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a way to cut down wait times in team builder Jasper Foust by Jasper Foust 2 820
Betting in League of Legends Call Me Jesus by Call Me Jesus 0 753
How to improve League of Legends experience Somitten by Somitten 0 760
Report for Forums? diablo skull by diablo skull 0 762
Steal Legion Garen Price peahead1 by peahead1 0 778
Drag and Drop Masteries to rearrange Zoltech by Zoltech 0 801
Simple improvement to champion selection Surprise Fatty by Surprise Fatty 6 1,819
Teambuilder option to select role, but not champ? OllyTheBug by OllyTheBug 0 798
Major player drop Gladius Prime by Owenmonster 1 825
Player skill ratings imabigLoLnoob by imabigLoLnoob 0 914
Random lag spikes every few seconds Akametal by Omnicron0 9 10,923
Add a way to discern between a queue dodge and a server crash Cyrenic by Cyrenic 0 926
Linux client Teh March Hare by LeagueCoin 1 1,071
Implement ping checker into client Fanryu by Fanryu 1 910
Idea For Champion Select FightAtSight by FightAtSight 2 966
Constant Ping Spikes since 4.10 Omnicron0 by Omnicron0 0 879
Matchmaking Filter: Leavers Wuju Phantom by Wuju Phantom 0 834
Riot what are you doing DarknessANimee by Athiss 2 876
Champions with new thumbnails? Ember Mclain by Ember Mclain 0 845
Tips? ZzSilverMoonZz by ZzSilverMoonZz 0 855
Can't Connect To Chat after 4.10 subpatch   ( 1 2) Truee by drummerjmm 10 2,783
I am tired of being DC CHOADbuscus by CHOADbuscus 0 856
error while in champ select Hennath by Hennath 0 835
PVP.net Chat maintenance so slow Killin4day by BucLemmy 4 1,162
PVP.net Client screen stays black PhreakKiller1 by PhreakKiller1 0 791
An Improvement to Blind Pick Luminor by Ravensman1 1 766
An Improvement to Draft Pick Luminor by Ravensman1 1 754
Can't connect to chat... Riven plsrino by Ravensman1 8 1,522
An idea to make riot a little more profit and an ip sink please read mods :) D l E S E L by greencanon 2 1,104
Problems connecting to PVP chat. erkmon by Luadog 2 862
Unable to chat when out of the games FireInIce232 by MikelKahn 1 1,047
Item List NickTDrizzy by NickTDrizzy 2 719
RIOT Listen. 69Lee by 69Lee 0 724
Rate Matches Theroc by Theroc 0 702
Remove Surrender From Ranked Solo/Duo MrEnder by Elderling 2 891
Phone App??? Elderling by Elderling 0 712
Rune Change Suggestion PrettyMittenz by PrettyMittenz 0 795
Everybody dc from game.. Drackoola by Drackoola 0 798
chats not working crazyjustin007 by MTL Ghoulz 6 1,241
Riot The Lexer by The Lexer 0 803
Suggestion - Show MMR Predictions at Loading Screen Starshard by Starshard 0 798
This game makes me sick. TrojanArmor by TrojanArmor 3 935
Help Please something wrong with my Lol Client SHIMAMOTO203 by hlscs 2 936
Requesting Analytics on Solo/Duo Queue Starshard by Starshard 0 786
LoL Ideas and Suggestions BuySightWards by BuySightWards 0 772
Why Can't I Get In? Quantum Narwhal by Quantum Narwhal 4 1,308
Patch Note Shortcuts MitchC0NN0R by MitchC0NN0R 0 758
Allow Item Set Saving In Team Builder Queue Daveedojr by Daveedojr 0 716
Lolclient.exe Sexiest Summoner by greencanon 3 988
What can I do with 42 RP? Renomoose by greencanon 1 749