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Sentras 09-10-2009 06:56 AM

game + tower/inhibitor feedback

This feedback is pure to balance the game out and making the game more fair to play. So nobody can abuse their increased attackspeed + damage.

  • When no creep has entered the base, starting from the stone stairs Enemy champions should NOT be able to attack any tower or inhibitor inside the base. This is to avoid abuse of fast attcking hero's with high damage to take out a tower in 5seconds. This way the defending and balace is disturbed. As the basic tp cooldown takes 8seconds or 3seconds if you have the spell. The same counts for an inhibtor.

  • The Base towers and inhibitors armor / health should increase over time. Cause in th end an inhibitor and tower is taken down in 2seconds by 1 hero. So basicly at least after 30/35/40/... minutes the towers/inhibitors armor / health should buff up. This should be combined with the big creep (when an inhibitor is destroyed) It should start with little lower hp (3000) instead of 3900 and rize higher towards the end together with the towers and inhibitors.

  • And my last feedback which should be rather important. The teleport spell casted on a creep allows the creep to stop moving/attacking but also makes it invulnerable. This could be a rather intresting choice if you'd do the same for the towers. If you cast teleportation on a tower it stops attacking but also stops all the damage receiving.
Best Regards,

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