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New computer. Pando Media booster.... Flonase101 by Arcticfury 1 337
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plz healp freezing in game Genisied by Genisied 0 169
any reason there is no chance to reconnect? MightyLlama by MightyLlama 0 176
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Position Queuing Arushni by Arushni 0 224
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Leave? What?! I don't remember that?! My Dank Herb by My Dank Herb 0 225
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Ranked Que Ducking Issue k2snowboard1996 by k2snowboard1996 0 274
Please add voice communication to the game NobodYouKnow by NobodYouKnow 4 697
We should be warned if our League Points would soon decline due to not playing ranked YoshiXD808 by YoshiXD808 0 271
Need option to search 1v1 game! SquarishrugQC by SquarishrugQC 0 226
MMS: Pre-position call instead of role NanaMadHouse by Mley Dyrus 3 854
Profile stats DO NOT CHANGE FOR A MONTH CZZY by KangTweak 1 936
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Matchmaking (Chapter 2) CharlieZmb by NanaMadHouse 3 247
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