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New Server Idea: India Velox Sectis by Legend Rio 1 892
Team Builder does NOT update Profile Stats She Wants AD by Raith alghul 3 1,199
now i remember why I hated LOL when i first tried it... Talv 123 by Fort Castle1rst 1 556
Duo Queue Failure bigjjmanwins by bigjjmanwins 0 510
This matchmaking is fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fort Castle1rst by iSkilz01 4 573
Recommended for Champ Selection Interface Improvements Zerio777 by Zerio777 0 483
Cannot connect to PVP.net server The Rabid Gerbil by jimmyco767 2 3,165
Server instability PocketNerd by PocketNerd 0 506
The DOUBLE DISCONNECT markmywords16 by markmywords16 0 516
Allow players to admin Private Chatrooms they create in PVP WalmartLowPrice by WalmartLowPrice 1 1,471
HELP!!! Stuck in a loop at a game lobby. iwilexplodedasun by slenderman73 2 687
Need help! Papaya4lyfe by Papaya4lyfe 0 468
Loss Prevention. Tryuji by Tryuji 0 491
After since the patch today. W0RST JUNGLER NA by W0RST JUNGLER NA 0 514
The ability to report yourself. Skellyton22 by Rosnik 1 605
[Suggestion]more functions during spectating BgWaterProduct by Morons Guide 1 805
Riot WTF!! Rigir by ponoran 9 1,688
Item sets on account (Please Riot) 4The Song2 by CrazyBolas 2 761
Player base in League of Legends Sinister Edward by Sinister Edward 0 529
Why do i have to dodge when someone else is trolling? dennydgc by jar155 2 909
Players Enforce the Meta AlgorithmcApathy by iSkilz01 7 1,336
Teammates should decide if you get removed for AFK Knalxz by iSkilz01 1 600
We should not lose LP for dodging ranked ques Psychopath Smile by Cortez420 1 577
Improving TeamBuilder scaasi selrahc by scaasi selrahc 0 549
Resume downloading path and offline update Rifles SF by Rifles SF 0 566
Riot, please add resume capability to the pvp.net patcher... unDeadNinja by Rifles SF 1 1,427
League client needs additional features Izaki by Izaki 0 539
Primary/secondary rune clarification during shop TSP FEAR by TSP FEAR 0 498
Champion Selection Notification Changes Psistriker94 by Psistriker94 0 511
Returning to the starting menu DominusTerra by DominusTerra 0 503
Ultra rapid fire CPG Tidus by thedevster1 4 877
New Desktop Icon Sinful Symbolism by Sinful Symbolism 0 570
PVP.net Patcher Kernel failure RIP Oscap by wolfo109 8 8,727
[Suggestion] Change Ward Skin in Champion Select DJMikoNico by CrazyBolas 8 4,204
Horizontal scroll bar in store is hard to click Magical Magi by M0RE EPIC 5 2,502
queues CPG Tidus by CPG Tidus 0 513
Let Blind-Draft be available for custom games. StarWing4230 by StarWing4230 0 511
Rune Page Suggestion Jakuhl by Jakuhl 0 461
Team Builder needs to reward supports BladeofCrimson by BladeofCrimson 0 480
Premade vs. Solo Player Matchmaking, 2 Years and No Response Xamnation by TractusUO 4 1,145
Primary rune filter in store SoYouWannaDie by SoYouWannaDie 0 403
Huge gameplay issue!!!! TulipHaze by TulipHaze 0 433
make an option to return to detailed stats page agherwyijogkj by agherwyijogkj 0 416
QoL: Rune / Mastery Dropdown Menus Non-Responsive. Poeta Somnium by Poeta Somnium 1 618
from a 103 deaths win in ranked, to 10 wins in a row- I THINK IVE BEAT THIS GAME XD I LIVE 2 DISGUST by Rosnik 1 477
Queue dodge wait times. NearEDGE by Takaii 2 876
Positive Feedback! [on pick order changes] Incith by Incith 0 416
[Suggestion] P2P Hosting for [Custom] customer games Tactical Tugboat by Tactical Tugboat 0 415
Cannot Finish updating 4.5 Kryptic Killer36 by quantum Anima 1 547
Favorites List (In Shop) DarkTakua by DarkTakua 0 446