", //DIK_NUMPAD4 0x4B
;"[Num5]", //DIK_NUMPAD5 0x4C
;"[Num6]", //DIK_NUMPAD6 0x4D
;"[Num+]", //DIK_ADD 0x4E /* + on numeric keypad */
;"[Num1]", //DIK_NUMPAD1 0x4F
;"[Num2]", //DIK_NUMPAD2 0x50
;"[Num3]", //DIK_NUMPAD3 0x51
;"[Num0]", //DIK_NUMPAD0 0x52
;"[Num.]", //DIK_DECIMAL 0x53 /* . on numeric keypad */
;"Ux54", // unknown 0x54 // NOTE: unknown keys were missing in the direct input defines where these DIK codes were taken.
;"Ux55", // unknown 0x55
;"OEM_102", //DIK_OEM_102 0x56 /* <> or \| on RT 102-key keyboard (Non-U.S.) */
;"[F11]", //DIK_F11 0x57
;"[F12]", //DIK_F12 0x58
;"Ux59", //unknown 0x59
;"Ux5A", //unknown 0x5A
;"Ux5B", //unknown 0x5B
;"Ux5C", //unknown 0x5C
;"Ux5D", //unknown 0x5D
;"Ux5E", //unknown 0x5E
;"Ux5F", //unknown 0x5F
;"Ux60", //unknown 0x60
;"Ux61", //unknown 0x61
;"Ux62", //unknown 0x62
;"Ux63", //unknown 0x63
;"[pc-98 F13]", //DIK_F13 0x64 /* (NEC PC98) */
;"[pc-98 F14]", //DIK_F14 0x65 /* (NEC PC98) */
;"[pc-98 F15]", //DIK_F15 0x66 /* (NEC PC98) */
;"Ux67", //unknown 0x67
;"Ux68", //unknown 0x68
;"Ux69", //unknown 0x69
;"Ux6A", //unknown 0x6A
;"Ux6B", //unknown 0x6B
;"Ux6C", //unknown 0x6C
;"Ux6D", //unknown 0x6D
;"Ux6E", //unknown 0x6E
;"Ux6F", //unknown 0x6F
;"[jKana]", //DIK_KANA 0x70 /* (Japanese keyboard) */
;"Ux71", //unknown 0x71
;"Ux72", //unknown 0x72
;"[bzAbnt_C1]", //DIK_ABNT C1 0x73 /* /? on Brazilian keyboard */
;"Ux74", //unknown 0x74
;"Ux75", //unknown 0x75
;"Ux76", //unknown 0x76
;"Ux77", //unknown 0x77
;"Ux78", //unknown 0x78
;"[jConvert]", //DIK_CONVERT 0x79 /* (Japanese keyboard) */
;"Ux7A", //unknown 0x7A
;"[jNoConvert]", //DIK_NOCONVERT 0x7B /* (Japanese keyboard) */
;"Ux7C", //unknown 0x7C
;"[jYen]", //DIK_YEN 0x7D /* (Japanese keyboard) */
;"[bzAbnt_C2]", //DIK_ABNT_C2 0x7E /* Numpad . on Brazilian keyboard */
;"Ux7F", //unknown 0x7F
;"Ux80", //unknown 0x80
;"Ux81", //unknown 0x81
;"Ux82", //unknown 0x82
;"Ux83", //unknown 0x83
;"Ux84", //unknown 0x84
;"Ux85", //unknown 0x85
;"Ux86", //unknown 0x86
;"Ux87", //unknown 0x87
;"Ux88", //unknown 0x88
;"Ux89", //unknown 0x89
;"Ux8A", //unknown 0x8A
;"Ux8B", //unknown 0x8B
;"Ux8C", //unknown 0x8C
;"[Num=]", //DIK_NUMPADEQUALS 0x8D /* = on numeric keypad (NEC PC98) */
;"Ux8E", //unknown 0x8E
;"Ux8F", //unknown 0x8F
;"[Prev]", //DIK_PREVTRACK 0x90 /* Previous Track (DIK_CIRCUMFLEX on Japanese keyboard) */
;"[pc-98 @]", //DIK_AT 0x91 /* (NEC PC98) */
;"[pc-98 :]", //DIK_COLON 0x92 /* (NEC PC98) */
;"[pc-98 _]", //DIK_UNDERLINE 0x93 /* (NEC PC98) */
;"[jKanji]", //DIK_KANJI 0x94 /* (Japanese keyboard) */
;"[pc-98 Stop]", //DIK_STOP 0x95 /* (NEC PC98) */
;"[jAX]", //DIK_AX 0x96 /* (Japan AX) */
;"[J3100-unlabeled]", //DIK_UNLABELED 0x97 /* (J3100) */
;"Ux98", //unknown 0x98
;"[Next]", //DIK_NEXTTRACK 0x99 /* Next Track */
;"Ux9A", //unknown 0x9A
;"Ux9B", //unknown 0x9B
;"[NumEnter]", //DIK_NUMPADENTER 0x9C /* Enter on numeric keypad */
;"[R Ctrl]", //DIK_RCONTROL 0x9D
;"Ux9E", //unknown 0x9E
;"Ux9F", //unknown 0x9F
;"[Mute]", //DIK_MUTE 0xA0 /* Mute */
;"[Calc]", //DIK_CALCULATOR 0xA1 /* Calculator */
;"[Play/Pause]", //DIK_PLAYPAUSE 0xA2 /* Play / Pause */
;"UxA3", //unknown 0xA3
;"[Stop]", //DIK_MEDIASTOP 0xA4 /* Media Stop */
;"UxA5", //unknown 0xA5
;"UxA6", //unknown 0xA6
;"UxA7", //unknown 0xA7
;"UxA8", //unknown 0xA8
;"UxA9", //unknown 0xA9
;"UxAA", //unknown 0xAA
;"UxAB", //unknown 0xAB
;"UxAC", //unknown 0xAC
;"UxAD", //unknown 0xAD
;"[Vol-]", //DIK_VOLUMEDOWN 0xAE /* Volume - */
;"UxAF", //unknown 0xAF
;"[Vol+]", //DIK_VOLUMEUP 0xB0 /* Volume + */
;"UxB1", //unknown 0xB1
;"[webHome]", //DIK_WEBHOME 0xB2 /* Web home */
;"[Num,]", //DIK_NUMPADCOMMA 0xB3 /* , on numeric keypad (NEC PC98) */
;"UxB4", //unknown 0xB4
;"[Num/]", //DIK_DIVIDE 0xB5 /* / on numeric keypad */
;"UxB6", //unknown 0xB6
;"[SysRq]", //DIK_SYSRQ 0xB7
;"[R Alt]", //DIK_RMENU 0xB8 /* right Alt */
;"UxB9", //unknown 0xB9
;"UxBA", //unknown 0xBA
;"UxBB", //unknown 0xBB
;"UxBC", //unknown 0xBC
;"UxBD", //unknown 0xBD
;"UxBE", //unknown 0xBE
;"UxBF", //unknown 0xBF
;"UxC0", //unknown 0xC0
;"UxC1", //unknown 0xC1
;"UxC2", //unknown 0xC2
;"UxC3", //unknown 0xC3
;"UxC4", //unknown 0xC4
;"[Pause]", //DIK_PAUSE 0xC5 /* Pause */
;"UxC5", //unknown 0xC6
;"[Home]", //DIK_HOME 0xC7 /* Home on arrow keypad */
;"[Up Arrow]", //DIK_UP 0xC8 /* UpArrow on arrow keypad */
;"[PgUp]", //DIK_PRIOR 0xC9 /* PgUp on arrow keypad */
;"UxCA", //unknown 0xCA
;"[Left Arrow]", //DIK_LEFT 0xCB /* LeftArrow on arrow keypad */
;"UxCC", //unknown 0xCC
;"[Right Arrow]", //DIK_RIGHT 0xCD /* RightArrow on arrow keypad */
;"UxCE", //unknown 0xCE
;"[End]", //DIK_END 0xCF /* End on arrow keypad */
;"[Down Arrow]", //DIK_DOWN 0xD0 /* DownArrow on arrow keypad */
;"[PgDn]", //DIK_NEXT 0xD1 /* PgDn on arrow keypad */
;"[Ins]", //DIK_INSERT 0xD2 /* Insert on arrow keypad */
;"[Del]", //DIK_DELETE 0xD3 /* Delete on arrow keypad */
;"UxD4", //unknown 0xD4
;"UxD5", //unknown 0xD5
;"UxD6", //unknown 0xD6
;"UxD7", //unknown 0xD7
;"UxD8", //unknown 0xD8
;"UxD9", //unknown 0xD9
;"UxDA", //unknown 0xDA
;"[L Win]", //DIK_LWIN 0xDB /* Left Windows key */
;"[R Win]", //DIK_RWIN 0xDC /* Right Windows key */
;"[App Menu]", //DIK_APPS 0xDD /* AppMenu key */
;"[Power]", //DIK_POWER 0xDE /* System Power */
;"[Sleep]", //DIK_SLEEP 0xDF /* System Sleep */
;"UxE0", //unknown 0xE0
;"UxE1", //unknown 0xE1
;"UxE2", //unknown 0xE2
;"[Wake]", //DIK_WAKE 0xE3 /* System Wake */
;"UxE3", //unknown 0xE4
;"[webSearch]", //DIK_WEBSEARCH 0xE5 /* Web Search */
;"[webFavs]", //DIK_WEBFAVORITES 0xE6 /* Web Favorites */
;"[webRefresh]", //DIK_WEBREFRESH 0xE7 /* Web Refresh */
;"[webStop]", //DIK_WEBSTOP 0xE8 /* Web Stop */
;"[webForward]", //DIK_WEBFORWARD 0xE9 /* Web Forward */
;"[webBack]", //DIK_WEBBACK 0xEA /* Web Back */
;"[My Computer]", //DIK_MYCOMPUTER 0xEB /* My Computer */
;"[Mail]", //DIK_MAIL 0xEC /* Mail */
;"[Media Select]", //DIK_MEDIASELECT 0xED /* Media Select */
;"UxEE", //unknown 0xEE
;"UxEF", //unknown 0xEF
;"UxF0", //unknown 0xF0
;"UxF1", //unknown 0xF1
;"UxF2", //unknown 0xF2
;"UxF3", //unknown 0xF3
;"UxF4", //unknown 0xF4
;"UxF5", //unknown 0xF5
;"UxF6", //unknown 0xF6
;"UxF7", //unknown 0xF7
;"UxF8", //unknown 0xF8
;"UxF9", //unknown 0xF9
;"UxFA", //unknown 0xFA
;"UxFB", //unknown 0xFB
;"UxFC", //unknown 0xFC
;"UxFD", //unknown 0xFD
;"UxFE", //unknown 0xFE
;"UxFF", //unknown 0xFF
;"[Button 1]", //Mouse button 1 (Left Mouse)
;"[Button 2]", //Mouse button 2 (Right Mouse)
;"[Button 3]", //Mouse button 3 (Middle button)
;"[Button 4]", //Mouse button 4
;"[Button 5]", //Mouse button 5
;"[Button 6]", //Mouse button 6
;"[Button 7]", //Mouse button 7
;"[Button 8]", //Mouse button 8
; Shift modifiers:
; [L Shift] - Left Shift
; [R Shift] - Right Shift
; [Shift] - Both shifts
; [L Ctrl] - Left Ctrl
; [R Ctrl] - Right Ctrl
; [Ctrl] - Both Ctrls
; [L Alt] - Left Alt
; [R Alt] - Right Alt
; [Alt] - Both Alts
; You can assign multiple keys to the same event using comma

disableCapsLock = 0
disablNumLock = 0
disableLinkedModifers = 0

PointerSpeed = 2
RollerButtonSpeed = 1

evtShiftL = [L Shift]
evtShiftR = [R Shift]
evtCtrlL = [L Ctrl]
evtCtrlR = [R Ctrl]
evtAltL = [L Alt]
evtAltR = [R Alt]

evtCastSpell4 = [r]
evtCastSpell3 = [e]
evtCastSpell2 = [w]
evtCastSpell1 = [q]
evtCastAvatarSpell1 = [d]
evtCastAvatarSpell2 = [f]

evtLevelSpell4 = [Ctrl][r]
evtLevelSpell3 = [Ctrl][e]
evtLevelSpell2 = [Ctrl][w]
evtLevelSpell1 = [Ctrl][q]

evtSelfCastSpell1 = [Alt][q]
evtSelfCastSpell2 = [Alt][w]
evtSelfCastSpell3 = [Alt][e]
evtSelfCastSpell4 = [Alt][r]
evtSelfCastAvatarSpell1 = [Alt][d]
evtSelfCastAvatarSpell2 = [Alt][f]

evtSmartCastSpell1 = [Shift][q]
evtSmartCastSpell2 = [Shift][w]
evtSmartCastSpell3 = [Shift][e]
evtSmartCastSpell4 = [Shift][r]
evtSmartCastAvatarSpell1 = [Shift][d]
evtSmartCastAvatarSpell2 = [Shift][f]

;evtUseItem7 = [7],[b]
evtUseItem7 = [b]
evtUseItem6 = [6]
evtUseItem5 = [5]
evtUseItem4 = [4]
evtUseItem3 = [3]
evtUseItem2 = [2]
evtUseItem1 = [1]
evtShowCharacterMenu = [c]
evtShowScoreBoard = [o]
evtOpenShop = [p]
evtDisplayHudText = [h]
evtCycleStatsDisplay = [Ctrl] [p]
evtToggleTROYFiles = [Alt] [Ctrl] [t]
evtDebugEvent0 = [Alt] [Ctrl] [0]
evtDebugEvent1 = [Alt] [Ctrl] [1]
evtDebugEvent2 = [Alt] [Ctrl] [2]
evtDebugEvent3 = [Alt] [Ctrl] [3]
evtDebugEvent4 = [Alt] [Ctrl] [4]
evtDebugEvent5 = [Alt] [Ctrl] [5]
evtDebugEvent6 = [Alt] [Ctrl] [6]
evtDebugEvent7 = [Alt] [Ctrl] [7]
evtDebugEvent8 = [Alt] [Ctrl] [8]
evtDebugEvent9 = [Alt] [Ctrl] [9]
evtToggleDeveloperGUI = [Ctrl] [TAB]
evtShowConsole = [Return],[NumEnter]
evtShowAllConsole = [Shift] [Return], [Shift] [NumEnter]
evtChatHistory = [z]
evtCameraLockToggle = [y]
evtCameraSnap = [Space]
evtSelectSelf = [F1]
evtSelectAlly1 = [F2]
evtSelectAlly2 = [F3]
evtSelectAlly3 = [F4]
evtSelectAlly4 = [F5]
evtScrollUp = [Up Arrow]
evtScrollDown = [Down Arrow]
evtScrollLeft = [Left Arrow]
evtScrollRight = [Right Arrow]
evtToggleMinionHealthBars = [l]
evtShowHealthBars = [Shift][l]
evtReloadScripts = [Shift][p]
evtShowSummonerNames = [Shift][k]
evntPlayerPingCursor = [g]
evntPlayerPing = [alt][Button 1]

evtPlayerSelectClick = [Button 1]
evtPlayerMoveClick = [Button 2]
evtPlayerAttackMoveClick = [Shift] [Button 2]
evtPlayerAttackMove = [a],[x]
evtPlayerHoldPosition = [h]
evtPlayerStopPosition = [s]
evtPetMoveClick = [Alt] [Button 2]
evtPetReturn = [Alt] [Button 1]
evtSysMenu = [Esc]

evtChampionOnly = [`]

evtShowTools = [Tab]
evtHideTools = [Shift][Tab]
evtShowCameraSliders = [Shift][m]

evtInsertLight = [Ins]
evtDeleteLight = [Del]
evtBakeLights = [F11]

evtDrawNavGrid = [Alt] [v]

evtShowSimClockStatus = [;]
evtToggleProfiler = [Alt] [;]

evtDrawHud = [F5]

evtAIDrawDebug = []]

evtFPSForward = [Num8]
evtFPSBackwoods = [Num5]
evtFPSStrafeLeft = [Num4]
evtFPSStrafeRight = [Num6]
evtFPSPitchUp = [Num3]
evtFPSPitchDown = [Num1]
evtFPSYawLeft = [Num7]
evtFPSYawRight = [Num9]
evtFPSToggleXZConstrainedMovement = [Alt] [Num5]

evtKeyboardEntryBegin = [Alt] [Ctrl] [F12]

evtOnUIMouse4Pan = [Button 3]

evtQuit = [Alt] [F4]
evtOnUIMouse1 = [Button 1]
evtOnUIMouse2 = [Button 2]
evtOnUIMouse3 = [Button 3]
evtMakeScreenShot = [F12]
evtHideHUD = [Alt] [-]
evtToggleHUDSystem = [Alt] [z]
evtHideCI = [Ctrl] [h]
evtToggleMap = [m]
evntToggleHudMoveable = [Alt][m]
evntHudMoveableSelect = [Button 1]
evntHudScale = [MouseWheel]
evtOrbitCamera = [Ctrl][Button 1]
evtResetCamera = [Ctrl][Space]
evtHoldShowScoreBoard = [Tab]
evtToggleFPSAndLatency = [Ctrl] [f]
evntToggleFullscreen = [Alt] [Return]

evtBackToGame = [Esc]


evtChatConsoleReturn = [Return], [NumEnter]

evtBackToGame = [Esc]

evtKeyboardEntryReturn = [Return], [NumEnter]
evtKeyboardEntryCommit = [Shift] [F12]
evtKeyboardEntryEnd = [Alt] [Ctrl] [F12]
evtKeyMappingWrite = [Alt] [Ctrl] [s]
evtKeyMappingRead = [Alt] [Ctrl] [l]
evtKeyMappingClear = [Alt] [Ctrl] [c]
evtKeyMappingDefault = [Alt] [Ctrl] [Home] , [Alt] [F3] [g]
evtKeyMappingNextGroup = [Tab]
evtKeyMappingNextField = [Right Arrow] , [Right Arrow]
evtKeyMappingNextEvent = [Down Arrow]
evtKeyMappingPrevField = [Left Arrow]
evtKeyMappingPrevEvent = [Up Arrow]

Burbinator 10-09-2011 10:51 PM


Originally Posted by Panzerfaust (Hozzászólás 15620661)
A temporary solution would be to change the internal keybindings of your keyboard, but that's a bit more in depth than most people are willing to go, especially since it would mess with typing during the game.

You can simply have the toggle for your "alternate" key setup be the enter key. This is a pretty old trick, though still more hassle than most people are willing to go through i think.

and wow @ hohums thats pretty awesome thanks

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