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SmecssRaege 09-18-2009 10:30 AM

[Guide] Morgana, The Iron Angel (Support/Tank build) -SmecssRaege-

What i suggest here are exactly that, SUGGESTIONS, the metagame (aka the 3 things listed) are very much up to personal choice

Morgana, The Iron Angel


Q: Dark Binding - Shoots a projectile, colliding with the first minion or champion it hits, roots target and deals damage over time while rooted

W: Tormented Soil - Puts a ground based 5 second damage over time, ticking each second for anyone in its radius

E: Black Shield - Blocks magical damage, as well as preventing further debuffs while active

R: Soul Shackles - Deals initial damage, then attaches a chain to all targets hit, Chain slows by 30% and then damages + 2 second stun after 4 seconds

Passive: Restores 5% of any *MAGICAL* damage dealt as health.

-% Cooldown, +HP, +Mana Regen

Summoner Skills
: This is one of the few heroes i would rather use cleanse for than flash. Cleansing off a stun/silence and then black shielding yourself makes you that much harder to kill....as with teleport, i ALWAYS have it, so thats no question.

Ideal Mastery Build: 9/0/21 for maximum regens and cooldown reduction


Meki's Pendant + 2 Health Potions

Meki's Pendant > Chalice of Harmony
Boots 1
Mana Manipulator > Soul Shroud
Boots 1 > Mercury Treads or Ninja Tabi (Pending on melee or caster/disable heavy teams)
(If necessary for cooldown reduction) Glacial Shroud > Frozen Heart

Here's where a few choices become available: (In order of personal preference)
*In order of personal preference*

Melee heavy game? (3 or more)

Guardian Angel
Aegis of Legion

Caster Heavy game? (3 or more)

Banshee's Veil
Guardian Angel
Abyssal Scepter
Aegis of Legion

Fairly Balanced game? (2 melee 2 casters)
Guardian Angel
Aegis of Legion

1: Q (just in case you get the oppurtunity to set up a gank or save yourself from one)
2: E (could possibly save your or a teammates life at this level)
3: W (use on backrow creeps or after you connect with dark binding for more damage)
4: W
5: W
6: R
7: W
8: Q
9: W (maxed out here)
10: Q
11: R
12: Q
13: Q (maxed out here)
14: E
15: E
16: R (maxed out here)
17: E
18: E (maxed out here)

Early Game(1-5): Last shot as much as possible, but without putting yourself in too much danger (your attack range is only 350 sadly), use dark binding/tormented soil to setup some gank oppurtunities if you are with a lanemate, or in an attempt to harass the enemy champion/s.

Mid Game(5-11): Start using tormented soil on every single wave, if you can manage to catch someone on it, try and bind them to it for a good harassment oppurtunity, continue to collaberate with your lanemate if you have one into getting ganks.

Mid-Late Game
(11-16): Pretty much the same routine here, continue setting up ganks where possible and keep your cash flow coming in as much as possible

Late Game(16+): This is where your hero shines and really starts becoming "The Iron Angel" at this point if executed correctly, you should be an EXTREMELY durable wall of crowd control.


**It's preferable to solo on this build, but if stuck with a lanemate or playing with a friend, here's some things to consider**

People you want:
Characters who can't / don't commonly farm backrow creeps and can put a hurt on anyone you snare
Such as: Allistar, Tryndamere, Evelynn, Twitch, Blitzcrank, Kayle(Judicator), Nunu (your ultis synergize EXTREMELY WELL!!!!) Singed, Ryze, Malphite

People you don't want:
Basically the exact opposite, people that DO farm backrow creeps commonly
Such as: Veigar, Annie, Anivia (although you synergize well with anivia come team battles) Zilean, Twisted Fate etc. etc. Basically everyone not on the first list almost :P

How to approach battles:
Sit in the middle of your team, behind possible tougher or equally tough tanks, and wait for initiation (or initiate with a dark binding) throw down a tormented soil where you can find the biggest clump of heros (this forces them to either take it, or scatter which is time they arent DPS, which is less damage to your team....see EVEN TORMENTED SOIL can be used as support :3) and when you can make your way into the middle of 2-3 or more heroes use Soul Shackle to drop a 30% slow and damage leading to a potential stun (which will usually be the death of whomever it stuns) then throw out as many dark binding/tormented soils as you can after that
that is the general gameplan, it's not always going to be the same, but that's where player skill and ability to read what you need to do comes into play.

Final Note: Picking up the Golem Buff (blue runes) as much as possible during the game does greatly increase your direct killing efficiency because you will be sitting on A LOT more spare mana to throw spells to your heart's content. If you are with friends or decent people in your game, ask for help to take the golem down as early and as often as possible. 1.5% max mana per second is a HUGE help, and the 25% cooldown reduction can fillout any missing cooldown timer, if you don't wish to get a more permanent cooldown reduction via. glacial shroud or frozen heart.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END OF MORGANA, THE IRON ANGEL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you liked this guide, please feel free to leave a comment, ask a question or check out my other guides found on my directory thread located here:

Krald 09-18-2009 01:54 PM

I definitely would say that a tank morgana pisses me off more than anything on the planet. A crazy good support hero that I can't do anything about in teamfights...good guide.

SmecssRaege 09-18-2009 02:04 PM


Originally Posted by Krald (Hozzszls 130339)
I definitely would say that a tank morgana pisses me off more than anything on the planet. A crazy good support hero that I can't do anything about in teamfights...good guide.

Hehe, yep, she is an absolute menace, thank you for the comment krald ^_^

SmecssRaege 09-19-2009 01:58 PM

Upping my guides~

I will be gone for a couple days so any questions or comments will have a slightly delayed response, but i will respond as soon as im back :)

09-19-2009 03:42 PM

I really like the Assassin type morgana best, u cant just gank easily in a double lane come lvl 3

But ur guide gets massive respect for playing here how u should, i dont enjoy playing his morgana but she is menacing as hell :D

SmecssRaege 09-22-2009 09:23 AM

yeah, im never going to say anything bad about an AP morgana, she is more than extremely capable of dishing out a BIG HURT if played correctly, no 2 ways about that

usually if my team is shy of DPS and snares, i will opt to go for a DPS morgana, but that doesnt happen very often

say maybe 10-15% of the time i play her, its DPS...the rest is the iron angel :3

WΎR ؃ LL 09-23-2009 07:02 PM

I use her as a tankish caster as well, but never tried this exact build, will try it soon, TY.

SmecssRaege 09-23-2009 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by johnnyt305 (Hozzszls 143881)
I use her as a tankish caster as well, but never tried this exact build, will try it soon, TY.

give it a try, its a pretty fun way to go about it :3

aruwen 09-25-2009 01:30 AM

having great fun with it, any suggestions for an ap build, i might guess most stuff but since i believe some ppl are more exp in that matter, pls post ;)

SmecssRaege 09-25-2009 11:42 AM

eh i have no experience with doing AP morgana, i always and always have played as a tank support

probably something along the lines of

Sorc boots
archangels staff
mejais soulstealer
rod of ages
zhonya's ring

not in that particular order, but something like that

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