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Looking for java expert in return for a coach/duo to gold-plat! Chasqui Chasqui 0 1054
Refunds Chipolata mama Chipolata mama 0 1070
Please Riot, Fix Your Lanes Call Outs. MrSicuro MasterofSFL 5 1896
Unranked Stats Dominator J Dominator J 0 1274
Birthdays... ntut12 ntut12 0 867
Solo Queue Rating Soren Valsen Soren Valsen 0 887
Ranked Preferred Role Icons in lobby FerretInABox FerretInABox 0 910
Invisible Mode Verei Verei 0 798
League System Issues/Suggestions Daen Daen 0 790
Champion Tabs. MasterofSFL MasterofSFL 0 683
Matchmaking Client Virgin Pubes Virgin Pubes 0 640
Game Crash Neoslayer47 Neoslayer47 0 711
There should be a Skin Spotlight / Skin Tabs with-in Champion page. iGoogledYourMOM iGoogledYourMOM 0 694
My store isn't working N7Mobius N7Mobius 0 928
Match invite timestamp? leBucketman Exgeniar 3
Riot Post
Gifting Pop up cheesewolfe cheesewolfe 0 595
Disconnecting from games HeroofBlood HeroofBlood 0 918
Was Kicked out of Game, No Reconnect when I log back on? LoveIvyScream Vaurnbarn 1
Riot Post
Launcher keeps crashing Tyrannus0 Vaurnbarn 1
Riot Post
@Riot help me play you! Donut Demolisher Donut Demolisher 2 588
Suggestion: Champion Comparison TPjorgeDP TPjorgeDP 7
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Nidalee Sale PandaBooBooChild PandaBooBooChild 0 630
unable to connect to pvp.net server The Rabid Gerbil The Rabid Gerbil 3 1995
Suggestion: Kick vote in champ select Shrrg wolf Shrrg wolf 0 478
Suggestion: Upfront latency monitor for game servers Tayarayne Tayarayne 8 1880
Buying Skins in Champ Select SupportNidaleeOP Vaurnbarn 1
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Lagging before champion selection Yutue Yutue 0 640
Solution to common problem (Champ select trolling/abuse) Pervy In The Par Pervy In The Par 0 656
Skin Refunds oSoGodly oSoGodly 0 541
Client doesn't rescale with 15in 1080p res. Captain Marvel Vaurnbarn 4
Riot Post
Just a suggestion about the UI King Gillgamesh King Gillgamesh 0 488
Mystery gifting notifications. Honatuto Honatuto 0 486
Better rune/mastery sorting Yukidaore Yukidaore 0 480
Suggestion: Skin sale notifications KiwiTheTORT KiwiTheTORT 0 525
players skipping entire divisions? Turncoatlol Turncoatlol 0 488
Sell Refunds? oSoGodly oSoGodly 0 502
IDK if this is where I post this but Read this please and like if you agree Nik34222 Nik34222 0 449
@Riot -Amazing suggestion- CUSTOMER SERVICE  ( 1 2 ) Xenophobed JGrigs 14 12467
Store plz Jowa84 Pissfer 3 565
Hey Riot, Can You Guys Make More Customization? RichardChen9 Pissfer 1 429
load screen banners Devil Midget Devil Midget 0 609
Item Sets Deleted Razz Pitazz Rivini 2
Riot Post
Add numbers to the Abilities in the Client Desineos Pissfer 1 528
*Suggestions* Upgrade to the queue system Nickodeamus Co1d Ki11a 3 964
In Queue Chat/Positioning Salthasar Salthasar 2 746
[Champion Select] Better indication of which team you're on xSubvert Bastrex 4
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League tab suggestion IICrowII Mr T 5
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An upgrade for the friendlist. Vaniteux Vaurnbarn 1
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Went from Gold 5 to Silver 1 at 75 LP for no visible reason. Please help. MightyTurgoth MightyTurgoth 2 652
[Suggestion] Report Server Qsario BiGNiG1 1 653