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SkittleSkattle 09-09-2009 05:30 PM

[Suggestion] Champion, Click-Clack
Before I start typing out this Guide, I would like to give a little back-round information about me. I will be graduating high-school this year, i'm not exactly sure what I will be doing in the future i've always been a gifted artist and musician also very smart in the sciences i've thought about going into becoming an artist, doctor, or a video game designer, i'm also very active in sports and exercising. The main reason I wanted to give you a little back-round info is so that you can see just a bit of how my brain processes and where my information is coming from when I write down this Champion.

-Thank you for your time in reading this and sorry for the block of text xD Now to the Champion.


: Long ago there once lived a Tinker. The Tinker was a lonely man who lived by himself and had not many friends, his family dead. One gloomy, dreary day the Tinker was outside watching a storm brew on the western horizon, when a man with red eyes, a gray cloak and a long, wooden, oak staff embedded with a ruby approached him. The Tinker asked the man what his name be, the man replies with a hollow voice "Larias". A long silence ensued as the two men stared at each other. Finally the Tinker asks the man, "What can I do for you?". Larias replies "Fetch me some old gears and pipes out of your shop and bring me a piece of charcoal." The Tinker hastily grabs the materials and brings them to Larias. Larias says to the Tinker go, eat, drink, sleep and comeback in the morn. The Tinker abides by Larias's words and goes to sleep. Woken by a loud crack of lightning the Tinker awakes, suddenly remembering the events of yesterday, he rushes outside the door and is shocked by what he sees. A large figure made of gears and pipes surrounded by black symbols staring back at him with big, white, glowing eyes. The Tinker cowers in fear as the massive figure extends his arm at him. Life flashing before his eyes he notices the figure has a parchment paper in his hand it reads, "Dear Tinker, I know you are a lonely man, so i made you a 'Friend' his name, Click-Clack, treat him well and don't make him angry. He will obey you and do whatever you please, just be careful as the spell I casted over him keeps him bounded to you, but if ever there be an eclipse I would leave. Larias." The Tinker stares in amazement at the figure named Click-Clack. Finally he talks to him, "Click-Clack go fetch me some wood, so that I may be warm tonight." Click-Clack proceeds as ordered, and the Tinker soon comes to like Click-Clack. The Tinker and Click-Clack live happily together for many years, until the eclipse Larias had foretold had come. The Tinker ignoring Larias's warning of the eclipse calls Click-Clack to come stand next to him, Click-Clack does not respond. Realizing that he was free of the spell that had binded him to the tinker, Click-Clack takes a gear from his body and hurls it at the Tinker hitting him square in the forehead killing him instantly. Click-Clack tormented all the villages surrounding the Tinker's house, an unstoppable killing machine. Click-Clack soon went into the forest of darkness, in search of a worth opponent, and was never heard of again, some say he got struck down by the gods for causing so much distress, some say he joined the League of Legends, no one will ever know.

Starting Hit Points: 638+75/level Starting Mana: None, uses health to cast spells Starting AP: 0 Starting Armor: 40+3/level Starting MoveSpeed: 310

Passive Ability: When hit the tinker gets angrier and angrier attacking 10% faster but taking 10% more damage for carelessness.

Gears Smash - Hurls 5 gears in a cone in front of him, the closer you are the more damage it does.
level 1: Damage 30-90(+0) 40 Health CD: 25
level 2: Damage 60-120(+0) 50 Health CD: 20
level 3: Damage 90-150(+0) 60 Health CD: 17
level 4: Damage 120-180(+0) 70 Health CD: 14
Level 5: Damage 150-210(+0) 80 Health CD: 11

Crank- Click-Clack's Gears are always turning, so every-time you attack him you have a chance of getting your weapon/hand stuck in his gears and getting stunned for .5 seconds, but in return also hurt him slightly. (Melee Range) ***Quick note on how this works, you attack him at melee range you have a chance of getting stunned for .5 seconds, when you attack him and get stunned that attack does no damage to him because your hand/weapon got stuck, but he still gets damaged because you screw up his gears and how they turn etc, just think of what would happen if you stuck a crowbar in some gears.*** ***Can be activated/Deactivated 0 cooldown***
Level 1: 10% chance, 10 damage to the attacker + a .5 stun, 50 damage to Click-Clack
Level 2: 15% chance, 15 damage to the attacker + a .5 stun, 55 damage to Click-Clack
Level 3: 20% chance, 20 damage to the attacker + a .5 stun, 65 damage to Click-Clack
Level 4: 25% chance, 25 damage to the attacker + a .5 stun, 70 damage to Click-Clack
Level 5: 25% chance, 35 damage to the attacker + a .5 stun, 75 damage to Click-Clack

Oil- Click uses oil to make his gears run more smoothly giving him 5% movespeed and a small "heal" ***Uses 0 life/mana but semi/medium length cooldown in other words cannot be spammed***
Level 1: 5% ms, 50
(+0) hit points healed, 60s cooldown
Level 2: 5% ms, 80
(+0) hit points healed, 55s cooldown
Level 3: 5% ms, 120
(+0) hit points healed, 50s cooldown
Level 4: 5% ms, 170
(+0) hit points healed, 45s cooldown
Level 5: 5% ms, 240
(+0) hit points healed, 45s cooldown

Explode(No better way to put this)- After Click has been hit 5 times with either spells and or physical attacks he will have the ability to explode(in a medium radius) for 25 seconds after the time he has gotten hit 5 times, after Click explodes, because of his spell, he will pull himself back together, but with only 200 hit points, he will also run 5% slower and will slowly regain speed as time goes on.
Level1: 200(+0) damage cooldown 160s
Level2: 450
(+0) damage cooldown 150s
Level3: 650
(+0) damage cooldown 140s

Well i hope you guys like him, please give constructive criticism, and etc lots of typing xD sorry that i really didn't use much punctuation/grammar in the spells and stuff because after typing that story i kind of was like =O, but i hope it will be worth it =D.

~ Skittles

Larias 09-09-2009 08:34 PM

I am mentioned a lot in this post.

I endorse this champion.

I'd like to point out that this champion is also OP as ****.

Krow 09-09-2009 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by Larias (Hozzászólás 108505)

I'd like to point out that this champion is also OP as ****.

His passive would get him raped by anyone with AS...Yi and Twitch would devour him. Think how fast you get 5 hits with twitch. thats 50% extra dmg. yum yum yum EXPUNGE.

Interesting concept. Like the story.

SkittleSkattle 09-10-2009 04:21 AM

Well obviously he's not going to be perfect that's why I expect people to critciZe so I can tweak him

yes the passive ability needs a revamp but larias just think he may be able to tank a bit and deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time around 1k but most heroes hp by lvl 16 are 1.5k >>> i should mention the cds after the ult will continue coolingdown also i would like too mention he has no chasing ability or slow or definite stun.

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