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ihatehumans 04-28-2010 10:00 AM

How to WIN at LoL?
Firstly, who am I? I am a veteran LoL player who has since moved on to SC2. I was in the top 100 for THREE MONTHS consecutively, right up until I quit and was in the Council. I didn't earn, and keep, my place there by exploiting, abusing or just playing a single champion, here is a list of the top 10 (11 lol) things that I DID do, and you NEED to do to improve at LoL:

1. Man Up!

Sure there is imbalances and bad match making, but that doesn't mean you can just whine every time you lose. Regardless of whether or not bad team mates and stupidly powerful champions contributed to your loss, I doubt you did EVERYTHING in your power to win. Accepting this and moving on is a huge step in to winning games.

2. Runes...

Runes are imbalanced, exploit this. I am not going to list all the strongest runes, mostly because they change with balance changes. If you have any skill with numbers then do the maths and find what is best for your frequently played champions. If you can't tell linear scaling from multiplicative stacking then simply look up rune books of well known skilled players and copy their runes. If you don't know who is good at LoL then just try to find a Council member with a lot of wins (over about 300) and you should be OK.

3. Champion Selection:

90% of winning a game is good champion selection and team work. When you are at the champion selection there are a few things to consider. Your team shouldn't focus too much on one type of damage (spell or physical). You need a lot of disables (the more the better). You need at least one tank and maximum of 3. You need at least 2 solid dps. You need a good amount of AOE, especially AOE disables. You should have at least 2 ranged and probably max 4. If you can't convince your team mates to pick good champions, then try to fix their picks with your own.

4. LoL is a Team Game!

Even if the people you are playing with are utter dotards that think they can solo the whole team you should still try your best to work with them. Try to find some way (that generally doesn't include flaming) to get across to them the importance of team work. Often this means catering to egos and telling people they are right when they are not, what ever it takes so that when you go in to a team fight you know they will have your back. Likewise, try to listen to your team mates and follow their instructions. Of course if someone tells you to do something stupid, don't, just try to convince them kindly that it is not a good decision.

5. Masteries and Spells.

Some are stronger than others, it's generally not that hard to work out which ones and why. Choosing your masteries and spells should be done in coordination with your team and is strongly dependent on your champion. If you want a clue as to what are strong mastery specs and summoner spells then, once again, check the good players. See what they use, even try asking them, they don't bite! (they are elitist jerks though so often it takes 10 minutes to get a straight answer)

6. Loading Screen.

It's a free insight in to what your up against. Check the champions and the summoner spells. 15 things is a lot to remember in such a short amount of time, but trust me it helps. If you know what champions are on the enemy team and what spells they have then you can keep a much better grasp on where the game is headed, and what your opponent is likely to be doing.

7. Start of Game.

As soon as the loading screen goes down the game is started. At the ~1:35 mark the neutral creeps spawn, you should almost ALWAYS be trying to get one of these. Level 1 dragon takes the whole team and a couple summoner spells to get. It gives a decent gold and level advantage but is easy to detect and counter. The 'buff' creeps generally take 2-4 people (or a lone jungler) one of which needs to be a tank. Getting a lizard buff can be insane on a ranged champion, especially if they have a slow or stun already. Getting a golem buff on a caster generally dominates a lane. The sooner you can get in to a good position around these spots the better, often you can gangk a jungler and get their 'buff' which translates to a huge starting advantage. Also of note is the lane brush, if you aren't confident with taking on the neutrals then setting up a gangk in the lane brush is just as good.

8. Lanes and Gangks.

As stated in #3 and #4 90% of the game is good team work and champion selection. Ensure that your lanes have strong combos. If a lane is weak, make sure you help with gangks, or even better swap your champions around. If there is a strong enemy lane then make sure to gangk it, especially if it's the solo. If one of your lanes is getting gangked a lot then consider reinforcing it.

9. Roaming.

At a certain point the game generally turns in to a 5 man roaming gangk squad. Catching the enemy 5 off balance is key here. It is not always easy, but if done well then you can pretty much guarantee a win. Note that this is not always the best strategy, but it is the easiest and simplest to understand and thus the most effective for players that don't already win all their games :D

10. Towers.

Killing towers and inhibitors can be paramount. Likewise defending them is just as important. It is hard to explain exactly when is best to push a tower and when it is best not to, but just consider the risk and costs and hopefully you can make a good decision.

11. Neutral Creeps.

Every time a neutral creep buff is up you should be killing it. Every time dragon is up you should be killing it. If you think you have the strength and advantage to take on Nashor, you should be killing him. With that said you should never be doing a neutral camp during a team fight, unless you are less than a second or two from killing it. Also, obviously stopping mid inhibitor push to go get the dragon is PLAIN STUPID but keep in mind that going up against a tower without neutral buffs is nowhere near as smart as going up against one WITH the buffs.

Following those simple 11 guidelines will most likely vastly improve your game.



Copybass 04-28-2010 10:01 AM

Thanks for the awesome post. Definitely a good guide.

Geekweezul 04-28-2010 10:04 AM


Originally Posted by Copybass (Hozzászólás 1151257)
Thanks for the awesome post. Definitely a good guide.

^^lol Senior Member.

The only thing I slightly disagree with is the runes. Sure, maybe against a lvl 10 with no runes, your runes will be slightly imbalanced. But when you get up to where you were, runes are practically balanced because everyone is going to have them, correct?

So yes, they are important. No, I don't feel they are imbalanced...as confusing as my post sounds.

YummyCheese 04-28-2010 10:05 AM

Hmm. You troll, rage, quit, and then return to make a constructive post.

I'm confused.

MasterfulWizard 04-28-2010 10:06 AM


RHINO Mk II 04-28-2010 10:06 AM

En taro Tassadar.

Nice tips.

Copybass 04-28-2010 10:06 AM

There's a severe lack of bold in the recent replies.

Tikor 04-28-2010 10:08 AM


Originally Posted by Copybass (Hozzászólás 1151300)
There's a severe lack of bold in the recent replies.

The rules!

Blue5ive 04-28-2010 10:09 AM

Thanks, I'll try to keep these in mind when trying to die less.

DatWubWub 04-28-2010 10:09 AM


Originally Posted by YummyCheese (Hozzászólás 1151291)
Hmm. You troll, rage, quit, and then return to make a constructive post.

I'm confused.

Lol im 2 confused but true post, It will make better players.

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