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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Normal game stats? Teisel WalmartLowPrice 1 7258
Slipping through the cracks Trein Villiroth 1 7134
AFKers in Ranked Queue BigBuns Miraje182 1 7560
what does /meh do? Ninjatude Ninjatude 0 7150
PVP.net client gets cover by taskbar. Felizio SunnyDaLite 1 7376
New champ IP cost in advance Bullfrawg Steelflame 4 7437
New Ranked Dodge System? Cactusgod Cactusgod 0 7204
How does the Queue work? lSaintl lSaintl 0 7295
[Suggestion] Re-Balance Runes Evilferret forceshadow 3 9094
Downloader Sumico Sumico 0 7104
Dodging ranked matches Ametsume Karl the Pagan 3
Riot Post
Mid game lag/delay for no reason.. SofaKingBrutal SofaKingBrutal 2 7856
Resizing Frustration (Rage Comic Included!) Joker2kill Joker2kill 0 7182
i am the best in pvp [screenshot proves] RoterBaron RoterBaron 0 7089
Ranked Match Teams Slimeman22 Slimeman22 0 7038
[suggestion] ADD MORE STATS!! KevinGregg KevinGregg 0 7048
(Suggestion)The forgiving option? MyGrainHeadAche RainRainery 2 7188
[Suggestion] custom game kick feature the p0pe the p0pe 0 7509
Ranked Suggestions. Sn0wY Sn0wY 1 7331
Skins S Fate S Fate 0 7164
[Suggestion] First win of the day bonus, time not timer taimou Villiroth 3 7462
Improved (still basically same) Rune Combiner Xienwolf Villiroth 4
Riot Post
Fix the mastery page bug GodlySOB Greenwheel 3 7505
Buying a champion Leg Fingers Leg Fingers 0 7271
Duo Queing Max Moody Max Moody 0 7327
Queue wait time Al0death Al0death 0 7317
Launcher error, always. mayamagick mayamagick 0 7301
Possible Updates Marz Ultor Marz Ultor 0 7304
Report, Play again button and Suggestion. Sadiking PirateH 4
Riot Post
Rune Recycler is useless. Sinjustice Iratus 7 8996
Crashy crash crash crash DWhite DWhite 0 7425
I should not be penalized for: Paragot HotHit 2 7556
Detailed Match History[Suggestion] Godunderscor Godunderscor 0 7476
[Suggestion] Remove Queue Dodge Leave Penalty for Ranked Iratus Iratus 2 7922
About the matchmaking system. Sutonomo Villiroth 1 7511
Leaves hXIX Villiroth 1 7591
Report Menu Drop Down Colors?? Deneri Villiroth 1 7556
Mastery Pages Skryner Skryner 0 7471
Match finding 2MuchJello NeeCho 1 7627
launcher typos cagedsmite Stay Grey 1 7529
When clicking on champions. Kazuman Kazuman 0 7494
why cant we see when friends are creating a game NofearAngel NofearAngel 0 7500
Matchmaking Improvement Idea Immabot Immabot 1 7537
Riot upgrade servers now 1337D3m0n 1337D3m0n 0 7709
Shuffle Team Halwaeater Halwaeater 0 7929
Namable Rune Pages Xienwolf Coalthair 2 8025
[Suggestion] Allow player to observe server ping at champ select Coalthair Coalthair 0 7696
Funny yet annoying. TheSuddenStorm TheSuddenStorm 0 7664
Hey guys I'd like to be able to go over my games. ChamChow MrCheaterPants 1 7608
Cannot buy RP, again. Laue MrCheaterPants 2 7746