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Idea to solve lane calling in matchmaking BlizardSpree by BlizardSpree 0 1,430
MMR and ELo MurphyZ by MurphyZ 0 1,402
rolling a dice in champion selection? catkicker by Kelmos 3 1,999
How about a server switch system EU-->US / US-->EU   ( 1 2 3 ... 28) GiGoLoW by luckeRRRR 273 Riot Post 67,993
Client Public Chats IronEagle92 by IronEagle92 0 1,325
pls make some new "Idle" bomVN by bomVN 5 1,784
Blind Pick Champ Select Issues Captain Falkon by Captain Falkon 0 1,364
Why are my game stats being published on a monetized site that isn't paying me? Cyzyk by Cyzyk 0 1,328
Words can not describe how good ranked is DulyAppointed by DulyAppointed 0 1,399
May I have half of the RP I used to purchase Wukong refunded please? Vaginalsaurus by blackychan911 3 3,545
Sortable Champions by Secondary Attribute ainthe by ageking 2 1,779
Personal Performance Awards (is this for real?) SteamPunkPhysics by SteamPunkPhysics 0 1,399
Suggestion: Promote Skill Building with Ranked Selection Phantus by Phantus 0 1,201
Ranked Teams Matchmaking NEEDS to be Fixed Obrusnine by Obrusnine 1 2,581
Improved Match History Display: Show LP gained/lost when playing ranked The Knight of Ní by The Knight of Ní 0 1,400
New Matchmaking & Rank Display System Daen by M0MENTUM 1 1,621
Picking Lanes During Queue SuspensionLol by Pissfer 1 1,201
how can you not filter these people. reaper2493 by reaper2493 1 1,189
Position and Resizing DrTeath by RolandOTD 1 1,852
Remove DUO system Dooboosoda by Buff0815 4 3,242
Inappropriate Summoners Megana18 by Megana18 0 1,275
Aram dodging and smurfs Kolos1001 by Kolos1001 0 1,249
The League System is Arbitrary Daen by Daen 0 1,281
Please make LP loss have diminishing returns destos by Noms De Guerre 3 3,337
More Chatrooms? ItsACrabBattle by Prometheus856 2 1,513
Map glitch with noc omega4cure by omega4cure 0 1,296
ARAM Reroll should raise the cap of 2 BatmanMD30 by BatmanMD30 2 1,820
Wolves in Sheeps Clothing: New Players Victims to Veterans PrinceArchie by PrinceArchie 0 1,331
How does Party queue work with different levels? MojoVince by MojoVince 0 1,200
Ranked Solo 3v3 Thurhame by Thurhame 0 1,157
New preseason masteries calculator typo LGThanatos by LGThanatos 0 9,975
Ranked Games Nirrien by Chamakaze 2 1,132
New League Of Legends 5 Ban system PoisonedTea by Chamakaze 1 1,449
Suggestion: The ability to see who is spectating masonLoLoL by Chamakaze 3 1,088
Team Stat Keeping idea Elf Champ53 by Elf Champ53 0 861
Better after-game lobby Adeelos by Adeelos 0 959
Idea to help w/ jungle invades and snowballing from it tastycuppcakkess by Sahrangheh 2 1,143
Platinum is just the new silver Dominator J by PoisonedTea 1 1,169
PBE and placement matches. Kalarin by Kalarin 2 1,310
Refund Rework [Opinions?]   ( 1 2) Chamakaze by Chamakaze 10 6,621
Make Your Own Bundle hasman49 by hasman49 0 965
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Free Skin rotation Grand Zenith by Grand Zenith 0 1,248
Ai games RMA Paladini by RMA Paladini 0 1,062
Why not use splash art in the after game stat grid? Everspace by VDragon7 1 1,311
"Spectate Live" is boring! naotasan by VDragon7 5 3,590
decline ques X Riven Bunny X by X Riven Bunny X 0 1,015
New Game Mode Idea Windhunter7 by Windhunter7 0 1,069
one free name change VDragon7 by VDragon7 0 1,173
Awarding the Kill 5aiken by Pu1se 1 1,580