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Hyfe 05-09-2010 08:06 AM

[Guide] Hyfe's Guide to the Competitive Nasus (The Teamwrecker)
Major update on June 8, 2011

Welcome one and all! I would like to first say a quick thank you to everyone that has read, rated, commented on the guide, subscribed to me on youtube, etc. Your support over the past year has made my guide the highest rated guide of all time on leaguecraft, and I truly appreciate the feedback and kind words.

I first published this guide more than a year ago in May 2010. At that time there was no such thing as ranked games, there was no established competitive scene, and people still looked to the "top 500 players" list that Riot put out to see who was the cream of the crop. I started playing LoL in open beta and had a few hundred games under my belt (with a hefty chunk of them being Nasus games) before I ever pondered authoring a guide.

Needless to say, a few things have changed since then. Metas have shifted multiple times, dozens of new champions have been released, and the community has developed drastically in terms of individual skill and in the competitive scene. That being said, I feel that Nasus is in a slightly different place in terms of power and viability than he was when I was a fresh level 30 summoner in the early days of LoL. Let's take a closer look at how Nasus fits into the current scene.

Who is Nasus?

The precise terminology gets a bit hazy in the case of a champion like Nasus, but essentially he can be classified as a "DPS tank", an "off-tank", a "bruiser", an "anti-carry", a "pusher", or all of the above. Nasus is a powerful late game champion that requires a good amount of farm and some good team coordination to be truly effective.

Why do I rarely see Nasus?

Depending on the elo you are playing in, you may or may not see much of Nasus. Nasus has the potential to be an incredibly strong champion. Unfortunately, he also has a few major weaknesses, which I illustrated in a rather lengthy General Discussion http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=371291. In short, his skill set (specifically his ultimate) and the fact that he does not possess any form of CC reduction or gap closer that the current top "tanky DPS" in the game do, make him extremely susceptible to kiting. Because of this fact, his effectiveness is very dependent on both ally and enemy team composition. These limiting factors make Nasus a relatively situational champion choice. Under the right circumstances he can prove to be very strong, but if these circumstances are not met his success can be somewhat hit or miss. In comparison, there are other threatening tanks and beefy DPSers that are much less situational, meaning they are almost always very strong picks and are not so easily shut down or countered.

This is the real reason that Nasus, an otherwise potentially very strong champion, still isn't seen much in mid-high elo ranked games.

When to play Nasus

Nasus lacks any form of initiation, so he needs allies that can make up for this (Ashe, Warwick, etc). He also needs solid crowd control on his team to help counter his kiting weakness and keep the team fight in his vicinity (Amumu anyone?). In normal games where you can only see your own team composition you will need to decide whether Nasus will work well based off of that. In a ranked game you can also see the enemy team composition and choose accordingly. Nasus is great at shutting down DPS carries, melee heavy teams, and teams with lots of high HP champions (due to the % based nature of his ultimate). If you see the enemy team coming together with lots of tanks, melee, and physical DPS, with lacking CC, feel free to let the dog out of the cage and obliterate everyone.

When not to play Nasus

Nasus does not make a good main or sole tank. He is only truly a tank with his ultimate, he lacks initiations, and he has no means of protecting carries. If your team lacks another tank or off-tank he might not be a good choice. If your team has no initiation, he might not be a good choice. If your team lacks crowd control, he might not be a good choice. If the enemy team has loads of slows, knockups, and other kiting abilities, he might not be a good choice. Don't take this to mean if you see an enemy Ashe you can't play Nasus. But if the enemy team has "kite" written all over it, Nasus is not a smart route to go. That's a lot of situational criteria, huh? That's kind of the problem.

Why should I play Nasus?

Nasus literally has unlimited potential. If you can pick him under the right conditions, farm his Q well, and itemize smartly, you are playing possibly one of the the most terrifying champions in the league. Nasus is not a button-mashing face-rolling champ that can pub-stomp and carry evey solo queue game. He requires good awareness of team composition, awareness of the flow of the game, mana conservation, last-hitting, timing, and other skills that will make you a much better player. If you learn to do these things well it will truly pay off and not only will your Nasus will be a beast, you will be better at the game. For those of you that are just starting out with the game, don't be afraid to pick Nasus. Newer/low elo players do NOT know how to counter Nasus and you can absolutely wreck people!




Authors Notes:

Frequent guide updates have made it increasingly difficult to keep both the leaguecraft and this version matching and up-to-date. I also greatly exceeded the character-per-post limit which was forcing me to truncate my guide to an increasing extent. For these reasons I have taken down the guide and just left the introduction link to the full version. The guide in it's entirety can be found here: http://www.solomid.net/guides.php?g=151
I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but felt it was necessary to maintain the guide at it's highest quality and in the form intended.

Thank you for the all the continued comments and feedback! I am continuing to update the guide with bits of useful information recommended by readers.

Bagration 05-09-2010 08:47 AM

Impressive. I think I will unlock Nasus today. :]

DayInTheSun 05-09-2010 09:21 AM

Yes. Finally, someone writing a Nasus guide who knows what they're talking about and none of that "HURP DURP INFINITY EDGE AND BLOOD THIRSTER" ****. From the looks of things you and I play a pretty similar style as well. I was recently tempted to write a Nasus guide but you pretty much covered everything (or will cover) I wanted to and more. Thank you. :)

Bagration 05-09-2010 09:47 AM

I just tried this build out and went 5/3/14 with it and the enemy team had a really strong comp (Shen, Nid, Zil, Gragas and Twitch). All in all, my DPS wasn't superb but I feel like I had a decent bit of durability and the scattering the enemy does when you ult is almost a form of CC by itself in teamfights, since if they're running from you, they're not attacking your teammates.

I really wanted to try Ghostblade with the ult but the game ended before I could buy it.

Great guide. 10/10.

Hyfe 05-09-2010 03:05 PM

Thanks for the positive feedback guys.

Let me know if you get around to trying the ghostblade. I started building one in a game yesterday but have still yet to finish it off. I feel like Starks + ghostblade in your ult form could be a really gruesome combo in terms of damage output and lifesteal.

gramkracka22 05-09-2010 04:45 PM

good guide

too many people dont see the potential of maxing SF as soon as possible for max farming

and defintly agree u only need 1 point into ss to get the last hit off

cutyohairfoo 05-09-2010 05:40 PM

Good guide. This is definitely the way to play Nasus if you're playing to win.

I'll have to try the ghostblade on him, that would be scary I'm sure with his ult.

Squee Goblin Nabob 05-09-2010 07:51 PM

The guide rocks. However, as Bagration mentioned, the dps isn't great. You may want to try out atma's. It's actually a very underrated item. Furthermore, who doesn't like more SS crits? Get it when there's a fair amount of phys dps so as to benefit from the armor. Naysayer's will spout nonsense like "you only have 2.5k hp you don't get any damage from atmas?!?1!?!@" And 2% of 2.5k is still 50 additional damage on top of the armor and on top of the crit chance.

Noveson 05-09-2010 08:00 PM

Hahaha this is great. Hyfe I played you in a practice game, I was playing Kass, I remember we rocked you and then afterward your team was calling you bad, you were playing Nasus. I asked why they were yelling at you when you were the only one with a positive KDA. You said they were yelling at you cause you trash talked some guy on your team.

Hyfe 05-09-2010 08:08 PM


Originally Posted by Noveson (Hozzászólás 1247121)
Hahaha this is great. Hyfe I played you in a practice game, I was playing Kass, I remember we rocked you and then afterward your team was calling you bad, you were playing Nasus. I asked why they were yelling at you when you were the only one with a positive KDA. You said they were yelling at you cause you trash talked some guy on your team.

Haha, I remember that, it was just a few days ago. Yeah I was laning with Garen and he kept basically suiciding in the lane and saying I was bad for not helping him in his pointless kamikaze runs. So I was like dude I have like 180 Nasus wins NP and he's like "Oh I have 200 I beat you by 20". LOL. So I was like "You think I won't check your profile after this game and see you are a blatant liar?" And of course his response is "Whatever. It's on a diff acct." So I basically **** talked him and then my team got mad at me and then I started **** talking all of them because your Kass was dominating them. The funniest part is is that I joined the practice game to work on fiddle but when 3 of them picked casters I went Nasus to tank, and with my straight tank build I was like 6-4-5 or something and none of them had more than 1 kill. Fun times. It was actually that game that inspired me to include a section on lane mate raging in my 2v2 laning section.

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