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RIOT: New "Abandon Game option for laggy games? Aizuu by Aizuu 0 77
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League of Legends Ranked Pulsefire Lucian by Nuwl 1 83
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Mastery pages (an improvement that doesn't actually change them) 4The Song2 by 4The Song2 1 87
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[Shop Suggestion] Mystery Gift Expansion L0RD 0f P3NGU1N5 by Uhms 5 16,801
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Connection Issues?   ( 1 2 3) Drama I Queen by woshihk 21 33,586
why chenese plays can't connected game woshihk by woshihk 0 63
why chinese can't conneted game woshihk by woshihk 0 61
Live Maintenance KidK3 by KidK3 0 74
Harder to notice when I get game invites in bottom right corner. ReMeDyIII by ReMeDyIII 0 55
A Few Problems With the New Client WhatCo by WhatCo 0 77
Patcher causes hard drive to become near non-responsive Mawootad by Mawootad 0 95
[Minor Chat Change Suggestion] Ikaraus by Ikaraus 0 54
the new intenet links from the main menu Fort Castle1rst by Fort Castle1rst 0 64
Unable To open my LoL for Mac seanclutch by Im AnimeMan 8 187
Secondary market for skins and runes?? Johnny Keynes by Johnny Keynes 0 86
[Suggestion] Runes "Trade" FinickyFlame by FinickyFlame 7 1,178
champion select lag Wolf Lord Ragnar by Wolf Lord Ragnar 0 122
@Riot Suggestion to anti-scam: Riot-side filter list and giving warning of those URLs IS1330ca164c1e976181edd by IS1330ca164c1e976181edd 0 105
Team builder quality of life suggestion Sharust by Sharust 0 92
Item not recieved mybozo11 by mybozo11 0 90
Friends Invite Sound Fort Castle1rst by Fort Castle1rst 0 116
Please please help/read PattSwag by mybozo11 1 106
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Adding a "Change Ward Skin fucntion" EternumBot by EternumBot 0 81
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Random Champion selection for team builder? iStalkCheese by DangDragon 1 833
Servers are Ridiculously Laggy Arrcraft by Arrcraft 0 99
Buying Refunds SoulReaper0022 by SoulReaper0022 0 73
Server Crashing MespeR by Homosexual Star 6 176
Sever Is Busy Homosexual Star by Homosexual Star 4 143
New Client Chat Boxes Tepig V by The Son of Gosh 2 95
PVP.net No Chat Minimize Button Syndikos by The Son of Gosh 2 112
New Client Feedback Pendacan by The Son of Gosh 6 147
Teammates should decide if you get removed for AFK Knalxz by Illecebra 3 817
Rito please fix the servers LionsOfWar by LionsOfWar 0 110
LAG as hell XDevildexmanX by XDevildexmanX 0 103
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Enraged with Riot. h0rdan by sageofsixthpaths 8 433
New client GUI. 2Diclonii by Heir to Chaos 3 161
Ranked Order LordOfHokeyPokey by LordOfHokeyPokey 0 76