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má companhia 08-24-2011 03:05 PM

33% Club
Do you have an updater that just won't leave that cozy 33%?
Then this club is for you!
Who needs to PLAY LoL when they can watch Ryze's face?

(Seriously though my update was at 99% then reset to 33%)

m? companhia - Founder
ShadowEnd - Baker
Beasthandle - Quarterback
J Rhat - The Brains
Donaman - Slide Enthusiast
Pancakezomg - Amumu
The Shank - Virtue of Patience
VreshRawk - "I like Chili"
MrPaincake - Ryze User

Svikarinn 08-24-2011 03:07 PM

Can I join?

my patcher is at 33%
and I bake some **** fine choc chip cookies!

Beasthandle 08-24-2011 03:08 PM

Sign me up coach!!!

J Rhat 08-24-2011 03:09 PM

dont worry, just watch how many MB are left. it just doesnt update the % for some reason

Donaman 08-24-2011 03:09 PM

How about the sick, slow crawl up to 97% then drop back into the 33%club??

Pancakezomg 08-24-2011 03:09 PM

Mines at 34%...
Guess I'm just no cool...

The Shank 08-24-2011 03:09 PM

Just leave it, mine was stuck at 33%, I left to do my physics assignment and when I got back it was finished.

No1CritsLkGaston 08-24-2011 03:09 PM

Ryze looks like he's about to drop a Dump of the ages though.

má companhia 08-24-2011 03:11 PM

You all made it in :p

MrPaincake 08-24-2011 03:12 PM

Yup... 33% is the number my patcher likes and I guess it's sticking with it. Atleast I get to stare at Ryze's sexy self.

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