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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
5 RP Short VioletLilac VioletLilac 0 790
Just another matchmaking rage thread. Musicqt Forgetmemory 1 767
4v5 suggestion Forgetmemory Forgetmemory 0 734
Client Size BanjoStory BanjoStory 0 715
About my hidden MMR inthEvenin inthEvenin 0 941
Riot please read xXUnkn0wnXx xXUnkn0wnXx 0 709
Option to honor players on Recently Played list Alathon Alathon 0 698
Ranked Match Up? ReaperO13 ReaperO13 0 768
Enable Mute (or /ignore) during champ selection Fort Castle1rst Fort Castle1rst 0 734
Friendlist improvement when hovering for ARAM Dopey Dopey 0 736
Servers Down Henry8530 Silvertip Legend 2 910
Reporting people yobhguod Lutzedarknut 2 734
Is this real life? Helicase Helicase 0 812
Lose more Ip then gain HoneyBadgerBuns Sairentosutoka 1 879
Log In Feature RelentlessNightm RelentlessNightm 0 738
Game freezing in champ select AHelplessInfant AHelplessInfant 0 768
Your position in queye: over 20000 -> over 9000 paShadoWn paShadoWn 0 668
Colorado Server Lag? DavyJonesShoeBox myutwo 1 729
Closing messages notice in the box Fort Castle1rst Fort Castle1rst 0 635
Chat With a friend that has been erased Fort Castle1rst Fort Castle1rst 0 639
when i press a game choice after pressing PLAY Fort Castle1rst Fort Castle1rst 1 738
Spectate during Championships Spawwn Spawwn 0 675
Aram Rerolls Suggestion Omnifacetious AntiToxin 1 631
A small help to find team composition Wod Katiten Wod Katiten 0 616
No one wants to ruin a game because of bad ping. Disgruntler Naxc 3 809
Ranking system rzaownedu mjb101 2 565
Avarosan Icon Boneyfish Boneyfish 1 606
I have an unusual problem. Bockelypse PoisonedTea 3 538
Worrying security WeiWeiPONPONPON WeiWeiPONPONPON 0 534
Trying to login from phone worse than teemo YoshisToadies YoshisToadies 0 534
Question about ranked matchmaking washclothjr washclothjr 0 556
Status Filtering Distopic Distopic 0 529
[Feature request] Disable queue waiting for players needing to reboot game client bc87 bc87 0 518
to: riot games on ranked queue xXUnkn0wnXx xXUnkn0wnXx 0 562
How about an guide system in the pvp.net client? IS1ea1397b3808c4badd8c5 IS1ea1397b3808c4badd8c5 0 473
New Queue System scythecrimson Prime123 1 484
Choose champ and role pre-champ select Prime123 Prime123 0 454
Item Sets Arcus Veles Arcus Veles 1 444
Remove duo queue option from SOLO queue DarkBrownEye DarkBrownEye 0 587
ELO boosters Venule Venule 0 509
League system punishing good players for others disconnections! KontaTakuto KontaTakuto 1 476
Hopefully easy shop request AkihiroRyu Forgetmemory 2 461
liars HOSTER2345 Forgetmemory 1 405
Post Reply vs Post Quick Reply NaginataX NaginataX 1 413
spectate live xXUnkn0wnXx xXUnkn0wnXx 0 415
Champion select role preference suggestion quietuz quietuz 0 402
Bug in profile A raccoon A raccoon 0 403
Lol E-Sports Schedule Listing ashwihi ashwihi 0 471
Forum Access through Client! Squidd Squidd 0 461
Forums List Squidd Squidd 0 367