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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Vote Kick blacknblueberry blacknblueberry 0 749
working for riot without getting paid SH3ALICE SH3ALICE 2 788
Status message character limit. Helpèr Helpèr 0 915
Rune/Mastery Pages Clear All Button! Karver Karver 2 1073
In Game AFK/Leavers AchooPanda AchooPanda 0 785
North American Server Son of Mu Son of Mu 1 1670
My suggestion will eliminate the race to type "top" or "mid" in the queue please read JARMANDER123 AmrasArFeiniel 2 1440
[Suggestion] Champion Select 'Tabs' Sir Lokar PoopStainMcGraw 1 941
this lag what is going on? ShadowMagic011 ShadowMagic011 1 768
Help with LOLreplay Tarnell Tarnell 0 757
An idea for login screen backgrounds Simon Lancaster Simon Lancaster 2 1178
Ranked Solo/Duo Placement Issues ThaBestEzrealNA ThaBestEzrealNA 0 1121
[Feature Request] Have a description of the icon when selected CooLTanG CooLTanG 0 785
Serious Question to Frequent Leavers damnbasedgod damnbasedgod 0 808
Please stop making PVP client a giant link Vanillakatsu Vanillakatsu 0 719
Banning should have a different color Faìze Faìze 0 742
In-Game Voice Chat System mafiahalo93 mafiahalo93 4 1111
Ranked Solo/Duo Q Grind ShickenChit ShickenChit 0 772
Built in voice chat: why it's important. RaG nuh RocK RaG nuh RocK 0 693
Yo riot check it plz CapnTate CapnTate 2 1390
Detachable Chat System Stârk Stârk 0 616
Matchmaking. MooseHater Rand0mH3r0X 5 1024
penalty for leaving during champion selection beauxq Rand0mH3r0X 1 829
login page idea lvl99WhiteMage lvl99WhiteMage 0 636
Client Technical Suggestion: Qt Framework Rewrite shazb0t Delusi0n 1 803
Season 3 ranked teams rewards Nooboysammy imTru 1 1276
Bring back Urf!!! wisetoad wisetoad 0 588
Idea: When Buying Runes imTru Ashoka Tan 3 1191
A new queue system, a new League community.(How to eliminate many trolls) Cotcha Yankinov Ashoka Tan 6 1455
Notification I'll never see Øtter Ðragon Øtter Ðragon 0 607
Post Post Game Crediting LeOKiN VII LeOKiN VII 0 583
Post-Game Things Fear Dzeko Fear Dzeko 0 680
So I just gained 0 LP? AdolphHipster kkims007 7 1985
allow us to change login screen yoiashi yoiashi 0 919
matchmaking: lvl 30 vs vl 15 games... waste of time iluvalar iluvalar 2 775
Duo Queue pick order ApocD21 ApocD21 2 905
Matchmaking by role Baldemort Baldemort 2 726
Leaving Messages InFaMau5 InFaMau5 0 663
Major Champion Select Bug TheXthDoctor Bosco1996 6 3040
Some LP Please? Papa Cale imTru 1 693
Sona ulti disrupt Lee Sin Q QuickestNinja imTru 1 734
[suggestion] Make the Client in a 16:9 ratio DontWeturself Menteroth 1 935
Incorporate a ready check system Nõq RamZa Eh 2 712
Fix the Match-Making: Here's How fr0g42 fr0g42 0 738
Fix the Rune Purchase Page Task Of Sisyphus imTru 1 709
Team disband on champion select vote option Dragon Igneel Dragon Igneel 0 679
if there was a way for everyone to get a chance at being top or mid Saint Roman Saint Roman 0 627
HALP Friend List Capt Puggy Capt Puggy 5 907
Re-enable HTML code on status S2K Summerhound KoKocipher 2 888
Team Ranked 5's matchmaking Raexes Always Varus 2 1231