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tapao 09-02-2011 08:37 PM

@riot... tp is broken, you know it
Teleport is broken. I am not the only one who has experienced problems with teleport. Ill click on something to teleport to, it does the animations, but i stay where i am at.

No im not hitting any other keys after clicking to teleport. I tested it out and it still did it when i wouldnt even touch the keyboard after clicking on my object to teleport to.

Please fix this.



nearly 500 votes and 10 pages. Maybe a red will see this and say something.

Final edit.. aww they moved this into the bug report page. They saw it but no comment :(


**almost 700 votes. 55% of them have had the problem.

Arcqe 09-02-2011 08:38 PM

did the tower you were teleporting to get destroyed?

tapao 09-02-2011 08:39 PM

No. Its happened on minions and wards that were still alive

Arcqe 09-02-2011 08:40 PM

well then. I have not experienced this, but I use tele rather little, so I wouldn't know :|

HavocDriver 09-02-2011 08:42 PM

I've had the same problem myself. Animations, delay, and cooldown. However, no teleport.

tapao 09-02-2011 09:30 PM


Aomine 09-02-2011 09:37 PM

sometimes, when i try to teleport it doesnt teleport me (i did not cancel the tp) and it goes on cd

AdmiralAardvark 09-02-2011 09:37 PM

My tele works fine, always has and always will. I click, i wait, i go. No problems.

Great Owl 09-02-2011 09:38 PM

When i saw this thread I thought it was going to be QQ about how teleport is op. I am disappointed.

Devil May LOL 09-02-2011 09:39 PM

because you tap the D key the second time and cancel your teleport.

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