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Lag Spikes Still Occurring? - March 22, 2014 Yakult56 Yakult56 0 587
PVP Client keeps crashing in champ select vPurplePanda PsychoSyren 1 490
Timers And Profiles zoomzoom4000 zoomzoom4000 0 288
Leave short message with friend add requests? Son of Mu Son of Mu 0 523
Mastery Not AutoScroll Plz iSkilz01 iSkilz01 0 279
Adjusting volume in champ select rada3 rada3 0 304
Browsing Shop Zackeryss thepriesties 2 601
Leveling the playing field thepriesties thepriesties 0 250
Idea for Riot to make more $ DragonMilk DragonMilk 0 259
What is going on? Mistwalker III Mistwalker III 0 270
Item Builder on the Web DemVeggies DemVeggies 0 341
Gotta go Noxus! GardInkwood GardInkwood 0 294
Suggest champion bans Fuzzy Nordic Fuzzy Nordic 0 305
VoIP In LoL? Cougar Slaya Lokijuh 3 815
Is there any major client update on its way? GareBear313 GareBear313 0 339
New honor category Eggtart Prince85 Eggtart Prince85 0 324
A Solution for This Meta Taeyoon Taeyoon 2 582
Out of Date Chat Channels. OneManWolfpack Kramillion 1 758
Can someone explain how this is fair? South Detroit Kramillion 1 709
Flash Hack Fate and Faith Kramillion 2 688
pvp.net, spectator server, and chat server all failing Bearricane Bearricane 0 427
Excessively Long Queue Times DVAvailable DVAvailable 0 576
Recent RIOT E-mail causes phishing exploit VyRuS85 VyRuS85 0 397
Discussion: Vote to Kick option in the champion select. The King Goomy Zaxamaphone 2 621
Forcing positive players into a lose-lose situation... Zaxamaphone Zaxamaphone 6 2240
Four Man Premade Vs Solo Que Nanrui Camphene 5 3144
simotaneous lags elfire2 Jwc17 1 415
Get out of the "Undefined Screen" Follow these direction I Cant Last Hit easyas123l1 3 559
Refer a friend not working? Unbaked Potato Unbaked Potato 0 435
Attempting to Reconnect kwaijohnjohn SuicidalPanda1 2 598
8 Bans in Draft and Ranked WolfgangDoghouse Jiejl 1 504
A new way of dealing with trolls in Ranked. SilverD3mon Dr PeDo 2 570
Continuous Disconnecting GGTeddyBear jg pref 2 485
Support Ranked Stats QuesoRayao Cougar Slaya 1 465
Get new servers im lagging here EpicD3AD TheGamingGamer 1 517
Honor System Rewards MoistureGel2 QuesoRayao 4 1363
Bigger portraits at champion select so we can see skins Reconsul Zackmes 2 1926
Random Dc's help? Hallagenic Hallagenic 2 504
lagging whole game with defeat terryloklok terryloklok 0 484
D/Cs dustball84 Mormad 1 533
Fix your damn NA servers Kingofshake Kingofshake 0 511
Checking Ping before entering game. Mormad Mormad 0 526
The PVP Client Crashs about 10 min into opening it missionjd missionjd 0 529
DCing before a game starts should count as leaving Turqurzen Turqurzen 0 547
Was in my promos, got meastro error and lost lp TheGamingGamer TheGamingGamer 0 514
half of my champions aren't showing acker32 acker32 0 514
Intentional Disconnect/AFK solution elfluffy elfluffy 0 581
Report out of game/ recent match history Gen Mezeral Gen Mezeral 0 478
Relocation of US servers! TobimusTheGreat Gen Mezeral 1 638
[Suggestion] Surrender bonus? Samiam22 krXso 2 946