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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
How about mastery pages? TheHoF 1337smitty 5 1013
Bug in Normal 3v3 Games SassoMaiden 1337smitty 1 865
Holy slow forum batman! JustaDaKaje JustaDaKaje 0 873
fix inc Deadeluz Deadeluz 0 861
In regards with the chat system.. UndeadcrowN UndeadcrowN 0 854
Thansk for the update Gribblez Gribblez 0 823
stuck with Game is still in progress OneCrazyCanadian OneCrazyCanadian 0 897
is server down? Milkiss Milkiss 0 759
Some Grief on Font in Summoner's Profile r431 r431 0 790
Matchmaking taking forever? IamHereTic IamHereTic 0 1204
Just an FYI Fryulator Fryulator 0 740
A few things I want (problems fixed) crzymdscntst Hakiro 2 705
Queue changes when someone leaves Chlorinekid Chlorinekid 0 685
a closer look at the new IP improvements CharIie Orichalcom 8 807
Preordering Champions Genuwine21 Genuwine21 0 712
Sooo mad ... Orichalcom Orichalcom 0 703
Tracking and recording more stats Villiroth Villiroth 7 708
Put the friends list back on the left.... kNocturn Bregan 4 696
Incorporate champion spotlights in game iwllyu Dabeaker 1 613
So you decrease the amount of IP we win whether we win or lose? Silverraptor Silverraptor 0 632
IP Rates, none for me thx. Nerwintok Nerwintok 0 629
Shop is down? D: Fronslin Fronslin 0 656
IP nerf Morry Morry 0 573
About the new log-in queue. Frosty716 Frosty716 0 544
PVP.net is a pretty fun game! Wicoclya Wicoclya 0 589
what the hell happened to pvp.net? Darkfangex Darkfangex 0 556
Launcher Queue PlagueBoy Econex 3 772
New UI feedback Knub SeiKanHiKou 1 693
New champion = Store unavailable Darion Mograine leerroy 1 809
New IP system Reft0 Villiroth 1 659
@Riot, You done did it now. Protosega Villiroth 1 707
@Riot, ur late lolraichu Darion Mograine 2 676
busy queue does not work Leor Unsullied Leor Unsullied 0 674
@RIOT Epic Proposal Planks Constant Sargerus 3 600
@Riot Can't load shopping screen. JimmahD JimmahD 0 413
@RIOT What if im get disconnected ..... robinsound robinsound 0 394
@ Riot, please fix your servers FIDDLESTII FIDDLESTII 0 418
New Queue System suggestion Dreamwalker Dreamwalker 0 328
PVP.net queue? rjljr rjljr 0 291
Bought champ, cant see him and still says hes available Morry Morry 0 327
This in Queue to log in is really annoying. Zxavier Zxavier 0 296
The Queue ArlanKels ArlanKels 0 251
Improvements for Summoner Profile [Rune Page] Rakecha Rakecha 3 274
quitting selection Leor Unsullied Villiroth 3 202
Feed back to improve game play quality and experiance quality Salad Mallet Nihangai 1 320
Game Launcher Promotes password loss Honzo Villiroth 1 182
This is just stupid Alsire Villiroth 3 206
Dear LoL I leave the game because jonos zeta Villiroth 4 557
Do Not Match List Action Bastid Villiroth 2 165