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Gilvado 09-22-2011 07:36 PM

Dominion Gameplay Concepts
I've played maybe 25 games in the past two days between my NA and EU accounts, and I think I'm starting to get an initial grasp on how the game plays. This is not to say that I think I know what the eventual meta will be, just that I'm getting some fundamentals down.

1) Time is your most precious resource
Gameplay in Dominion is very very fast, but this doesn't mean that it's random or without purpose. Teams are always fighting over a point somewhere on the map, and points are almost always left unguarded somewhere. If you aren't doing something helpful, then you're actively harming your team. If you can't clear minion waves quickly, then don't attack minions. If you can't move quickly, then don't run across the map all the time. Be cognizant of when you're wasting your time. This is the most important concept, and the other concepts derive from it.

2) Dying in Dominion is just as bad as dying in Summoner's Rift
I know it feels like it doesn't matter much, but trust me it does. Sometimes it's worth dying, but only very very very rarely. If you would just b and heal instead, then you'd get back onto the battlefield 26 seconds faster than if you died. 26 seconds is a long **** time in Dominion. This rule comes back to the first rule. Don't waste your time.

3) If your team is fighting somewhere, and you're not helping, then you better be pushing, capping, or actively defending.
Again, time is your most important resource. Don't waste it.

4) Don't use more champs than you require
If one champ can get something done, then use one champ. Don't use two for no reason. This is a waste of time and over time it will lose you the game.

5) For the love of god, if you can poke then don't suicide defend. Instead interrupt their capping.
Kog'maw is the king of this once he gets level 3 of his ult. If they're attacking with 2 or 3 and you think you'll lose, then just back off and interrupt their capping. Your goal here is not to stop them from getting the point, it's to waste their time. If there are 3 of them and they spend 25 seconds capping a point instead of 10, then you just wasted a combined 45 seconds of their time. Sure you lose the tower, but now your team has taken a point somewhere else, or they've finished respawning and are getting back into defensive positions. What do you do if you can't poke? Go do something else. BD them. Go back and heal. Don't. Die. It'll take them < 5 or 6 seconds to kill you, and it'll take you 30 seconds to respawn. Not a good trade. Don't waste your time.

Team Roles (Note that a champion CAN fulfill more than one role at the same time):

1) Fighters
- Fighters excel at killing the other guy in a straight up fight. Tanky DPS and assassins fulfill this role, and you want several of your champs to be able to do so. Remember that you want to be killing people or capping points at all time.

2) Roamers (Or bders, or ninja cappers) - Roamers run around capping enemy points. Having a roamer is incredibly useful. Eve is the best one in my opinion, but Rammus, Yi, Singed, Shaco and Kassadin are all good at it as well, and I'm sure others will surface over time. A roamer's job is not to capture points behind enemy lines, although that is what they'll spend most of their time doing. The most important thing a roamer does is waste the enemy's time. A team must respond to a roamer, if they don't they'll lose points and eventually the game. Having a good roamer forces the enemy team to leave one of their people on the defensive. The game isn't mature yet, so some teams will even send 2 people to counter you! This is extremely good. If they get super pissed sometimes they'll even commit 3 or 4 people. This is the best situation. Remember that a roamer's job is 1) not to die 2) to waste enemy time. If they're coming, run away. When they go back to the front lines, run back and cap again. Rinse and repeat.

3) Pushers - This role feels like it wouldn't be that useful, but trust me it is. Minion waves increase the speed at which you cap a tower by a LOT. Additionally, the pusher will end up getting a lot of gold from minions. Being 2k gold ahead of the enemy team is a pretty sizeable benefit. You have to be able to clear minions FAST though. Carries with a lot of damage and an Ionian Spark are good at it, some casters are even better (Anivia is an incredible pusher). Pushers can take solo towers faster than a roamer can, but they can't do it behind enemy lines. This means it takes less time for the enemy to come and counter you. A good pusher and a good roamer are a great combination.

4) Defenders - This role is very very important, and it's where lonely Heimer gets to see the light of day. Defending is easier than attacking, so a good defender can often go 2v1 under his tower. Good defenders can clear minion waves quickly, do a lot of damage 2v1, and can poke if they're forced off their point and have to interrupt enemy capping.

Other little points of interest:

1) Neutral towers give vision of stealth for both teams at the same time.

2) The Lightbringer's and Hextech Sweeper's passives give vision of stealthed characters. Hextech Sweeper's active is the ultimate Akali counter. If they have Akali (of course they have Akali), at least a couple people should get one or the other.

3) Staying in the jungle is generally better than staying directly beside a point. Why? You can respond more quickly to any part of the map the closer you are to the center.

4) Don't use promote when you're pushing a lane or capping directly, that's a waste, instead, use promote on a lane and then run somewhere else and distract the enemy team or fight them. The promoted minion will push the lane and cap the tower for you while you're doing something useful.

Gilvado 09-22-2011 07:49 PM


RentedRed 09-22-2011 09:33 PM

very nice

godmarck 09-22-2011 09:46 PM

Wow, you really got the game's basics, a lot of people should be reading this.
I main Akali on SR and I gotta tell you that I'm happy I have a lot of experience with her, she is GOOD in this new map.

My basic concept to win is that there is AT LEAST 1 tower undefended by the other team, I just go there, make it neutral and kill someone if he/she is alone, or run away to another tower if more than one.
A simple rule like that made me win all but 1 match ^^

Lobstilops 09-22-2011 10:15 PM

Great! Thanks for the information you have collected here. It should help a lot, dominion is looking to be a great game type in my opinion.

Whalshy 09-22-2011 10:33 PM


yrtsimehC 09-22-2011 10:35 PM

I got the concept on my 3rd game: fastest champions wins

MonkeyThyme 09-22-2011 10:38 PM

Good insight on promote.

299792459 09-22-2011 10:43 PM

Good stuff, more people should read this.

Dancing Cow 09-22-2011 10:46 PM

My friends and I had a pretty good strategy working.

Two "defenders" to take the two nodes adjacent to the base and hold them.
Champions that excelled at this role were Shaco, Heimerdinger, Yorick, Cho'gath.

3 "attackers" to head directly for the windmill. Each attacker was specialized in some way (One tanky, one hard dps, and one speed for ninja capping).
The best attackers were Gangplank, Lee Sin, Rammus, Jarvan, Teemo, Yi, Akali, etc.

With heimer and shaco defending, no advances could be made on our bottom or central nodes. This lockdown allowed us to consistently 3-cap no matter what the situation. I expect to see some 'total defense' strategies like this in the future.

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