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Duffie 09-08-2009 07:18 AM

Gangplank Feedback
I have been playing the Pirate for a few days now to get a taste for him. I've far from mastered him, but I can actually play decently with himat least. He's a very unique champion and at time he doesn't seem to be packing the same heat as other champions. I'd like to see him improved a little bit. If not, at least streamlined.

Grog Soaked Blade
Kinda pitiful damage. What is it, like 22 damage at level 18? Would it really hurt to have this scale a little better? The damage isn't even noticeable when compared to Twitch or Teemos poison. The less healing is kinda good, except usually anyone with half a brain just backs off for a second and heals then. I understand that sometimes an enemy doesn't have a chance to do that, but I usually don't even face that many heroes. Seems bad to base his entire passive on something that just might be helpful. Also, maybe it is just me but Parrrley doesn't seem to always apply the debuff like it says. Maybe I'm just not paying too much attention then. I'd much rather see a small slow on this or something, that way the Pirate has something to disable with without busting his ult (which will undoubtably miss when you need it most).


Awesome skill. It isn't too great early game though. Near end game it starts to feel powerful though. Though it seems to do pitiful damage or amazing damage (depending on if you crit or not). I kinda dislike the inconsistency of it at times. Why is it that it can be dodge though? It's magic damage. This leads it to being absorbed by Morgana's shield and makes it hard as hell to nuke Jax. It should be negated by 1 or the other, not by both...

Remove Scurvy
Great move. Love it to death. I'll toss in that Gangplank has pretty low survivability (even with this) in team battles. It would be niec if it gave a defensive passive or something as well. Perhaps a chance to parry attacks with his Pirate skillz? Also, has anyone noticed that this ability doesn't remove Seismic Shard's slow? Is this a bug or is it working as intended since it "steals" movement speed. Really annoying when you expect it to remove the slow, but it doesn't.

Boost Moral
Great support ability in team battles. I say this suggestion with a tinge of guilt. I love the idea behind shooting your own creeps to boost your moral, very Piratey. However, I hate not being able to use this ability in a woods area or just chasing an enemy futher up his lane. It would be more useful if it was just activatable.

I really hate the randomness of this ability. Sometimes I love the ability (like 1/10 of the times I use it), but most of the time it accomplishes absolutely nothing. I hate it when I will use this on a retreating hero and he can calmly walk through it without much of a care. Please make the slow just affect everyone in it at least. I also would enjoy if the damage was toned down and the cannonballs were just aimed at champions. I cannot express the dissapointment that this ability sometimes gives me.

Teresa 09-08-2009 07:33 AM

Hail sir Duffie! =p

There's been a few games with a pretty mean Gangplank on our team. I dunno what spec it is, maybe crits, but he shot down a Blitzkrank from full health to below half in one ability. Pretty awesome to watch.

As for his ultimate, it's a really strange one. I think it's perfect for causing panic, having the other team scatter while your team tries to focus fire, but other than that, I find it kinda useless.

Glyde 09-08-2009 07:50 AM

I agree on his ult... Also, I think Parrrley should have a slightly higher cooldown but a massive boost to critical hit chance. OR a lower cooldown.

His ultimate definitely needs to be tweaked. Maybe make it so that it hits with one massive cannonball first, then starts the volley.

Raise Morale should be an aura at all times, and be boosted when activated.

Everything else you say I agree with 100%

Dashiz 09-08-2009 09:25 AM

i love when someone is 1 hit from death, my buddy ults

and what happens? NOTHING!!!!

i renamed gangplanks ult "Clear creeps and heroes scatter"

cuz that's all it really does, kill a wave of creeps and make heroes scatter
it's amazing for pushing a lane w/o a hero there tho as my friend uses it

09-08-2009 09:37 AM


1. Grog Soaked Blade
-I think it's okay. It isn't dreadfully amazing, but it's alright. I've managed to kill a Trynd before from the damage after he ulted and killed me. Fun, fun.

2. Parrrley
-You're right. It is unreliable and very powerful...that's why you go +crit chance runes/items. I can normally pull off about 1k crits on this. Seriously strong stuff mah man.

3. Remove Scurvy
-AAAAMMMMMMMAAAAZZZZING. And they even buffed it! <3 You're right though, it doesn't remove the Debuff from Malphite. I think this was unintended and will probably be fixed later. This thing has saved me from Vieg, Ashe, and countless others.

4. Raise Moral
-I considered it nearly useless except in team battles (large ones only) and the passive...but then they BUFFED it! :D Now that this sucker doubles when you activate it and can stay up while in CD, it's evebn more rocking than before.

5. Cannon Barrage
-I mainly you it for farming, slow, or attempting to kill a low life runner. I have, however, seen confirmation from a Riot dev that this is being looked into. He said they didn't have time to put its fix in the most recent patch, however. :(

Duffie 09-08-2009 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by Dashiz (Hozzászólás 104029)
i love when someone is 1 hit from death, my buddy ults

and what happens? NOTHING!!!!

This is my usual feelings with the ultimate. It is very Depressing.


Originally Posted by Mr Tibbers
2. Parrrley
-You're right. It is unreliable and very powerful...that's why you go +crit chance runes/items. I can normally pull off about 1k crits on this. Seriously strong stuff mah man.

This is the rune build I use with him. Problem is that it scales oddly. Begins the match doing absolutely no damage or randomly crits because you don't have the items to support the move.

This make Gangplank more of a chore to "just survive" in the early game to reach his semi-rewarding end game. A little buff to the earlier damage (without changing the end damage) might make Gangplank more fun to play and a better option.

Faro 09-08-2009 12:13 PM

I made a thread about gangplank here if we'd like to keep the forums less cluttered. You and I seem to agree on pretty much everything except remove scurvy though. I feel it to be rather weak for a skill slot with the large amount of CC in the game. And yes, I noticed the Seismic Shard bug as well.

khemintiri 09-08-2009 12:32 PM

i love the character , thinks everything is pretty balanced cept his ulti , could use a change or a major tweak so i dont have 1/3 chance of killing a low life runner with my ulti , most times a parley would have been better.

well amybe the ulti could go something like .
duel : gankplank targets a champion during the duel his parley has its cooldown reduces to 1 sec and has his armor/magical resistance raised by 50/100/150 when another champion except the dueled one attacks him , cd 140/110/80 last 20sec or until you target another champion (wording and numbers might need a tweak)

or just change his ulti to do a flat 300-500-700 damage with a 2 sec delay with the same animation but with more cannonballs.

2600 09-08-2009 12:49 PM

Actually zero from nunu + gangplanks canon combined is fun to watch ;). Or if slowed champions are cought by the ulti. Normal running ones are only hit by luck the slower the champion the higher the chance for a hit normally. I think if it would simply be a slow in that area + random cannon balls might even turn it into a useful spell already.

About the grog soaked blade it is decent against minions in early game. Just every or many of the minions and wait some seconds. In my opinion this is only meant to spread it on several persons and not just one as it does not stack.

Dulhyra 09-08-2009 04:01 PM

I think his passive is a li'l lackluster but that might be because I mostly sit there and Parrrley stuff till I get Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer. But at which point, stuff won't last long enough for the passive to really kick in, for the damage. I'd personally like to see it applied on Parrrley hits.

Remove Scurvy is wonderful in my eyes. The heal isn't large but still helpful, the CC break is amazing though.

Raise Morale... I don't use it much and I think I should reconsider my usage of it since it could prove useful, especially when chasing since Gang has no slow.

Parrrley, my only issue is that last game, it started not hitting folks, only thing I can think of is that they were dodging and I got loads of unlucky.

Cannon Barrage, its random but useful.

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