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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
in game voice chat system kusanagi00 kusanagi00 0 380
RANKED: Please put duos into a seperate bracket, or remove them entirely from ranked  ( 1 2 3 ) Pumaster JuggaJoxel 29 1437
I gain +3 LP for a win Revolver20 Pumaster 3 488
Names I want to change to but they are taken by <level 10s NotAQDaggerSmurf NotAQDaggerSmurf 0 391
Wait Time for Gifting Moccia heliwar 2 960
Absolutely RIDICUILOUS Edaknik Edaknik 0 407
LoL Queing/Lobby Redesign SmallstoBiggs SmallstoBiggs 1 384
Problems with the current ranked system DarkFuzz3825 DarkFuzz3825 0 700
The Future of the Patcher! xXAmpzXx xXAmpzXx 0 356
League really slow and has bad response to HD 7770 graphic card blck3on The Devil God 1 615
PVP.net patcher kernal crashing plays at walmart Entil 1 537
THIS WILL FIX 4v5S!!! Noobs are uss Arcticfury 7 561
Needed: Choose Lanes in Ranked Queue Prior to Champion Select psyc BlueDogAnchorite 1 487
Idea for Champion Selection Tabs BlueDogAnchorite BlueDogAnchorite 0 389
Leaving Games videorfeak videorfeak 0 382
New ranked system Tdog49 Tdog49 0 367
im alittle annoyed at the current rank system xXUnkn0wnXx Eunson 1 397
Remain in the Riot Store when matchmaking queue fails Strabud Strabud 0 417
Please make the champion select bgm mp3 loop Venova Venova 0 491
Ranked System Fix 1.5 PoisonedTea PoisonedTea 0 384
so many problems with this game Fort Castle1rst Fort Castle1rst 1 555
Fix this Ranked League System! shorttallguy PoisonedTea 3 484
Lose MMR PoisonedTea PoisonedTea 0 378
Reporting PreGame? SupportingMii Castnine 2 418
Saved Masteries Rearrangments Shadowarriorx Shadowarriorx 1 376
Tier V people trolling Eunson Nyutrig 2 464
Ranked matches to be made fairer? Dismissively Eunson 1 345
Display MMR Eunson Eunson 4 523
Login music... After you log in. Private Waters Snoopaloo 3 591
Horrible Server Issues... the seaninator11 the seaninator11 1 355
[Suggestion]: Rune Bundles Fourt3hLuls Fourt3hLuls 7 423
Champion Sale Suggestion SleazyJay SleazyJay 0 301
Summoner Icons LivingGolem JarvanPDD 1 1043
A conformation for Reports Uroah Uroah 0 249
Game Type - Normal/Ranked - Select Role Robkrieg Robkrieg 2 309
Why Can't We Have Icons on the Forums? A Flying Narwhal A Flying Narwhal 1 202
Why is this filtered? Atheistgods666 Atheistgods666 6 235
I hate riot xVulkanx xXUnkn0wnXx 1 228
server change xXUnkn0wnXx xXUnkn0wnXx 0 189
Urgot Fix MrEnder MrEnder 0 191
Ability to report people before a game? Aruthin Aruthin 0 240
client and pvp.net Zygomycota Zygomycota 2 387
Forums on your Client TechnoCamel Arcticfury 1 190
Summoner Tribunal suggestion The Devil God Arcticfury 5 236
Champion Icons for Summoner Icons Ranazzzzz Ranazzzzz 0 231
Changing Masteries Tab Positions QofLife QofLife 2 249
mobile chat app bucky1andonly bucky1andonly 0 185
[Ranked System Change Suggestion] The Emperor's Ranked System EmperorBlarg bucky1andonly 5 451
Concerning banners & icons options Scrillas PeekingDuck72 1 268
@riot please adjust the bandwidth needed to play. Iittala Eunson 2 348