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madthinker 09-11-2009 09:43 AM

Gold/10 Second item... Worth it?
I’ve seen several builds posted online recently that have multiple 5g/10sec items purchased (3+). I’m not quite sure why people do this…

Now bare with me - I’m not a math whiz, nor am I extremely experienced at this game, but when I crunch some numbers, they don’t seem to be as beneficial as people seem to think they are.

Math fun-times:

5g/10sec = 30g/minute
Avg game length = 35 minutes
Avarice blade cost = 750g
Philosopher’s Stone = 1115g
Kage’s Lucky Pick = 765

So, say you get your first item (avarice blade, phil stone, etc) at the 5 minute mark. This leaves 30 minutes of gold production left in the match. 30 minutes = 900g
Avarice Blade = 150g profit
Philosopher’s Stone = loss of 215g
Kage’s Lucky Pick = 135g profit

You get the second item at the 10 minute mark. This leaves 25 minutes of gold production left in the match. 25 minutes = 750g
Avarice Blade = 0g gain/loss (breaks even)
Philosopher’s Stone = loss of 365g
Kage’s Lucky Pick = loss of 15g

You get the third item at the 15 minute mark. This leaves 20 minutes of gold production left in the match. 20 minutes = 600g
Avarice Blade = loss of 150g
Philosopher’s Stone = loss of 515g
Kage’s Lucky Pick = loss of 165g

This is pretty simple math, and I know there are a TON of other factors to consider.

It seems to me that the benefit of these items is that by the end of the game, they have paid for themselves (at least for 2 of the items if you’ve purchased them before the 10 minute mark). Basically, this means that you have gained their other benefits for free for the entire match.

This seems like a trade-off to me. Early game, you’re purchasing inferior items and will be weaker. Mid game, you will be weaker because you haven’t been working your way to your recipe items, which tend to have a fairly huge impact during this period of the game. Late game your items have paid for themselves and at this point you can purchase your recipe items at a much more pronounced rate.

One thing to take into account is the sell cost of these items. You get 50%(?) of an items purchase price when you sell it, so this will also be a factor in an item’s profit ratio. Keep in mind, however, all calculations have been made based on the item being kept until the 35 minute mark (end of game), so selling early will distort the item’s end game net income.

Also to consider: Opportunity cost. If you’re weaker early and mid game, does this impact your creeping/killing potential? I would say yes (how much this hinders you I would guess depends on champion and to some degree on player skill).

I just want to generate a discussion on the usefulness of this strategy. My goal is to get the pro’s to step in and give us their 2-cents on this matter. Is this only useful to certain champs? In certain match-ups? How many g/sec items are optimal? Can certain champs use more g/sec items then others?

I for one would love for this to be a viable strategy, as it adds another element to the game.

Anyone out there want to enlighten us poor nubs?

FuzzeWuzze 09-11-2009 10:08 AM

A lot of people get multiples because
1) They are cheap
2) They have other stats they want
3) They are components for a higher item

Philosphers stone has a good amount of mana regen, it allows you to lane longer early, especially on heroes that have abilities that drain mana while on like Sivirs blades, just that one item all but negates the drain it has usually. And the philosphers stone is built into another item..i cant remember its name now...

Same for the Pick, its got +25AP(maybe 20)...which is a decent amount for heroes that stack AP.

09-11-2009 10:10 AM

Rawr! Here to say...search the forums next time. There's already a thread like this. >.<
On another note, I would say to never go for 3 or more of one of these +gold/10 items. They're nice, but you need to focus on things for your build too and you'll end up going to far into the game trying to get your good items with a Lucky Pick stacked inventory. Ya know?

Prometheus 09-11-2009 10:25 AM

I never go for the gold/second items, simply because I play Tristana and I'm very good at last-hitting.

They're probably better on melee champions that get harassed a lot, though. I've never tried them myself.

plasmatorture 09-11-2009 10:28 AM

Lately I've been getting them more and more often. I usually grab two. Rarely do I find the need to get Philo stone, though.

FuzzeWuzze 09-11-2009 10:30 AM

AP Teemo typically gets like 2 picks as well, because well they have a lot of AP and give good gold. And as Teemo you are usually running around everywhere after level 6 dropping shrooms and jumping from lane to lane so the extra gold can help somewhat.

Gimpb 09-11-2009 10:44 AM

Here's how I look at it:

Cases where making the investment is worth it:
1. You have more late game characterrs and things are going fairly well at the moment. Buy these things to secure your victory.
2. The nature of the game makes it very difficult to farm and having a longer game doesn't really offer an advantage to either team.
3. You are blessed with very early gold from tower/player kills or something similar
4. It's a good item for you with stats you really need anyway

Cases where making the investment is not worth it:
1. They have more late gamers so you need to win sooner rather than later
2. Your farming is going very well without the item and you need strength in team fights
3. The item very useful to you in the early game (for example, I think avarice blade is **** on ashe early but one philosopher's is great)
4. You have or expect to have an opportunity to push and win shorty.

Trend 09-11-2009 10:59 AM

Already been said, but you gotta keep in mind they have stats and you sell for another item end-game (talking about 2-4 g/10 items)

09-11-2009 12:35 PM

Your argument is flawed because you count the cost of the item and not the cost of the money recipe.

Lostdreams 09-11-2009 12:58 PM

The only person to get the gold items on is Evelynn. Period. Everyone else doesn't need it. Regen helps to stay in the game without going to heal and spamming q, and the picks help with her q spam damage + farming/killing. The extra gold + is just an added bonus.

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