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Maybe I don't want to open a ****ing web page- Flood by Platanoz 6 2,939
Waiting around after people DECLINE   ( 1 2 3) Keliaas by ninjazrb 27 Riot Post 6,699
A System From MvC3 Regarding Griefers Number9Robotic by Number9Robotic 0 545
Random "disconnect from PVP.net" Seversword1 by IS13c43b20f1a1c8c74e4a7 4 1,588
an are you sure button when buying champs KaizenxKitsune by KaizenxKitsune 0 522
In game lag Whitey Macfatson by Whitey Macfatson 0 526
Mastery's TwilightSparklel by TwilightSparklel 1 758
Incurring LP penalties for dodging Lexington Feels by Saydene 1 550
riot plz ban elo boosting A ˆRandom Brick by A ˆRandom Brick 2 591
Reporting players Pre-game Retronyx by hPal 3 1,902
For the past 5407328975 games i have been last pick Rubki by hPal 1 608
@Riot: SEA-based NA players   ( 1 2) Ferazis by chocerlert 13 16,916
Team Builder is so OUTDATED!!!!! LogicX64 by Aeiotix 3 735
A More Social Client Layaath by Dream of Glory 1 1,105
Wait timers on champ select dodge. Gia the Fierce21 by Gia the Fierce21 0 645
Idea for Teambuilder Role Selection ThuggyWuggy by ThuggyWuggy 0 649
Refund tokens Sangri31 by SplitPaw 1 668
Team Builder Update Not working as intended Darion Mograine by Darion Mograine 0 655
Team Builder Update Not working as intended Darion Mograine by Darion Mograine 0 629
[Suggestion] Improvement for Lock In Feature Seth the Bum by Seth the Bum 4 2,069
[Suggestion] Supports feel useless when they look at thier stats in the lobby Paladin888 by Starshard 1 742
Dead Link killerkoyd by killerkoyd 0 623
cant connect rad311 by rad311 0 588
Ram suggestion NocturnaRainbow by NocturnaRainbow 0 601
Same toxic player Kollossae by Chris StarShade 1 654
velkoz ult bug Kaida4 by Kaida4 0 630
Please FIx servers Teamladswastaken by Teamladswastaken 0 638
hackers PinkBerryKush by PinkBerryKush 3 1,653
Post Finder Everything is K by Umbra Insectum 1 675
We were lag switched in game. Holy Imperium by Holy Imperium 0 620
I installed PBE- without Riot approval of my application Rampager RH by Rampager RH 0 622
Update Failed! Revved by Revved 0 600
Team builder should give more IP Lynn1077 by Lynn1077 0 593
When I mute someone, I don't want to see what they write in post-game chat. Morzas by Morzas 0 559
Giving up my name for a name change "HAARP" HAARP by HAARP 0 562
double ip weekends! The Bonus Gold by Jöe 2 752
[Suggestion] Friend Request Block Button John Skye by John Skye 0 582
New Honor/Report/Friend icons Hiryuu16 by John Skye 1 719
[Suggestion] Ideas to Improve New Match History supremewiteninja by Drunken PwNeR 2 1,223
Lower team builder's required rank(level) Lysejack by Lysejack 0 530
Pregame Character Selection Feature Suggestion melee bros by Lysejack 2 1,484
Ranked Locker Room Stormlord15 by Stormlord15 0 540
Chat restriction reasoning (Or at least notification) TDChangeling by TDChangeling 0 551
cant connect to server mykael the fart by mykael the fart 0 570
Champion Filter Feature Suggestion Sum by Volk 3 1,215
Is anyone with legit good internet speed STILL getting lag spikes and high ping? zProtoman by SpecOpsDeath 2 960
Suggestion Match History SuperDollar by Ethilyk 2 575
Riot: Instead of the current post-game screen, can we get something like in the link? CleverStoic by CleverStoic 0 513
my league is weird TECHNOIZZ by TECHNOIZZ 0 504
[Suggestion] Lp on match history? Edywang by Edywang 0 527