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Redtah 09-07-2009 01:31 AM

[Guide] Rolling with Rammus
[Guide]Rolling with Rammus by Redtah

This guide is mostly my friends and I opinion of Rammus and how awesome he is and how he should be played. We often refer to him as the Turtle, not the Armordillo or Rammus like his name actually is. Why? Because he looks like a Turtle with spikes, a Koopa Troopa, and/or Bowser!

[Mastery?] I usually roll 9/0/21 or 0/9/21 Utility works on every champion but its mostly just my personal preference, He undoubtedly works well with ANY build as my friends all play 21/0/9 9/21/0 0/21/9 themselves and have all done, almost, as well as I have ; )

[Rune Selection?] My friends all use their Health book on Rammus, I however use a mostly Health book (All Red/Yellow are HP/level) with some cooldown reduction (Flat cooldown atm trying to change it to -CD/level) and +move speed Quintessences.

[Client Side Skins?]
Bloodpike Rammus: http://beta.leagueoflegends.com/boar...ead.php?t=7878
Red Rammus: http://beta.leagueoflegends.com/boar...ead.php?t=6062

[Summoner Spells?] My preffered spells to use with pretty much any hero go something like this.
Ghost: Fantastic for getting away or chasing, also the no collision can really
throw people off. Much shorter coodlown then Flash
Heal: Pretty ridiculous when you think your going to kill that guy only to have him and 3 of his allies pop summoner heal... bringing him to full life. Its to useful for you and your team to not use unless....
Rally: If you are offensive spec and have improved Rally use it, its heal is just as good as summoner heal just over time and it increases your damage (I don't think its as useful unless you have improved because magic damage is alot of damage and not increasing it makes me feel like Heal is better)
Flash(Blink): Alot of people swear its the best summoner skill and yea its damn good, but it has such a long cooldown and can easily be messed up since its usually a last ditch thing. Definetly not a bad choice I just like Ghost better.
Teleport: Useful early game, still useful late game for defending then going offensive or vice versa.
Exhaust: never really used it why slow someone when you can do that already and just pop ghost?
Smite: Not too useful.... unless we can find someone to Jungle Rammus
Cleanse(Boost): kind of useful but again I'ld rather just use ghost, unless it still provides a short immunity to snares... even then just use ghost : p
Fortify: should IMO be a team skill with a 5/6 minute cooldown like it was in DoTA, I never use it but in competitve premade vs premade games I'm sure its usefull... maybe
Promote: Never used it never plan to other summoner skills just seem to useful to waste it on this.
Revive: Huge cooldown not a big a deal as it used to be since respawn time isn't 14 days at level 18 like it used to be.
Clairvoyance: Pretty much completely useless now

Rammus is obviously a tank champion, that being said I'm mostly a tank champion player. Why? Any competent competetive team wants to have atleast 1 very tanky tank, so when I play with friends most people don't want to do that but I have no problems. That being said I feel Rammus is BY FAR the most fun tank to play hes also probably one of the better tanks in the game. Why?

Lets find out!

Passive: 25% of his armor also becomes attack power

Cost: 90/100/110/120/130
Powerball: does 100/150/200/250/300 magic damage and slows for 28/36/44/52/60% to all nearby enemies on impact (of another enemy unit or Champion). While in Powerball spin, you constantly gain movement speed over the 10 second duration.
125 AP -> +125/ 12 AP -> 12/ 10 AP -> 10 (meaning 1:1 AP Conversion)
327-687 no boots/ 381-765 basic boots/402-796 tier 2/419-827 tier 3 /454-889 with tier 4 boots

Cost: 40/50/60/70/80
Defensive Ball Curl: Returns 24/32/38/44/50 damage to all attackers as well as giving 50/75/100/125/150 Armor and Magic Resistance while also slightly lowering movement speed and blocking casting of powerball. Lasts 6 seconds
125 AP -> +31/ 12 AP -> 3/ 10 AP -> 3 (meaning 1:.25 AP Conversion)
327-322 no boots/ 381-376 basic boots/ 402-397 tier 2 /419-415 tier 3 / 454- 449 tier 4

Cost: 50/70/90/110/130
Puncturing Taunt: Taunts enemy unit or Champion, reducing armor by 10/15/20/25/30 and forcing them to attack Rammus for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3

Cost: 100/150/200
Tremors: Rammus deals 55/110/165 magic damage a second to nearby untis/champs/buildings over 8 seconds
125 AP -> +38/12 AP -> 4/ 10 AP -> 3 (meaning 1:.3~ AP conversion)

So if your somehow confused, first is his passive, next is the mana cost on his powerball, the */*/*/* denotes levels of the ability, the * AP -> ** means having * AP gives Powerball ** more damage, the 327-687 is base movement speed and the final movement speed at the last second of powerball, the next / is with tier 1/2/3/4 boot, and the movement speeds after Defensive ball curl is the amount you lose during the duration.

Now that we know everything about Rammus and his abilities we'll learn how to use them to the max. Powerball: one of the most versatile skills in the game, you can use it to run away, chase, get somewhere quicker, aoe farm (kills the life stealing ghost creep camp in almost 1 hit at level 4) Deter enemy champions, frighten them, pretty much anything. That being said it takes some getting used to. Example if you spin right next to a creep you won't usually instantly hit them you'll have to spin away and back into them. It will also take some getting used to with the sometimes crappy way heroes decide to go the space you can fit through and not have an impact and the speed at which you travel. If you've never played Rammus I'ld recommend getting used to the way his powerball works asap.

Defensive Ball Curl: Gigantic Magic Resist and Armor boost despite the fact that this skill makes you slower when used it can pretty much save your life and be the reason you escape fights or being chased with the 10 hp you have left.

Puncturing Taunt: more CC great for catching someone after you hit them with a powerball. Powerball -> Taunt -> Defensive Ball Curl -> Keep chasing. Its also incredibly useful for team fights. Oh the giant Physical DPS BEAST (Warwick Yi etc) is killing one of your squishies and theres nothing you can do? oh wait your Rammus Taunt that mofo! Taunt does some times "bug out" or "not work" but I've found that it has something to do with how far away a hero is from you, if you taunt and the hero doesn't immediately turn to you and start auto attacking then get as close as possible and they should. Once they are focused on you if they are melee they are at your will meaning you can drag them to a tower or even further from your squishes!

Tremors: its got a 60ish~? second cooldown, use it all the time everytime : p. Seriously theres no reason to save a 60 second cooldown it will be up when you need it again. Pushing a tower? use it. Big creep wave coming? use it. Even a remote chance you might gank that hero? use it. Some heroes are coming to gank you? use it! with such a short cooldown and it being magic damage it straight up owns buildings and most heroes. There are times where I go to gank a hero
use it, kill him then go to push a tower and its Back up, use it to kill that tower and its up AGAIN before I hit the next tower. Seriously its so awesome.

[Skill Build: Defensive]
1.(Q) Powerball
2.(w) Defensive Ball Curl
3.(Q) Powerball
4.(w) Defensive Ball Curl
5.(Q) Powerball
6.(R) Tremors
7.(Q) Powerball
8.(w) Defensive Ball Curl
9.(Q) Powerball
10.(w) Defensive Ball Curl
11.(R) Tremors
12.(w) Defensive Ball Curl
13.(E) Puncturing Taunt
14.(E) Puncturing Taunt
15.(E) Puncturing Taunt
16.(R) Tremors
17.(E) Puncturing Taunt
18.(E) Puncturing Taunt

[Skill Build: Really Offensive]
1.(Q) Powerball
2.(E) Puncturing Taunt
3.(Q) Powerball
4.(E) Puncturing Taunt
5.(Q) Powerball
6.(R) Tremors
7.(w) Defensive Ball Curl
8.(Q) Powerball
9.(Q) Powerball
10.(E) Puncturing Taunt
11.(R) Tremors
12.(E) Puncturing Taunt
13.(E) Puncturing Taunt
14.(w) Defensive Ball Curl
15.(w) Defensive Ball Curl
16.(R) Tremors
17.(w) Defensive Ball Curl
18.(w) Defensive Ball Curl

Again these are just how I do it, its totally up to you. But the reason I always max Powerball is because its your main ability your going to be spamming it to harass, to catch heroes, to farm creeps, to do pretty much everything. If I'm playing only slightly offensive I get DBC first because it helps with getting away and will deter most people from attacking. If I'm playing totally offensive Powerball + taunt = lots of dead heroes : P.

[Item Build: Average Game]
Faerie Charm
Rejuvination Bead
Boots of Speed -> Boots of Swiftness
Giant's Belt + Phage -> Frozen Mallet
Giant's Belt + Chain Vest -> Sunfire Cape
Giant's Belt + Chain Vest -> Sunfire Cape
Faerie Charm(one you already had) + Faerie Charm -> Mana Manipulator
*Sell Rejuvination Bead if you have to*
Giant's Belt + Mana Manipulator - > Soul Shroud (unless someone on your team already has one in which case get some other mana regen Item {Nashor's Tooth / Innervating Locket]
Giant's Belt -> Warmog's Armor

Yes I Realize getting Warmog's last means its less effective but I usually don't even make it past the second Sunfire Cape so rushing a Warmog's would be about equally as pointless. Alot of Times I also don't get a mana regen item and just get an Atma's but you'll find out as I have that you burn through mana once you have all three spells up and use them all frequently

[Item Build: Evenly Matched]
Faerie Charm
Rejuvination Bead
Boots of Speed -> Boots of Swiftness
Giant's Belt + Phage -> Frozen Mallet
Giant's Belt + Ruby Crystal + Regrowth Pendant -> Warmog's Armor
Chain Vest + Cloak of Agility - > Atma's Impaler
Sell off Rejuvination Bead
Giant's Belt + Ruby Crystal + Regrowth Pendant -> Warmog's Armor
Sell off Faerie Charm
Giant's Belt + Chain Vest -> Sunfire Cape

By the time you finish your Mallet you should be able to gauge if the game will end soon or if your pretty evenly matched meaning your going to want Warmog's ASAP. Your really going to be hurting for mana most of the time but your also going to be pretty ridiculous to actually kill and will soak up damage like no other.

[Item Build: lots of Auto attackers] (Warwick/Ashe/Tristana/Yi/ pretty much all physical DPS)
Faerie Charm
Rejuvination Bead
Boots of Speed -> Boots of Swiftness
Chain Vest + Cloth Armor -> Thornmail
Giant's Belt + Chain Vest -> Sunfire Cape
Giant's Belt + Chain Vest -> Sunfire Cape
Sell off Rejuvination Bead
Giant's Belt + Chain Vest -> Sunfire Cape
Sell off Faerie Charm
Warmog's Armor/Another Sunerfire Cape/Atma's Impaler/ Pretty much whatever for the last slot.

[General Item Notes]If you don't like the small health/mana regen you can always just start with a regrowth pendant and get the Meki Pendant asap just make sure you turn them into a Philosopher's Stone asap. The biggest problem I have with this is usually I end up selling off the Philosopher's Stone eventually even in some moderately average games. Sunfire Cape damage aura stacks. Warmog's Passive kill = HP/HP Regen stacks.

[Laning Partners]
I really haven't seen anyone thats a bad choice to lane with Rammus. Other heroes with Slow/Disables are obviously a good choice. The worst choices are probably the support characters because they don't general bring enough DPs/CC to help take other heroes down

Early Game: I play probably overly aggressive, thats what the Faerie Charm/Rejuv Bead are for they allow you to harass and farm while staying in your lane much longer. Early game I usually try and harass/gank the enemy hero with powerball/taunt if I take it. The only time I don't do this is if I'm solo vs 2 disables then its suicide no matter what hero you are. if your at full mana at any point just spin to mess with the enemy heroes even if you don't hit them they will usually back up. I usually try to last hit creeps with my powerball and just end up hitting heroes hugging the creeps. When Powerball is max level I like to hit up the ghost creep camp whenver possible spin once and auto attack for some gold, or if your in a lane spin into the ranged creeps and auto attack once for gold (unless you have sunfire cape then you can pretty much just spin and excpect them to die.)

Midgame: Very similiar to early game, except now I'm usually traveling around the map looking to gank. Powerball + Taunt on an unexpecting hero usually means they are going to die. If you trying to kill alone Powerball -> Tremors -> Taunt (Frozen Mallet works wonders here).

Late game: Well your officially a tank now with DBC maxed/almost maxed you can tank towers for your team, bait people, taunt and DBC to get some extra damage on a hero. Your pretty much a delicious baiting turtle. In team battles you want to make sure you get focused first since your the tank. Overextend a little bit get the heroes to blow cooldowns on you then pop DBC and Tremors if they are in range and just ride it out (usually now is the time I pop Heal and Ghost and just book back towards base), hopefully your team isn't sucking meaning even if you die they will be getting a kill or two. If you aren't being focused be useful powerball into running/chasing enemies, Taunt the physical DPS trying to kill your buddies, tremors and sit in the middle of them all.

Hopefully you found this helpful~ feel free to ask questions or flame away saying I'm terrible. I'll check back from time to time.

HowlingKommando 09-07-2009 05:32 AM

Looks good, and different from what I usually see on Rammus.

The only thing I would not recommend ever is your "Really Offensive" skill build. I cannot think of any game where that would be a good idea.

stevesteve 09-07-2009 06:12 AM

Not getting atleast 1 rank in taunt early regardless the playstyle is a huge mistake.
It is a disable and using it near a tower forcing an enemy to attack you and watching the tower kill them is always good.
All of your spell information is awesome great job figuring all that out.
I completely disagree with your item build.
I went philosephers stone on him for the longest time but it just slows down your items too much, so I now go catalyst first every single game, the stats are awesome and people are generally surprised by the heal. Then ninja tabi any other boots on him besides the magic resist ones against an all caster team or heavy disable make 0 sense.
I then go Aegis>sunfire>finish banshees
I rarely finish sunfire because after catalyst every single chance I get I buy the red elixer.
Summoner spells: I only use flash and teleport powerball>flash past creeps is pretty devastating.
I could probably get away with not having teleport but I am greedy.
Runes:You have the right idea. i rock either full cd reduction almost 15% or hp,hp5,-cd
Masteries: You again have the right idea, generally play 9/0/21 rarely full defensive cd reduction is pretty huge on him.

Lukee 09-07-2009 07:06 AM

realy nice guide!
i just played rammus twice for now (i'm pretty new, trying out all champs) but i like the idea of a spinning turtle with spikes on his back xD i will try to play rammus like you tell me in your guide to be better with him
but i think having at least one point into the taunt at the begining instead of one point into DBC would be better because of disabling or draging an enemy into your tower
or is it to useless at level one?

Krald 09-07-2009 07:31 AM

Simply dont. get. boots of swiftness.
Ninja tabi is just soooo much better.
+dodge and armor?
Why do you need extra speed with powerball+taunt?
Also, after alot of testing Ghost+cleanse have worked the best. With ghost+ball you can reach speeds of 1000 ms, and cleanse is just necessary because you get targetted with stuns alot when ult is up.

Also your item build didn't include thorn mail, which completely stacks with your defensive curl, and just destroys carries like no other. Definitely always get it on him, even if they don't have any carries.

And for mana regen, chalice is in my opinion the best option on Rammus. I NEVER have mana issues. Basically ever. If I do I don't in about 3.2 seconds XD

However, I do like the idea of frozen mallet. Good choice.

And of course, this is a game that allows freedom of choice in item builds and hero setup, and everyone is free to play different, and I'm sure your build works for you! :D
Just submitting my item choice for your consideration and testing :)

09-07-2009 07:32 AM

None of your builds have any magic resist, that's a problem if there are any casters on the other team. IMO after one Sunfire Cape you should get something with MR - earlier if most of their team is magic(grab a giant's belt first for HP though). I like Force of Nature, it handles your regen needs nicely. Banshee's Veil works too.

stevesteve 09-07-2009 08:30 AM

ill have to try ghost, i used boost I dislike cleanse.
1 point in taunt is huge early
i dont like thornmail because when i am pushing a tower and someone auto attacks me now i have tower aggro.
chalice is really good i find catalyst better

Krald 09-07-2009 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by stevesteve (Hozzászólás 101496)
ill have to try ghost, i used boost I dislike cleanse.
1 point in taunt is huge early
i dont like thornmail because when i am pushing a tower and someone auto attacks me now i have tower aggro.
chalice is really good i find catalyst better

Catalyst is better for mana regen?
I dont think so lol..

Why don't you like cleanse im just curious?

And the thorn mail issue you speak of is just as much a problem with your defensive curl as it is with thorn mail.

stevesteve 09-07-2009 10:22 AM

explain to me how a permanent increase of 325 mana and 425 health and that same amount on level up isnt huge?
i try to run out of mana early game and then i level up and get it all back
I dont think you have tried it

I dont like cleanse because it is no where near as helpful as flash for killing or escaping ryze prisoning me for a few seconds. the amount of times that cleanse can save your life or get you kills compared to flash.. ill pick flash everytime
I guess i will have to try ghost.

I dont defensive curl in that situation its an option rather then it always being there.

BL4zD 09-07-2009 01:52 PM

I go back and forth on the thorn mail, too. But in general I find it more useful than a liability. All of Rammus' abilities will draw tower aggro so I've found it more useful to build assuming I'll be pummeled by a tower eventually.

(meaning stacking dodge, armor, and damaging people who hit me)

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