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Matchmaking. MooseHater by Rand0mH3r0X 5 1,024
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Client Technical Suggestion: Qt Framework Rewrite shazb0t by Delusi0n 1 803
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Idea: When Buying Runes imTru by Ashoka Tan 3 1,191
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Major Champion Select Bug TheXthDoctor by Bosco1996 6 3,040
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[suggestion] Make the Client in a 16:9 ratio DontWeturself by Menteroth 1 935
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if there was a way for everyone to get a chance at being top or mid Saint Roman by Saint Roman 0 628
HALP Friend List Capt Puggy by Capt Puggy 5 907
Re-enable HTML code on status S2K Summerhound by KoKocipher 2 888