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ByronicHero 05-27-2010 01:54 PM

Introducing Exiled Morgana
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Ladies and gentlemen of the community, it is my pleasure to present to you with a community and Riot skin collaboration: Exiled Morgana. This skin was pioneered by community member Pawige, who posted his Recently Fallen Morgana skin to the League of Legends forums on April 14, 2010. Needless to say, we found it rather eye-catching. So eye-catching in fact, that we asked his permission to forward it along to our art department so that they could use it as the basis for our premier Morgana skin. With a little flattery, and a good natured offering of Riot Points, Pawige was more than happy to function as our muse.

Thanks, Pawige! We were waiting for the right idea for Morgana to come around, and, well, you pretty much hit the nail on the head! We love your work, and now everyone else gets to love it, too!

Admonished 05-27-2010 01:55 PM

Finally Riot gives to those whom have none.

Sylph 05-27-2010 01:56 PM

Nice! Can't wait!

srcrackbaby 05-27-2010 01:58 PM

what happened to the whip?

Yuripaff 05-27-2010 01:59 PM

Do a new Janna skin PLEASE!

Blixa Bargeld 05-27-2010 02:04 PM

This is very very cool! Not only because you made a skin for champ who needed it but mostly because you inspired yourselves amongst fan-art AND you openly acknowledge it AND you even thank for it!
This is the kind of behaviour I admire about Riot. I'm moved.

CupcakeRaptorr 05-27-2010 02:07 PM

Thank you Pawige for making an amazing skin for my main.

bad element 05-27-2010 02:09 PM

Congrats to Pawige first of all.. I only played morganna one single time (for my 666th win :D) but i would totally drop some points on that skin!

Anyone else sense 'riot singed' incoming?

ps nasus skin plx :P

Maledicte 05-27-2010 02:14 PM

Yay! I like the idea :D

Morzas 05-27-2010 02:14 PM

I'm so glad that this is an official skin. It looks awesome!

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