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Chorus 06-06-2010 09:58 PM

Figured out why not many people play Corki...
Joined game. Picked Corki. Called mid.

Nunu rages hardcore, saying i'm, "useless luggage". Panth says he is going mid. Nunu continues to spam random obscenities.

Match starts, I'm well ahead into mid. 40 seconds until minions spawn, Pantheon shows up. 2vs1 mid, Anivia is our opponent. Panth gets sick of me KSing him constantly, so leaves saying, "gay corki". Continues to die 4 times. Top falls. Nunu disconnects. Nunu rejoins. Team continues to spout obscenities. Anivia is two levels higher, flashes in, ults, ignites, and puts me down.

I buy my Catalyst, seeing how Corki does great damage with Phosphorus Bomb to farm with anyways. Shen capslocks with AP CORKI LOL GG. I ask him where my AP was, he said, "Why the **** do you have Catalyst?". At this point, i'm already fed up with my team. Normally I'd rather just leave, but it was my first queue with Corki, so I continued. Team continues to yell obscenties. 15 minute sin, Pantheon has 6 deaths, Shen has 2, I have one, ashe has 2, Nunu has 3. I mind my own business but continue to call Mia.

Nunu rages about how I'm not participating in team fights 15 minutes in, and in all fairness I'm sick of my team already. Ashe says I'm worthless, harping something about Machine Gun. Apparently they don't know it reduces armor and is AOE. I continue to mind my own business. 5 Push mid. I drive them off with phosphorus bomb spamming, the lovable little AOE blinding and dealing 260 damage a pop. Team continues to harp about Machine Gun, I'm not even really using it until minions show up.

Entire team is raging. 3 of them say they have muted me. I /all Wow, my team is full of feeders. All of them rage and tell me to STFU, obviously not muting me.

Ashe says Corki is worthless again. The score is 6 to 21. Obviously I won't be carrying anything, underleveled because of Pantheon and the rest of my team dying constantly. I mind my own business, farming constantly as my team rages and the nexus falls.

First match as Corki, and I didn't even get to play him.

I checked L0CUST's Tier list. Yep, Corki is high up there. Some call him the best carry in the game, and I can see how. Wish I actually got a chance to play him.

Starting build idea thanks to a post earlier by Phreak.

Kryptix 06-06-2010 10:02 PM

If at first you don't succeed, try try again.

Queue Dodge Hero 06-06-2010 10:03 PM

People don't play Corki because Corki is bad.

Corki can be "good" if he gets fed but only idiots feed him because he has no CC

Zirun 06-06-2010 10:04 PM


Originally Posted by Queue Dodge Hero (Hozzászólás 1509277)
People don't play Corki because Corki is bad.

Corki can be "good" if he gets fed but only idiots feed him because he has no CC

You mean like Ezreal?

Saosinner 06-06-2010 10:04 PM

Corki is a viable champ you just have to play him very carefully.
When I play corki I use Crit chance/Crit Damage runes (with HP quints).

Most say build him DPS/Armor Pen but IMO E takes care of that. If you can stack some crit and damage (I usually build Infin, Phantom, Ghostblade), hit that E skill and you're normal hit crits will start doing tremendous damage.

As long as you aren't the initiator your fine. When team fights start just spam your ulti till their low and then rush in with E and normal hit your way to kills.

Also; LoL'd at Nunu calling you useless luggage.

Zarifes 06-06-2010 10:05 PM

I hate those kinds of matches...

Sucks bro, least you did better than I did when I first played Corki xD

Queue Dodge Hero 06-06-2010 10:05 PM


Originally Posted by Zirun (Hozzászólás 1509282)
You mean like Ezreal?

Ezreal can actually do damage and get kills but he doesn't need to get fed.

He is huge support in fights fed or not.

06-06-2010 10:08 PM


Originally Posted by Queue Dodge Hero (Hozzászólás 1509277)
People don't play Corki because Corki is bad.

Corki can be "good" if he gets fed but only idiots feed him because he has no CC


Corki doesn't need to be fed, he just needs to be farmed. He's one of the best farmers in the game, and if he gets mid then he can get catalyst + bf sword in no time. Once he gets to this point he can pack quite a punch, especially with lizard.

Anyways, to the OP, sounds like you're at an elo low enough where nobody really masters Corki. He is kind of a tricky champ, much more than Ashe/Trist/Teemo. My suggestion is to keep trying, because Corki actually can carry games pretty well. Hope your teammates aren't ******s, user elixirs, farm up, and carry.

Hikarikage 06-06-2010 10:09 PM

You want some CCish ability.... Build Frozen Mallet.... it works with MG, also Black cleaver and Malady stacks work with MG.....OUCH

BlacklronTarkus 06-06-2010 10:10 PM

To anyone reading this who thinks corki sucks, or you where in the game with the OP, Corki is fing Epic! its rare to see him, but when you do, its either, hes new, or epic status that glides along and saves ur arse whenever possible. Ive played with some amazing corki's, and trust me, the little guy can be beast.

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