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Bruticus44 09-27-2011 02:24 AM

Dominion Guide (Time Management)
Dominion is all about a single resource, time.

Therefore the best way to win in Dominion is to use time management skills and develop them into strategies. If you waste time while playing, you are losing, which is evident when your opponents have more towers.

Here's a scenario:
You just died defending a tower which was back-doored. your opponent takes the tower while your respawning and heads to another tower trying to backdoor that one. The rest of the team is busy fighting on the other side of the map. right now you have 2 towers and your opponents have 3 and about to take one more. What should you do when you respawn?

A. head off the backdoorer and stop them from taking yet another tower.
B. let them go for the tower and try recapturing the one they just took.

The answer is B. If you try to head off your opponent, they are winning whether or not you stop them from getting another tower. While you are busy trying to kill them, they are already up a tower and are simply a distraction. However, they left their first backdoored tower undefended, so if you try to tap it, they have two choices, come stop you (thus abandoning their attempt at another tower), or let you capture the tower. Either way you win. By the time you recapture the first back-doored tower your teammates will have respawned or retreated from the battle on the other side of the map, and help you beat back the backdoorer, and easily stop/recapture the other tower.

Always take a tower down to neutral/cap a tower if it is left undefended. Use your minimap to get an idea where your opponents are, and if you see a tower that has been left alone for whatever reason, try to backdoor that tower.

Possible results:
A. The defender of that tower returns, and fends you off.
B. Their team is too busy to get to you so you get a free tower.
C. Several opponents come in to try and gank you and defend their tower.

Letter A is the only scenario that doesn't benefit you. if you unsuccessfully backdoor, but manage to draw multiple opponents to you, then you are weakening other parts of the map, and allowing your teammates to cap a different tower on the map. If you get ignored then your team gets a free tower for a little while, and that backdoored tower will then usually draw a lot of opponents to it, allowing you to defend it and keep your opponents busy, while your teammates take down another tower.

When going for a backdoor, make sure you don't map yourself until you are right next to their tower, thus giving the least amount of time for them to react.

Once your team has 3 towers, you want to mainly defend, but definitely have 1 or 2 champs continue to backdoor and keep pressure on their 2 remaining towers. You want them to waste time trying to recapture the same tower, rather have them try and take one of your main 3. This is an important time to watch for their backdoorers though, so be careful.

If you are too far away to get to a tower and defend it from being capped, then don't waste your time trying to get there, after it is already capped. Try to capture a tower that is closer to you and not being currently defended. best case scenario, you capture a tower, meh scenario, you neutralize a tower, and buy time, worst scenario, you get ganked, but at least drew away your opponents so your teammates can have an easier time capturing a different tower.

Team battles/picking off opponents:
Avoid, avoid, avoid! This is terrible, chasing after an opponent or engaging in a team battle when you are losing, is a terrible idea. Let them escape, while you take their tower, they either will come back to you to try and stop you, or will leave allowing you to take whats important (the tower). As for team battles they are simply a waste of time, use the distraction to try and backdoor, which will normally end a team battle. Obviously team battles cannot be always avoided. But the only time you want them to happen is when you are winning, so you can run out the timer and keep your opponents from doing important stuff like taking towers.

Obviously defense is a huge part of Dominion. Stopping your opponent from taking your tower is good, but if 3 or more of them are trying to take a tower, just harass them so it takes them longer to capture it while the rest of your team takes their lightly defended towers. There is no point in heavily defending a tower and having a large team battle over it unless there is a quest for it. Be ok with losing a tower, just make sure you backdoor them in response and keep the clock running on them.

Boots are a must have in this game, I highly recommend tier 2 boots as a first purchase, the less time walking from point A to point B, the less time wasted.

The new item that gives health regen, faster capture rate, and an active speed burst seems good to add as an item late game, to help back door more efficiently.

Other than that, just make make your character as badass as possible. keep in mind that in general Mana regen and health regen items are useless in this format, maximize damage and your characters tankyness.

Summoner spells:
Ghost- is almost a must have. good item to escape ganks or save towers.
Garrison- an extremely powerful spell. The defensive uses for this spell are great. It has a huge radius, so if you are running to try and save a tower, but cant hit your opponent, use this spell as soon as you can, and see your tower go all the way back to full health. plus it has awesome damage output when there happens to be a battle occurring at your tower

Starting lanes:
3 top 1 mid and 1 bot seems to work, (with mid helping top, bottom, or backdooring afterwards)
2 mid and 3 bot seems to work as well since you can rush their bottom tower, and take it from them. giving you 3 towers. This forces your opponents to take it back, thus leaving top vulnerable again for your team to steal it.

Characters (Heimer):
I don't know much about different characters, obviously some are better than others, but it seems like team balance isn't as much as an issue, just play with who you are good with. But I will say that Hiemer has become a serious contender in this format. A single Heimer can defend against 2 and sometimes 3 opponents, with two turrets up, his ult, and garrison (throw in zonyas too) he can perform some pretty cool things. His rockets have great range and are perfect for stopping a cap, and hitting opponents running away. and His stun/blind can save your teammates. Heimer is also incredibly overpowered because he is one of the few champs that can attack while capping. place 1 or two turrets down to cover your flanks, and start to tap a tower, your turrets will hit your opponent, while your busy taking their tower. Heimer is also great since you can leave two turrets at a tower and let them defend it for you while you are helping defend or cap another tower. keep an eye on them to know when to ult. they work on their own, but can also make defending an area much easier for a fellow teammate. I have picked up many random kills just for having good placement on turrets.

Thoughts, comments, hints for other characters? Constructive criticism appreciated.

SkysMoon 09-27-2011 04:12 AM

Great read. Have to head to school otherwise would give a more constructive comment. Thanks for the guide! It's awesome. =)

JT Manic 09-27-2011 04:59 AM

very nice guide, I've tried explaining similar tactics in game to people, but its still a little complex for some I think. Hopefully more will start reading guides like this :D but then again no one ever got better at WoW's Arathi Basin and that's very similar QQ

Albinododobird 09-27-2011 06:41 AM

I think the character that everyone knows dominates dominion is rammus. Easiest windmill cap in the game.

Rrated 09-27-2011 06:46 AM

Great guide. Not many people understand that Dominion is about towers, not team battles. Hopefully people will read this and get a clue!

C00LST0RYBR0 09-27-2011 07:17 AM

95% of the players I get have no clue about Dominion. They don't understand that holding 3 towers wins the game. No, they go running around mid or push and die and then lose you the game.

SuperSnarl 09-27-2011 07:23 AM


Originally Posted by Bruticus44 (Hozzászólás 15016098)
...keep in mind that in general Mana regen and health regen items are useless in this format, maximize damage and your characters tankyness.

Regen can be very useful on champs that are spending a lot of time lightly defending towers from backdoors.

C00LST0RYBR0 09-27-2011 07:52 AM


Originally Posted by SuperSnarl (Hozzászólás 15020873)
Regen can be very useful on champs that are spending a lot of time lightly defending towers from backdoors.

Just get catalyst if you need regen. Best item on def.

RedSheep 09-27-2011 08:31 AM

Just an addition

in dominion , 3 tower is enough.

stop being greedy , defense is more imporant if you have 3 towers already

Rylar D 09-27-2011 09:26 AM

People need to know to stop mindlessly pushing bottom lane and get more people defending the god ****ed windmill. Even if you do capture the enemy's bottom lane they will be able to take it back easily - it is right next to their spawn and all the way across the map from your own.

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