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Chatting to in-game player causes lag? Backstabberich by Backstabberich 0 834
Inconsistencies regarding champions' "attributes"? Palutena by Palutena 0 836
Adding the In-Game function (Ctrl-F) to the lobby BickWithNick by BickWithNick 0 853
Repetitive/Unfair Banning Please Read (especially Riot members) xpker4lyfe7 by xpker4lyfe7 1 863
Awards instead of punishment? ProtossGuyOnLOL by xpker4lyfe7 2 1,860
I'm ****ing done with Riot. Cae by xpker4lyfe7 3 1,244
Is Riot ever going to address the problem with trolls in lobbies? FriskeCrisps by FriskeCrisps 0 760
worse teammates after 2+ wins stupidity Rorshack by Rorshack 0 774
[Suggestion] Ping Tester CuddleBunni by CuddleBunni 0 787
Low ELO Ranked 5's matchmaking could use some love! Bahgel by Bahgel 0 785
PVP.net Patcher Kernel is not responding? Earl Blueberry by Earl Blueberry 1 870
Duo queue league-gap restrictions Frostymuffens by Frostymuffens 0 810
Red Post Navigator moves screen too far down FailOverflow by FailOverflow 0 738
feeders and afk kinata1 by Sly Effective 2 1,358
Videos, Tribunal, and Forums in Client Sly Effective by Sly Effective 0 723
Training Mission: Nocturne's Night Sly Effective by Sly Effective 0 724
Training Mission: The gauntlet Sly Effective by Sly Effective 0 673
Is PVP.net doing small maintenance? FerretSummoner by FerretSummoner 0 694
Friends List and Ignoring Grimwarr by Grimwarr 0 694
Features Needed From Postgame Screen MSTR Titan by MSTR Titan 0 636
Achievements, the pros and cons CarbonWyre by Ryansox 7 Riot Post 2,051
Achievements Season 5 Ryansox by Ryansox 0 668
team builder: character change? Krysosphalte by The Lexer 1 889
LFG, Public Chat, Noob, and Strategy chat EXC Xerxes by The Lexer 1 1,435
Loseing points when some one leaves game TheJackanator by The Lexer 1 755
transferring between accounts xWolf Fiend by xWolf Fiend 0 663
Linking together with Twitch. FLG Freak by FLG Freak 0 621
Norton is a ***** :Cant connect to chat SnickleTitz by SnickleTitz 0 597
Can't stay connected to pvp.net Hand Grenade by Hand Grenade 0 629
Increasing the level cap (2 ideas) and runes. Booty Biscuits by Booty Biscuits 0 640
A community lost... Gym Leader Will by Davepowa 1 956
Summoner Pictures NightRaptor1ST by NightRaptor1ST 1 631
Servers NightRaptor1ST by NightRaptor1ST 0 613
Just got into Plat 5 and I want to start streaming. Erekshen by Erekshen 0 635
ranked team 3s/5s are designed so terribly.. Dokmazing by Dokmazing 0 616
Feedback: US/EU Integration Arrataz by LouJay 1 1,724
LoL Game Client PVP.NET Client window size resolution Mr Masamune by Mr Masamune 0 665
there needs to be some serious changes Cae by Cae 0 687
chatting in-game doesn't carry over to out-of-game rada3 by rada3 0 674
Rito pls... Have Client update timers when it lags in champion select... x Tunns x by x Tunns x 0 673
Getting banned for an unjust reason TheBloodyEnd by TheBloodyEnd 0 722
Riot plz TrojanArmor by TrojanArmor 0 692
Please update the website database! ShadowCleave212 by ShadowCleave212 0 739
PVP.net Client just says "Game is still in progress" PhreakKiller1 by PhreakKiller1 0 733
Patcher Kernal Not Working Since Installation Intelton by Intelton 0 761
Suggestion- Favorite Champions Amazingg Horsee by Amazingg Horsee 0 762
Riot, I need help.. :( yohiyo1400 by yohiyo1400 0 756
Rewards for ranking up in Divisions beneficial? LeBraum R James by LeBraum R James 0 769
Should Riot give players queue "dodges"?   ( 1 2) SaltyJedi by cjtoupy 11 3,178
We NEED to Be Able to Report Someone in Champ Select The Lexer by cjtoupy 1 890