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Tracking and recording more stats Villiroth by Villiroth 7 691
Put the friends list back on the left.... kNocturn by Bregan 4 689
Incorporate champion spotlights in game iwllyu by Dabeaker 1 605
So you decrease the amount of IP we win whether we win or lose? Silverraptor by Silverraptor 0 622
IP Rates, none for me thx. Nerwintok by Nerwintok 0 621
Shop is down? D: Fronslin by Fronslin 0 649
IP nerf Morry by Morry 0 565
About the new log-in queue. Frosty716 by Frosty716 0 535 is a pretty fun game! Wicoclya by Wicoclya 0 581
what the hell happened to Darkfangex by Darkfangex 0 546
Launcher Queue PlagueBoy by Econex 3 765
New UI feedback Knub by SeiKanHiKou 1 683
New champion = Store unavailable Darion Mograine by leerroy 1 799
New IP system Reft0 by Villiroth 1 650
@Riot, You done did it now. Protosega by Villiroth 1 699
@Riot, ur late lolraichu by Darion Mograine 2 667
busy queue does not work Leor Unsullied by Leor Unsullied 0 660
@RIOT Epic Proposal Planks Constant by Sargerus 3 591
@Riot Can't load shopping screen. JimmahD by JimmahD 0 405
@RIOT What if im get disconnected ..... robinsound by robinsound 0 384
@ Riot, please fix your servers FIDDLESTII by FIDDLESTII 0 410
New Queue System suggestion Dreamwalker by Dreamwalker 0 322 queue? rjljr by rjljr 0 285
Bought champ, cant see him and still says hes available Morry by Morry 0 318
This in Queue to log in is really annoying. Zxavier by Zxavier 0 288
The Queue ArlanKels by ArlanKels 0 243
Improvements for Summoner Profile [Rune Page] Rakecha by Rakecha 3 265
quitting selection Leor Unsullied by Villiroth 3 193
Feed back to improve game play quality and experiance quality Salad Mallet by Nihangai 1 311
Game Launcher Promotes password loss Honzo by Villiroth 1 175
This is just stupid Alsire by Villiroth 3 199
Dear LoL I leave the game because jonos zeta by Villiroth 4 549
Do Not Match List Action Bastid by Villiroth 2 156
Playing with other countries. UnleashedFury by Sherrif 2 211
Installation Problems RezaKhan by RezaKhan 0 454
Suggestion: Mastery Pages The Paganist by SirAcey 1 108
Team arrangement after a player leaves que. Jickywoo by Jickywoo 0 98
Matchmaking sucks a** Faidin by WhyterFang 5 422
@RIOT are you aware of the client issues? MefistofelesX by Badger0Mole 1 179
the system for dealing with AFK players in ranked games is not a good system DrugsMakePornFun by DrugsMakePornFun 0 272
Suggestions: Demnchi by Villiroth 1 82
Suggestion to riot games skillet by skillet 0 111
started lagging.. since patch Correntt by Mekakushi 2 148
Offical item description inacuracy Black Hat Rabbit by Black Hat Rabbit 0 131
RIOT response to this please.... Sheogorath Tul by Sheogorath Tul 1 131
[Suggestion] New Game Mode: Survival Competition? Ralac by Ralac 3 236
Refunding IP x Mootje x by Villiroth 4 270
Role symbols at Champion selection screen Barooky by Villiroth 1 498
Achievements for IP? Nigula by sunnybonez 7 420
Transaction History Khertan by Khertan 0 156