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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Need to improve tribunal kiados1986 kiados1986 0 279
suggestion: drag and drop to rearrange order of rune and mastery pages zeldatrix zeldatrix 0 311
PVP.net Crashes Post-game Vonriel zeldatrix 2 439
Make the Forum more like a Traditional Forum please zeldatrix zeldatrix 0 234
new server hunt213 hunt213 0 251
Vote-out Function for queues Kogry MaruCain 1 323
League of Legends warning Amphibious One Amphibious One 0 275
Problem with lol webpage rurouni13 rurouni13 0 316
Need in lobby anti-troll device NotAnAmbiTurner NotAnAmbiTurner 4 443
Recent Survey Feedback budd budd 0 372
More specific servers nmitch1243 Check1two 1 342
Raving Draven skin??? Booty Banger Sleemy 1 513
Rune Combiner Problem spikerdude spikerdude 0 352
Champion Select Lobby: need ability to Mute & Report rude players WalmartLowPrice WalmartLowPrice 0 730
Silver 3's against Gold 4's...RIOT WTF Xtarr Xtarr 0 503
Public Chat rooms AYD Business x3ph 1 434
A less frustrating League System adjustment Twizted Tate Twizted Tate 1 381
League Points Atteined VisioNoisiA neg9 1 496
Kicking people from a private chat? BD MIND TAP BD MIND TAP 0 380
I am sick of this gd lag!!!!! ArchpriseVega ArchpriseVega 0 360
The language barrier in LoL flankerSpitifre flankerSpitifre 0 311
aram/abam queue ThePirateHooker ThePirateHooker 0 317
Update player tiles NightStalker336 NightStalker336 0 368
Server latency & lack of Australian game servers 010253 Sips 1 538
Riot Points Shop Not enough Info/Disorganized Sciolism Sciolism 0 491
Can you enable players to check their ping in lobby? PromateurK PromateurK 1 676
Elo System Booty Banger ACGIFT 6 1028
Trolls Zirtul lFalse Kingl 2 588
So matchmaking, broken again Chiivolution lFalse Kingl 3 1248
There should be a role que system. kénpachi kénpachi 0 345
Unallocate Button for Off; Def; Supp Galgomon Mr Fuzzy Nugget 1 302
"In Lobby" status Mr Fuzzy Nugget Mr Fuzzy Nugget 0 323
Cant Log in Since New Patch (Please help Riot!!) Wajang TomoLeche 2 804
How is this fair? maaier Ladayen 2 373
Rank promotion is bugd!!! undeadkin SEMx12 1 469
Profile Ranked Emblem Wrong SEMx12 SEMx12 0 356
Players calling and locking in before others enter champion select. Alska Arcticfury 1 343
Vote to Kick derpgasm Ranind 2 399
Making LoL a better place. Sephihmph Sephihmph 0 337
Scroll Bar in Match History NA ReviloO NA ReviloO 0 374
League of Legends - Level disparity between teammates? MiniMeann ACGIFT 1 810
New servers (Latin America, LAN, LAS, and Japan) GGownn ACGIFT 4 8566
Lag` Fishhyy Dragowing193 1 272
In game ridiculous lag spikes since last patch SifuCalvin SifuCalvin 0 312
Some conversion for Coop games into normal wins for matchmaking?  ( 1 2 3 ) Zer0blizzard Versus AI 23 3119
Suicide Skydance neg9 2 748
the cc meta AlanisCrazy AlanisCrazy 1 319
What the hell is going on? thesmerf Hellhoundknight 5 492
Queue Phil McCrutch Sweater 1 371
Good luck with your business hypersapien hypersapien 4 704